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  1. Same problem. VTOL building is a bit hard when this happens
  2. Thanks for reacting to my sugegstion. Since I wasn't able to play KSP the last week, but this is awesome. Finally early game science Bases can work reliable.
  3. Well , in breaking ground you have specific science modules and solar panels that can be placed in an inventory and then deployed. But only specific modules, you can't just take some stock battery and place it there.
  4. What I am talking about are those deployed science bases from Breaking ground. Where you need Kerbals to set them up and store them in Containers.
  5. So as I set up a deployed science Base on minmus I realised, it actually doesnt do much science, because half of the time it has no power, since I haven't unlocked the RTG yet. So why are there no deployable Batteries? It should be like very other deployable module, maybe a small Tower with batterys attached to the sides of it or whatever. Would make early game Science bases way more productive. Edit: I am talking about the deployable Science Base mechanics from breaking Ground.
  6. Same Problem here. Veryfied game files, uninstalled and installed both expansions, doesn't work. Edit: It worked after I removed all my mods from CKAN and everythign in GameData except for Squad and Squad Expansion. First I deleted all Mods from CKAN, but even though CKAN and KSP said I had no mods, there still were things in the GameData folder aside from Squad and SquadExpansion, and after I deleted them it works now.
  7. I know, there once was a mod that lets you move freely, but it was in a very early and unpolished state and seems to be discontinued. Is there any other mod that has similar features?
  8. So I downloaded USI Kolonization a while ago, now I removed all the mods I don't use anymore (Had like 90 mods xD) , and I dont really use it anymore (It's a great mod anyways, it's just not my playstyle , also I dislike the hiring system, its practical, but make it able to toggle it) And then entered my science save. Went into the Astronaut complex, because it just was my guess that USI made this system. And there stood 10 Available (Owned) Kerbals (Just had 4) and there was 1 Kerbal available to hire. Something like "Line 1 Line 2" stood there. If I clicked "Hire" nothing happened. And the
  9. Great. Awesome mod! But it would be great if there was an extra mod for the making history parts.
  10. I just looked up CKAN, found a few new mods I wanted to try out and removed some old I didn't use, tried out the new mods and the Problem is gone. Thanks for the answer either way
  11. This is for 1.0.5 but works for 1.6. Great Job! Looks great.
  12. So I've got lag spikes every 5 seconds, but only in the editor. It's not this big of a problem, but annoying. Inflight I have no lag. I have got a good PC and this happens with every craftsize. It's gone after I removed some old mods.
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