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  1. Hi everybody, I installed the mod and the fairing mod, with all texture but I can choose texture for fairing, is there a special thing to do ? Thanks
  2. I did it with this, and it work with with the stage I will see with the customs actioon groups now
  3. Thanks for explain, I already knew that, but the deepening is great (I have also all pinout of my arduino in pdf), but I was talking about button like the action groups, RCS, SAS : what pin is who After this I will try the connect my 20*04 display
  4. It's again me, I reread the code one more time but I don't understand where put le wires, there are numbers many times, there is three 0 so one is for digital and one is for analog but the third ?!
  5. Well I did not think it would be so easy once the first problem is solved Thanks a lot to you two
  6. Yup thanks, I read it but the green light, stay after the shutdown and the throttle stay at 1/4 I can't put it to 0 Ps : How do you adjust the throttle by the linear resistor ?
  7. Well I'm on W10 so I modified the XML file but it do anything, the RX and TX led do nothing, I have also a Due if it can help
  8. @Freshmeat Thanks for the welcome, I followed the instructions, I put demo16 on my Mega2560 and put the KSPSerialIO folder on GameData, I modify the XML and connect the leds but anything happen
  9. Hello, I finish the first part of my KSP controller, wich is basicly sixteen buttons who are wired to an arduino, I saw the KSP Serial IO project I download the files but I don't understand what I must do with the files. Thanks