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  1. I had an idea and want to suggest it: a DLC similar to Making History, but instead of the past of spaceflight, the future of spaceflight. It would have parts themed after upcoming rockets in the future, and would add parts that also are in use today, such as proper landing legs for rockets.
  2. after stage separation i can switch to the 1st stage but i don't have any control over it. is there anything i can do to have control?
  3. Forget how to orbit kerbin and send a probe almost to duna orbit
  4. I’m very confused on how these things work. Any help?
  5. Thanks and I love the profile pic Jim! (I’m a huge fan of the show)
  6. all my content is hidden and says it has to be approved. why? “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” —Thomas Edison
  7. The Everyday Astronaut ran into the airlock-not-docking problem on his Making History live-stream. It seems to be a problem.
  8. The MK1-2 pod always struck me as (to put it kindly) "ugly". I really like the new MK1-3 pod and view it as an improvement.
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