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  1. Somebody started a petition to change its name to Minmus.
  2. Ah, I see now. I think maybe what you're seeing there is that the tolerances become really tight and unworkable in a situation like that, such that a tiny misalignment can do extreme things with the margin of error. In any case what Trigger Au has done here is to re-implement Alex Moon's JavaScript transfer planner in-game. I guess you can get the orignal CoffeeScript code here: https://github.com/alexmoon/ksp/tree/gh-pages/javascripts, and maybe write some tests to push it in corner cases.
  3. I can't really think of a situation where you'd have to leave at a certain time, short of the planet exploding. So normally you'd want to look at the earliest possible arrival. However, if you're in the "get off of this rock ASAP" situation, it seems it would be better to dispense with the planner, and just do a burn that will put you in an escape trajectory more or less along the path of Kerbin's orbit, and then once you've exited look for a maneuver node which will do the trick. I sometimes use exactly that to get back from Gilly, since it's hard anticipate right ejection angle oth
  4. Yes. I wanted to know why.
  5. Thank you AHHans. There's the answer. I fell asleep during de-orbit and failed to deploy chutes.
  6. I discovered today that I have two kerbals listed as K.I.A. and I have no idea what happened to them. Is there some kind of record in the save file? Were they victims of that overly complex rotating ring station that I made? Or did I fall asleep after their de-orbit burn late one night and forget to stage the 'chutes? Or did I get them home safe and then send them on a collision course with Jool, but forgot to set a KAC alarm for the mid-course correction burn? I need to know !!!!
  7. The second stage explosion was clearly blue, so if that means what Scott Manley hinted it might mean, then I guess it's a boy.
  8. I used to just kind of put struts anywhere in order to make this sort of design work, but more recently (very late career game) I've been using them decoratively, which is pretty easy given that the colour schemes of lots of parts kind of provide nice measuring or placement hints.
  9. You can however use the online calculator by Alex Moon that TriggerAU links to in the credits for this mod. It's not as simple, because you'll have to establish a little familiarity with the variables of the orbit description to target an orbit, but it works!
  10. Sounds like a potentially new type of Kraken drive ! Anyhow, it occurs to me that the original post follows the basic form of all complaint posts, which basically come down to either: a. The game is unplayable because it's too realistic b. The game is unplayable because it's not realistic enough In either case we can address it with a mod to try to find the balance which would make OP more comfortable. Specifically, if we get rid of the somewhat combative title, I think we can look at this as a mod request. Here's my idea of the specification: Create a mod
  11. I guess this is the thing. Most of us who play with KSP enjoy messing with this kind of weird, unexpected build situations. If you don't enjoy it then I guess there are other games out there that might be more fun for you. Sorry to say, but I don't know about any of them.
  12. Hinges are really new. They were only just introduced in the last six months. There's a bit of shaking out to do. Meanwhile, I think you might enjoy the Kraken drive: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Kraken_Drive
  13. The thing is that the struts basically function as decouplers themselves when used with a radial decoupler. This gives you a lot of cool design possibilities, right up to imitating the design of the TT-70 radial decouplers. I guess I'm just used to this stuff, and figure it's part of the way the game works. I do agree that it's annoying when a circular station suddenly goes all floppy and disassembles, but well, I guess I figure that's just part of the game.
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