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  1. Thank you very much! I read some confusing information on other forums about RA-2 and it's range, that's why I couldn't understand. But now I see. Gonna build some more relays so that I have stronger signal
  2. Thanks for your reply! I have extra ground stations enabled, range and DSN modifiers at 1.00. I put my probe on the launchpad so that it definetely has an unbroken straight line between it and the tracking station. The probe has an RA-2 antenna. When I right click it, it still says it's rating is 2.0g and I am not able to lauch it to Duna because it will lose signal halfway (I have tried)... Can you please tell me why is that happening?
  3. Good day! Recently I have experienced a problem with Comm Net. I am playing Science game mode therefore my tracking station is at level 3. Nevertheless, when I launch a probe with any antenna I got, I don't get the maximum rating of this antenna (which is stated in VAB near 'with L3 DSN'). For example, with RA-2 I am not able to reach Duna. When I click on the antenna located on the probe, it says: "antenna rating: 2g". Shouldn't I get at least 20g with RA-2 and level 3 tracking station? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone! Recently I have experienced a problem with FPS in KSP. But it's quite unusual. Ihave launched a probe to Duna. Everything was going fine until the moment I started braking to get into a Duna orbit. My FPS from about 55-60 dropped down to 15! BUT, the FPS goes back to 60 when I timewarp (10x or more). I switched to another satellite orbiting Duna, but everything is ok with it. Any help would be appreciated, because it is a bit uncomfortable to play with such FPS.
  5. Is there any way to Target a planet in camera tools (so I can zoom into it and take a nice shot) or, if not, is there a mod that can do it?
  6. Thank you for your reply. You are right about the contract sections. I have re-read the contract. This is what it says: •Make sure your craft is made especially for ... •Flyby Jool •Flyby Laythe •Flyby Dres ... No any special altitude, trajectory or inclination. The 'Make sure' section always stays green, the flyby Jool and flyby Laythe sections turn black after approximately 1.5 years (the time I am flying to Dres) and this is quite strange, because I am way too far away from Jool all the time, but for some reason it just decides to turn bla
  7. I am now completing the Jool 6 voyage and have completed two of the contract items (the flyby Jool and flyby Laythe). I have set up the manuver node to Dres and started timewarping. But suddenly, the two of the completed contract items turned from 'done' to 'undone'. And they don't turn back. Please help me...
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