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  1. 1 more thing, is there any "Im going to message you when an update is out" thingie I can register at?
  2. @RoverDude I downloaded EL (extraplanetarylaunchpads) for 1.4.1 - 1.4.2. Could you tell me what part of your code changes the normal EL - mod recipe to Material kits /specialized parts? taniwah told me it can be changed but I didnt findwhere to do so. Thank you
  3. Well, I never played this mod. It would be my first time. And as from what I have seen, its a totaly new game. Thats why Im inpatient
  4. @taniwha Thank you for explaining. Another thing, I´m using Umbra space industries with this, and I need Specialized parts and Material kits for construction instead of rocket parts. Is there a way to change that to only rocket parts? Thank you
  5. For gods sake...I cant wait for the mod to come to 1.4.1-1.4.2 XD
  6. Whats that crazy large antena dish on the front? Mod name please. And looks awesome
  7. Hey all, Ive been waiting for the mod to update as im using 1.4.2 now. I have no idea what Im doing wrong. I have a construction workshop, 3400 rocket parts, engineers and a stick in the ground. I dont know how to construct stuff? When I left click the EL button nothing happens, when I right click it I get the resource transfer window. I see no way of selecting a vessel to be build. I tried a lot of things and am getting desperate now. Any help? EDIT: The stick doesnt work, every otehr platform does. But when I cancel or pause a build a get catapulted into Nirvana. And game gets stuck.
  8. Hey everyone, 5m protective shell seems broken for me. Any ideas?
  9. Thank you very much, I was looking for some planet packs that keep the system as it is and add more. I have a hard time finding any for 1.4.x. Still waiting for KSS to update. Thanks again
  10. Hey everyone. Im curious if this changes the orginal planets to something else or does it add a new "galaxy"? Thank you
  11. Just make a nice big overpowered rocket my friend, and you´ll be fine
  12. Im curious how do you keep connection with kerbin at a so far distance? A lot of relay networks? (Asking becasue I never played this mod and cant wait to start it on 1.4.x) Another question, what kind of engines(ion) are you using in the picture gallery? And good job