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  1. Apologies if I've missed something. I appear to be missing the Launchpad part. Are you able to tell me where to get it from? I there a specific way to enable it or something? Thanks Edit - reinstalled from Github, appears now. had it on CKAN prev.
  2. in terms of the flag on the Mun, it happens 100% of the attempts to place it. I'll test it with a non-BDB craft tonight, will take a little time to put one together for a mission. I have also tested planting a flag just on the runway with the BDB lander, seems to have the same effect as on the Mun. Will get back to you on the first part though, and hopefully someone can make sense of the log, I spent 20 minutes reading through it but couldn't find anything useful, other than, like you say, the BDB colliders that may not even be the problem. I have a fairly large modlist, if it would help I can link that, I wonder if you'd be able to (if they exist) Spot any incompatabilities that may cause issues.
  3. Hi, Playing on 1.12 with BDB. When I place a flag on the Mun, my kerbal does the animation, and then the game crashes. not sure if it's a BDB issue or what, but the crash log says a lot about BDB right at the end where it also mentions flags, Any help you could give, I'd appreciate, even if it's not an entirely BDB Issue Link to the log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6u3nb9cfz2pxx4v/Player-prev.log?dl=0
  4. Hi guys. Got a bit of a predicament here. as the title says, pretty self explanatory. I'm wondering if anyone can give me any help, I have attached a log file and a list of my currently installed mods. Edit - removed
  5. Hi, Playing with SXT updated to the current version, a lot of the textures are OK, however some appear pure black. namely, the Dontstayputnik, Pancake, Tsar Pushka, Commodore, Veles, Mokosh, Perun, Large Linear RCS Array, Docing Port XL, Cone Mk3, Kommunotronski 16. I know 1.12 brought these issues, but as both CKAN and Spacedock say that SXT is compatible, is this a feature that has not been fixed, or an issue on my end? Thanks a lot, I appreciate your efforts to keep SXT alive.
  6. Hi! Can you give me a tutorial of some kind for creating my own textures, eg. where to find files, how to make them work ingame, etc... would be really cool, thanks!
  7. Thanks for the reply! I would be happy to give some things a test, just downloaded the latest version of everything as needed, and the game launches and runs OK. 1.8 will be the version that causes problems if any arise, as that was when the game was updated to the new version of Unity, with 1.9 being mainly a graphics and performance based mod. I have plenty of time spare, so I will give everything a check over, and report any issues back To you!
  8. Hi! You say you were running 1.9.1, as am I, but was this with the FOAB also? I got the mod to work but the explosion does not produce a mushroom cloud?! any ideas?
  9. Hi! After reading the previous posts a while back, canyou confirm that KAX now works with 1.8./1.9? This is by far one of the best mods and would really like it for the latest versions! Thanks!
  10. Is the github the most recent release? spacedock does not seem to work so how do i get it?Is the github the most recent release? spacedock does not seem to work so how do i get it?
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