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  1. once i thought that a parachute would work on the mun
  2. On my first game session, I kept trying to launch the Learstar A1 into an orbit with Kerbin. The first three times I tried didn't work until I finally got it into orbit! But then I "accidentally" put all the engines on full thrust, which burned all of its fuel immediately. The shuttle still remains 200 kilometers over Kerbin with no way to get it down, and I don't plan to ever even try.
  3. north korea already landed on the sun with their supreme technology get on their level
  4. I know this topic has been brought up, but I wanted to expand and say some things that I would like to see in a KSP Toy. It's probably going to be pretty long, so I'll ad a TL;DR at the end. Recently I came up with an idea for Rocket Figures that weren't launchable, but you could take them apart and build your own with the different parts from different sets that you buy. The rockets would be based on the Stock Rockets. The rocket building sets would include little Kerbal figures, like Jebediah Kerman (the quantity of the Kerbals would be based off of how many Kerbals can fit in the Rocket's capsule) that you could bring our of the rocket as well as place them back in the Capsule. Certain sets could have movable parts, such as a Munar-based rocket could have a capsule with extendable/retractable landing struts, a spaceplane with extendable/retractable landing gear, etc. Probably one of the Figures would be the Kerbal 1 rocket, which has two boosters and an Mk1 capsule, which would be the cheapest rocket in the rocket set series because it would be the simplest. Although the prices may vary in different countries/states or different stores, the price would depend on the size and how many parts are in the rocket. All parts on the rocket that are attached to decouplers (along with the decoupler itself) would be removable from the rocket to build your own rocket. An idea for the final, most expensive rocket would be the Kerbal X Stock Rocket, which has six boosters and an Mk2 capsule. This rocket would be larger than the Kerbal 1 Model and much more expensive due to the size and the amount of parts. Other Ideas for sets would be Space Shuttle kits, like the Learstar A1 or the Dynawing rocket. There could also be smaller sets that would be just a Mun Rover or a small Spaceplane, which would only cost $4 to $7. TL;DR Sell toy model rockets that are based on Stock rockets that the user could disassemble and reassemble into their own rocket.
  5. I forgot to say my Non-KSP favorite planets so I will do that now. My favorite planet is Kepler 16b and my favorite Moon is Rhea.
  6. no its ok i can download mods i just didnt know
  7. Let users make solar systems with their own planets
  8. i know but should I make it a dark purple
  9. blimpsnack


    T H E P O W E R O F J E S U S to all