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  1. I've always ben wondering what the point of probes/rovers are. (other than getting a good look at the planet/moon) Are they good in sience/carrer mode? Are they worth the effort and money to put on planets/moons? I do have SOME guesses, but anything other than these, i simply cant find a use... 1. Transferring Stranded kerbals to bases: say if you have TAC Life support and a kerbal is stranded on Duna, Laythe, etc. so you need to send the kerbal to a base to stay there till help arrives. 2. Refueling Ships: By using a rover with a drill-o-matic and a convertotron, they could dock to
  2. I Just now downloaded infernal robotics along with my 15-20 or so other mods. The mod does not crash the game, all the parts are there (in the utilies tab), and i can place/launch them without any problem, it just appears that there is no tab in the bottom left for me to click on to be able to controll the robotic parts. Any Help? (and if you're wondering im running it on 1.3, and i dragged the entire contents of the infernal robotic's ZIP to the "Game Data" folder in my game.)
  3. I'm not sure why, but i was really bored and decided to make a kinda watch tower for Jeb so he can see all my failed space craft blow up. ._.
  4. Im trying to build a exploration plane to take Crew/Eva Reports and Surface Samples, but the darn thing can't go 10 meters without spinning out and exploding. I have NO aerodynamics mods what so ever, and im using Vanilla parts (dew to it being one of the career modes). Even when i make it as symmetrical as possible it STILL randomly spins. my only guess is that when i launch the plane, and it places it slightly above the run way, the bounce ends up shifting it slightly to the left/right. if you have any suggestions on helping combat that, i would love it
  5. Hey, im pretty new to this game and ive been having trouble flying aircrafts (within the atmosphere) even when using Stock Planes.
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