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  1. Cheers! I was so happy to be able to get 2 choices within the mission which are you can either land the booster or not if there’s any bugs in the mission please shout and il try fix :))
  2. Now is your time to help SpaceX. We've been waiting for this mission for years and it's finally here. Your task is: 1a) Launch Crew Dragon Demo-1 1b) *Optional* Land first stage booster 3) Rendezvous & Dock with the ISS (International Space Station) 4) Land on Kerbin, alive. Sounds easy? Good, no pressure. Required Mod: DOWNLOAD MISSION HERE
  3. Got some time tonight so i'm gonna make the following mission: Crewed Dragon Capsule Test Flight Will try make it as accurate as possible. Stay tuned
  4. I could try for a ‘realistic’ish mars colonisation. Could try send a BFR (or starship what ever its now called) or make your own craft with a limited amount of money / parts. I will try to make it in my spare time so it might take a bit of time to make but il get it done :) I think these user made missions are seriously underrated
  5. Finally in that KSP mood again and wondering what sort of missions any of you would like to see created. I previously created that spaceX mission and the Orion - ISS resupply mission and enjoyed every minute of it and I want to do something like that again. So, what missions would you guys like to see? Another resupply mission (crewed dragon to ISS)? Accurate Apollo 11 style mission? You name it, il try make it. Cheers guys :))
  6. Luckily I put max fuel in the rocket at the first part of the mission so it should be easier enough for you, just remember to deploy grid fins and turn SAS off when descending or it gets really tough :D
  7. SpaceX are trying to land their first main booster, something that seemed like a myth back in the early space race. The Space Shuttle by NASA was good but only the shuttle was reusable and yet two of them unfortunately were destroyed out of the time they serviced. Elon Musk and his team aspire to land the main booster to prove everyone wrong and that private companies can be the leading role in space exploration, which as we know is the way forward at this time. Until NASA get their new SLS and Orion in working order (check out other mission for that) the main hope is SpaceX. Now your task for this mission is to: 1) Land the main booster stage near the KSC. 2) Launch a falcon 9, which is fitted with a small Jeb like payload, into orbit. Optional: Land the main booster anywhere, you will get extra points and look pretty swift. 3) Land it next to the KSC. Only mod required is Kerbal Re-usability Expansion: Click here for Mod link Also, I know that the real Falcon 9 has 4 grid fins but for some reason when I added 4 the craft just went out of control will try to fix later but apologies for not being accurate DOWNLOAD HERE!
  8. Sim1, absolute brilliant stream! Thank you so much for taking the time and playing the mission, i think i have found a fix to it but not had time to play through the mission as i dont have much time and i am working on another mission . You did a great job at the mission and is 100% a pass from me XD I have published the 'final' link now and if you would like to play through it you are more than welcome too! If it's not fixed the problem you are more than welcome (or anyone thats reading this comment) to help me make it right so i learn from my mistakes. Thanks very much for playing though mate! Regard, Rookie.
  9. I have finally got time! Very sorry for this guys but the link will be updated tonight around 2100 GMT. Very sorry for all this and I hope you can bare with me but I will be making more missions very shortly now I have a hell of a lot more spare time. Cheers! Rookie
  10. Ah bugger, yeah that’s my fault there sorry mate. I will try fix as soon as I can but my computer is doing some updating and that so it’s not giving me much free time but, if possible, il fix by tomorrow but I can’t guarantee it. Thanks very much for telling me though. Many apologies rookie
  11. Yeah I had the same problem and it’s wouldn’t let me add an end node or what ever it is you need to finish it, did the final message come on screen saying something like ‘thanks for playing’? Imma try later if I can fix it as I’ve watched some more tutorials but I had a lot of problems when trying to EVA and board the kerbal onto the iss for some reason it wouldn’t account for it when you do that task. But cheers for the info il try get it sorted around 1800 GMT. cheers, rookie
  12. Should work, this is my second time uploading something so il fix it later when I’m free. Sorry for that
  13. UPDATED 29/04/18 FINAL PATCH WHILE WORKING ON NEXT MISSION! This is a basic mission that let's you head up to the International Space Station with the new Orion Module, not yet operational by NASA yet, transfer crew and return safety back to the KSC. I hope you all enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE! Rookie
  14. *FIXED* Hi all, this is my first mission which is a simple rescue mission with a twist. In this scenario, Apollo 13 landed on the Mun but with damage and with hardly any fuel so what you've gotta do is send a small team of Kerbals to the Mun via a space craft specially designed to dock with the Apollo 13 CM so you can transfer your crew from the rescue craft to the CM. Then you can land the rescue craft on the Mun near Apollo 13 and get the crew. There probably will be problems with this mission but i played the mission when i made it and i found no problems, if there are any please post here. Hope you enjoy! Rookie