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  1. well i think im done with scatterer today. i better get some sleep this is going to take alot of fixing
  2. why hello there good sirs and misses
  3. Aerio System Dev Thread This mod adds a new Saturn like gas giant to the Sunbol system. it has 4 moons at the moment named (from closest to furthest) Tater, Omali, Taio, and Anemos. Aerio Aerio is a blue gas giant that orbits near dres. it was mistaken for Eve for thousands of years due to kerbals using kaleidoscopes as telescopes. Tater Tater is a captured comet that orbits in between the gaps in Aerio's rings. OMALI Omali is the second moon of Aerio. As you can see it is in desprate need of a re-do TAIO Taio is an Enceladus-like moon which has a subsurface ocean. in the future i will try to rextexure it to have blue cracks on it's surface ANEMOS anemos is a Titan-like moon with a thick atmosphere which is 1.45 atm at sea level PO Po is a captured potatoid object that orbits around Anemos. IMIGUR ALBUM: (Contains Photos from earlier in developpment) TODO (BEFORE RELEASE): Maybe do (after release) DOWNLOAD Coming soon-ish