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  1. Man, I love this mod. I’m so exited that I may be able to upgrade my aging potato PC to something not from 2012, as that would actually allow me to use Scatterer at more than 2fps. What kind of specs are ideal for Scatterer? e.g. Is the graphics card more improrsnt than CPU? Which model GPU should I get? And how much RAM does it need?
  2. For me, it's just always the Kerbin one. Good for you, I haven't.
  3. For me it is, yes. I don't. I haven't had it a single time since 1.4.
  4. I've heard from some old threads that this mod removes the Mun or Bust title screen? Is that true? If so, why?
  5. Okay. How do I get a log file? To be honest it's probably a mod conflict as it's just parts from my mod, OldPartsRedux, and KWRocketry that emit glitchy lights.
  6. I'm running this in 1.7.1, after modifying the .version file myself, and all my engines emit light before they've been fired. Is this going to get an official update that will fix this issue?
  7. 0.9.1 Update has been published! Changelog: 0.9.1 is fully compatible with 1.7.2, but I'm posting this as a 1.7.1 mod because that's the version I'm stuck with until Kopernicus updates. Bugfixes: The RT-5 (1.4) now loads the correct texture and loads properly. The RT-10 (0.13.3) is now correctly named the RT-10 (0.7.3) and no longer conflicts. I will be adding a 0.13.3 version when I can update the 0.13.3 model to be modern KSP compatible. The LV-T45 (0.13.3) has been properly named in its file, and now loads correctly without conflict. The LV-T30 (0.13.3) is now named correctly. Some parts have had their categories and tech tree positions fixed.
  8. @Eklykti is right, just use Sigma Dimensions. It works perfectly and can scale terrain and atmosphere better than this old mod. Additionally, KSCSwitcher is no longer required as the KSC doesn’t appear in the middle of the ocean using Sigma Dimensions.
  9. 0.9.0 Update has been published! Changelog: 0.9.0: "The Great Reorganizing" Features: Every part file has been recreated using files from their original versions. Every part has been renamed to state the version the part was taken from, e.g. (0.13.3), or (1.4), rather than using the 'Classic' and 'Classic Classic' suffixes. Every part now has Tech Tree integration. Some parts have been moved to different categories. Rewritten readme file. AVC compatibility should be possible due to a .version file modification, but as I don't use it I'm not entirely sure. CKAN compatibility should be possible now, but I don't use it so I'm not entirely sure. Parts: Every part changed or modified in 1.7 now has a Classic version. Unfortunately, a few parts have been temporarily removed, specifically the Classic spaceplane parts, as I need to find a backup hard drive to check which versions they are from. They will be reimplemented soon in a new update, which will be coming out in a couple of days, and will be incorporating every part between 0.17 and 1.1, plus a few other parts.
  10. Hang on, this doesn’t support 1.7.1? Wow! I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen module manager be out of date.