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  1. I just looked up CKAN, found a few new mods I wanted to try out and removed some old I didn't use, tried out the new mods and the Problem is gone. Thanks for the answer either way
  2. This is for 1.0.5 but works for 1.6. Great Job! Looks great.
  3. So I've got lag spikes every 5 seconds, but only in the editor. It's not this big of a problem, but annoying. Inflight I have no lag. I have got a good PC and this happens with every craftsize. It's gone after I removed some old mods.
  4. Salticus

    Window mod?

    Is there any mod that adds windows? like parts that are only visual and have no use. I'm building a SpaceX Starship and I would need a mod like this, I just found no.
  5. Thanks for the fast answer. This seems much work, I will try the other thing with loading KSP to the menu and then quitting from the menu cause I have got many saves and many mod updates etc. Thanks either way
  6. So if I rightclick the Mk2 Landercan theres a window over the whole screen with only sliders with "Variant name" Then it vanishes and I can't right click other parts. Does anyone know if this is a bug of a mod or is this stock? I haven't tried it in flight now, gonna do that. Another small bug I have is, that if I go to sorting by diameter in the editor I can't change the category of the parts until I reenter the editor. If you know if this is a Mod bug please tell it then I will uninstall it.
  7. So if I go into the editor in the first mission, I can only use one part. The fin. Not one engine or command pod. I've got many Mods, but I dont think they can cause this
  8. Salticus

    "Save not compatible" Error

    Luckily i found out that game data switcher has for every game data own saves. So i used the ones from an other gamedata, everything was there, I only lost 1 ship. And my last real backup is about a month ago.
  9. It happens on every vessel. I will try to remove some mods like real pluzme to see if this is the cuase, thanks for the amnsers. And even if i dont find the mod, like you said, it only affects visuals. It happens on every vessel, if i start it with my modded install. And I wont go through every mod, i have like 108 or something like this.
  10. So, i used GameData switcher (I have used it before and everything worked!) to switch on stock, everything worked (I wanted to try something only stock) and then I switched back to my normal Gamedata with very many mods. When I open "resume saved" on EVERY Save there is written "save not compatible" (translated from german, dont know if it's like this in english). When i click on it and want to resume, there's a window saying "This save is not compatible with this version of KSP, do you really want to resume?", even no Update happened in the time i played stock, if i click OK in the top left corner it writes in red text "following save cannot be loaded: *save name*" Please help, right now it seems like my whole progress is lost. Btw, the scenarios can be played, but if im in it I can't click the buildings like Tracking station. Edit: The saves where all empty. There were no ships, nothing other than the folder "Ships". I then used the saves from an other gamedata, now i have my progress back (Not all, Like a few ships aren't there, because i used this gamedata a while ago, but at least i can use most of my saves without loss of progress) But i would like answers how to solve this, because some other people have this problem to and there was no solution to this, and because i could have the problem another time.
  11. I am also sure its a mod problem. But i dont know what you mean with "Going over cfg files", can you explain?
  12. I hope this is the right forum, now to my problem: Everytime i play there is a vanilla Plume next to the vessel, even tho i use real plume. If anyone of you could say me what mod is causing this it would help. I have very many mods, so I dont want to try wich it is.
  13. Great. I waited for ages for a newer Telemachus mod. Thanks for making it!
  14. Definitely my favourite visual mod. There are Mods that look more realistic - but with them i have like 3 FPS. This mod looks great and it works on my laptop without eating all of my memory
  15. I've had the same Problem. Are you using Firefox? Cause in Firefox it doesn't work for me, but in Google chrome it works. So, just try to use Chrome