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  1. The event nodes are hidden from the player until activated. The yellow lightning bolt indicates to the player that the objective it is associated with was hidden before now. The reason that you're seeing the node that should be hidden is because it was activated as soon as the start node was complete (you spawned on the launch pad).
  2. @Space Dude-256 If you haven't figured this out yet, perhaps you could try it in a windowed resolution, and try some different resolutions (both full-screen and windowed), and let us know how it works.
  3. There are 2 probe cores on the ship: the obvious stayputnik and an OKTO, which is sort of hidden. It's the OKTO which is not in hibernation by default, and is to blame for draining your battery.
  4. What resolution are you running at? is it full-screen, windowed, or as a pop-up (borderless window)?
  5. Has anyone else experienced the following problem in the mission "Meet Me in Zero G": The "Undock NOW!" node will not activate for me. I can undock immediately after the dialog message instructions, with no result. after then waiting for a bit, the time since node activates, I get a 0.7 score multiplier, and the waypoint for KSC never activates. Removing the undocking node and replacing it with an identical one fixes it for me.
  6. OK, I understand. I do think a warning, or just preventing the start node from being selected as a reference would be good.
  7. I see your point. I like this part of the challenge though, since you have to execute the launch or plan intercepts very carefully in order to set yourself up for an accurate circularization burn. Doesn't fix broken accuracy tests though. I tried using an accuracy check node with a lower precision than the orbital node, and it still wouldn't activate.
  8. The indication that the player is done with their orbital maneuver is accomplished by setting the required stability time in the specified orbit. The timer is configured by default to reset any time the ship experiences acceleration, which gives players a chance to finish their maneuvers before accuracy is checked. I'm having the same issue as dvader though, orbital accuracy checking nodes docked to the orbit node do not seem to be working for me. As far as I can tell, I have never been awarded for docked accuracy tests. I wonder though, if this could have to do with the node connec
  9. What mods are you using? I've noticed some failures when restarting a mission from the success/failure screen which went away when using a clean install. I haven't narrowed down which mod was causing the problem though.
  10. How about the "Orbit Parameters" node? If you have en encounter in your trajectory, say the Mun from Kerbin, can that node detect a periapsis inside the Mun SOI before you get there?
  11. I couldn't figure out a way to award different scores based on varying degrees of accuracy with the "Orbit Paramters" node the way I wanted too, but here's a "fixed" version of the mission. I tried to keep the spirit of the original, and made the following changes: Changed scoring structure so that all bonuses must be obtained to be awarded gold Fixed bonus for quick Minmus orbit by changing "Time Since Node" nodes to "Mission Time" nodes Changed mission briefing message to make it clearer how to release the goo (i.e., don't stage it away) Changed dialog messages to hin
  12. Yeah, I just did something similar and came to the same conclusion. In this mission, the orbit is sort of tested twice, once with the main objective node, and again with the docked "Test Accuracy" node, both with a general 80% threshold. There is another test that could have been used: "Orbit Parameters", in the location category. I'll finish up a fixed version of the mission and post it here for those completionists among us.
  13. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be correct. Some testing has revealed that the score modifiers apply only to the score that has accumulated at the time the modifier was activated, rather than to the total score at the end of the mission. Furthermore, the timer for getting to minmus is actually referencing UT=0, rather than the intended UT=543600 that is set for the mission start. This means by the time you launch, 25 days have already passed. There is also something goofy about the way the mun orbit is tested and rewarded. The 500 points for >80% accuracy is not activating f
  14. Frustrated with my inability to get a high score on the built-in mission "To the Mun via Minmus", I started poking around the mission builder and discovered the following problems with the mission design. While the problems are correctable and may not be bugs necessarily, some changes to the mission builder could prevent them from happening in the future. When a "Time Since Node" node is referenced to the start node, it is actually referencing UT=0, regardless of the start time of the mission. This causes problems when the start node begins the mission at any time other than UT=0. For exa
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