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  1. @Snark I'm sorry. I do understand how troubleshooting works. The thing is, I don't have much to go on here. I was expecting a reply from somebody who might have the same issue or someone who found a fix. Game doesn't crash. It just sits there with a black screen, a yellow loading bar half filled and frozen with no text. Game itself is not frozen as it does respond to Alt+Enter. I tried the logs in AppData location and didn't find anything to suggest a problem. I can provide screenshot, but that won't show anything really. As I said, this particular issue is only for 64bit exe. My system is an i7, 12gb or RAM, Nvidia 1060GT 6GB, Windows 10 64bit. Game is unmoded and installed about a week ago. Ran without any issue for 3 days. Game was also closed properly last time. I'm going to do a reinstall and see what happens. I'll let you know if the issue returns.
  2. I couldn't find anything on the help pages. That's why I posted here.
  3. Hi guys, My game worked for a while after the new DLC was installed. Now KSP won't start in 64bit mode. I'm getting a black screen with a half filled loading bar without any text. I tried running in Admin mode, changed resolution, windowed mode, updated my drivers, changed other graphics settings without any change. The game launches properly in 32bit. But it also CTD when I load anything. Thanks in advance for the help..
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