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  1. Sweet! I can do the rest myself (: Your mods are the backbone of my space program, thanks so much!
  2. @Nertea I have a sort of silly request, but -- could you possibly add engine ThrustTransforms to the bottom thrusters in the RQ5 Heavy RCS Blocks to turn them into RCS/OMS (similar to the SpaceY OMS)? I'm quite fond of their shape (I did modify the texture quite a bit) and use them in a reusable capsule concept (this is heavily modded xD), but the SpaceY shape wouldn't do it here: I know I can "Fore by Throttle" but it makes for awkward dv calculations considering they're my main "engines".
  3. Do I get this right, I can't just turn one nozzle of an RCS block into an engine using config files because I'd have to add thrustTransform transform(or whatever, later named in thrustVectorTransformName) to the model in Unity? I know I can bind throttle control to RCS in game, but that's all based on the ModuleRCSFXand doesn't actually give me an "engine" (ModuleEnginesFX).
  4. Uh, sorry about your teeth! But don't worry, I understand you fine xD. Besides this point, I kinda wonder if there's a MM-browser for KSP. Just some simple Windows GUI that lists all game objects and their modules, even those that were deleted/overwritten/changed. I have way too many mods with way too many patches and sometimes a typo can ruin the entire thing. Being able to browse it without having to load KSP could make sense Oo.
  5. Gotcha, binary search on the parts. Shouldn't be hard, it's just 40 unique parts.
  6. For the static vessel deforming when coming out of warp? Like this -- it's static, stays like this.
  7. Can't reproduce the problem without KJR. Hm.
  8. It's not only KVV, it's a bunch of mods with off/on problems. But currently testing the warp bug, KJR/AS/no struts: KJR - craft messed up after time warp, normal autostruts to grandparent (no KJR installed) - no messed up craft after warp no struts at all (with that nearly 500t craft xD) - no problem, either. Hm... that would point to KJR being the issue, sort of?
  9. Not actively, I planned on copying this install once I got it working to make a MM3 welding KSP while playing on the other. Not sure if testing an experimental build on this behemoth installation is wise, but I'm not going to say "no". Yeah, BD Animation Modules is where I'm at right now, too. The files are indeed empty/commented out. The drive is a new Samsung SSD, so no worries. I do have a billion part mods in this. I guess I could just remove those empty files, haha. I removed some minor mods that threw exceptions (Janitor's Closet, [x]Science... but those were minor, really). When KER shoot itself the KER 'window' looks like this xD Edit: I updated BD Animation Modules (and a few other random things) and the spam is gone/KER works. Maaaybe I can now finally go back to what I wanted to test in the first place. Oh KSP. Wait, no, I still need to figure out what borked up RCS Build Aid. Edit 2: Ah, glorious, at least that problem is still there /s. [ERR 16:56:40.750] ToolbarControl: WARNING: RegisterMod, LoadedScene: MAINMENU, called too late for: KronalVesselViewer_NS, Kronal Vessel Viewer, button may not be registered properly [ERR 16:56:40.751] ToolbarControl: WARNING: RegisterMod, LoadedScene: MAINMENU, called too late for: ABFW_NS, Advanced Fly-By-Wire, button may not be registered properly [ERR 16:56:40.753] ToolbarControl: WARNING: RegisterMod, LoadedScene: MAINMENU, called too late for: Proximity_NS, Proximity, button may not be registered properly [LOG 16:56:40.888] [MechJeb2] Loading Shaders Bundles [LOG 16:56:40.890] Assembly : ModuleManager | Version : found ! [LOG 16:56:40.890] Minimal version needed is : 2.8.0 [LOG 16:56:40.890] INT : 402/280 [LOG 16:56:40.890] Assembly : KIS | Version : 1.18.6971.42939 found ! [LOG 16:56:40.890] Minimal version needed is : 1.5.0 [LOG 16:56:40.890] INT : 7251/150 [ERR 16:56:40.890] ToolbarControl: WARNING: RegisterMod, LoadedScene: MAINMENU, called too late for: PartAngleDisplay_NS, Part Angle Display, button may not be registered properly [ERR 16:56:40.891] ToolbarControl: WARNING: RegisterMod, LoadedScene: MAINMENU, called too late for: PartCommander_NS, Part Commander, button may not be registered properly [ERR 16:56:40.999] ToolbarControl: WARNING: RegisterMod, LoadedScene: MAINMENU, called too late for: RCSBuildAid_NS, RCS Build Aid, button may not be registered properly Edit3: And the timewarp-"warp" is also still present. My list of things to fix is long.
  10. My KSP now keeps shooting itself, badly (I mean, it runs, but...). I'm getting random exception spamming (it doesn't have to be Snacks as in this case, it can also be KER). Log:!h85wxKYR!ucza-loyTpsknQR6U7KsAUf0j6LZGlcjp-aEbHy9Ep0 I may have messed up a config file somewhere in there, but other than haven't really added anything new, so I don't understand why it got so bad all of a sudden. When KER shoots itself it spams like this(happens in a different "save"): A few Addon Binder problems in the log, and some weird exceptions. I updated to the newest Kopernicus Backport, no change. "ADDON BINDER: Cannot resolve assembly: TestFlightCore, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" is fascinating.
  11. Is spotlights lighting up clouds on the dark side of Kerbin a Scatterer-related issue or should I be looking elsewhere?
  12. Yes, but not the most current version of Tweakscale, it's on my update list. There's definitely something weird going on in this install though, RCSBuildAid fails to register the toolbar button when going back to the SPH/VAB after flight. I've spent the last days writing MM patches so I have to check if the problem persists, else the cache is going to be different. I saved the log though, will post it later.
  13. There's some exceptions but nothing bad IMO. What does this mean, though? That's just MM-based mods messing around with the order, right? So no bug?! "No KJRDecouplerReinforecementModule found..." is weird though.
  14. Eek, okay. I may be able to test some, but this build is a bit load-heavy. I'm using just about every parts mod, so just loading two games to compare may take an hour. I could post the 29MB logfile of that session though.
  15. Messed up but stiff. Didn't happen with 100x timewarp, but with e.g. 3000x time warp. It's straight during time warp, but back to warped again at 1x