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  1. Yeah, I used Eskandere's stuff. That explains a lot hehe
  2. I built a craft and tried to launch it from a catapult and it just disintegrated immediately. The same thing also happened while landing. Any advice?
  3. Is there a way to make stock parachute open up not the mod's? Don't get me wrong, I love the mod, but I want to be able to control where I am falling. Your parachute just falls down straight...
  4. I've been having fun with SM Marine until I installed FAR. Does FAR change KSP's water mechanics? I can barely go forward and even if I manage to do so, I keep getting stuck when steering. Literally stuck as speed drops to zero when I start to use my rudder.
  5. @TheKurgan Have you figured out a way to make T45 VLS work in Guard Mode? Right now, the missiles inside the VLS refuses to launch. I know SMMarine is out of support but I want to fix it for myself if I could.
  6. Oof on that drive crash. If you still have that drive, I would pay for you to have that recovered. I totally respect Spanner's choice there and as a fellow contents crerator, I do understand the reason of it and the decision to put to mod down. I wouldn't want my stuff edited by some mediocre guy and letting him take all credit or ruin my reputation (if I have any... lol). However, I still do think he should've passed it on to one of you guys on the SM projects or someone at BDA to maintain the mod, them having worked with SM for a long time and possibly trusted by him. This is just
  7. Right, thanks for that information. I don't know how to recompile stuff anyway XD
  8. A quick question then: Is it okay if I re-compile the mod into 1.7 for my personal use only? I do have the files that I downloaded before it was taken down.
  9. I'm sorry for what SpannerMonkey's going through. Is someone else picking up on that or is it gone forever?
  10. I used SM Marine with FAR and the boat was very unstable. SM said that it had to do with how FAR changes boyancy and drags in game and he is not prepared to retune all the parts to work within the changed non stock buoyancy and drag system. Is there a way to stabalize boyancy at your end or maybe if I could tweak cfg file or something to make only boyancy stock profile?
  11. I have tested with 3 J Class drives and two steam turbines. It needed a minute to go over 1m/s but it worked in the end. For the time being, I won't use FAR (Not working on any aircraft at this moment anyway), but it would be great if it works with it in future. For the time being, I'll tweak the cfg to double the thrust on the Jclass gears and raise the issue to the current FAR developers and see if he has a solution on his end. Thanks a lot for testing it out for me @SpannerMonkey(smce)! EDIT: May I suggest adding ballast to the destroyer? I don't like seeing the gears above the wa
  12. I installed fresh KSP 1.5.* with some light mods to test SM Marine, as it wasn't working with my heavily modded stuff. I loaded Type.45 SS Basic with two JclassGearType1 and two LDRudder to test. I tested with FAR Lighthill installed and not installed When I use SM Marine with FAR, the boat was very unstable (very being an understatement). The propulsion is fine, but she wobbles all over the place, spins out, and capsises. When I DON'T use FAR, the boat doesn't even want to go forward. At full throttle, it produdes 2000kN, but doesn't go forward. So I can't test how she does in speed
  13. I'll post a video of it if I have time to do it. Type 45 is kind of working, but it is very very unstable Dallasque is not working at all.
  14. SM armory boats and CVX boats won't go forward while it has all the parts necesary. I think FAR is responsible for it, but not too sure.
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