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  1. Modded ISRU powered by Nerteas nuclear reactors plus and a few other mods that use core heat. From what I understand the behavior has something to do with how the game handles heat during high time warp essentially distributing it to all parts on a vessel. I just know that if I have a lot of things that use core heat I get RUDs at high time warp.
  2. Does this then eliminate or work around the stock thermal issue with massive core heat during extreme timewarp? Meaning I can do a max time warp on my isru without worrying that everything will explode?
  3. Hello, I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your planets. I did want to point out that I may have found some terrain on Niebos that doesn't look like it belongs. It's located at 5°51'35°N 89° 58' 23 W, and it looks like it says HY. Thanks for the great work!