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  1. @N70 show take in account for sub orbital data that is harder to get.
  2. It's a part mod and I know how to update them. And make asset. @Tornado77
  3. So I want to revive all the USI mod by RoverDude and fix it and update it. I tried message him no answer. Is there anything i have to allow or do?
  4. @Ger_space do you know if the landing guide will works with spacex mods
  5. i'm looking for a landing mod that will go good with the forum below because Mecjeb fails to land the booster with exploding and KOS has to many errors?
  6. is there an auto landing mod beside KOS or Mecjeb? That will help me land a booster back KSC.
  7. is there a mod that i can land a booster beside mecjeb and KOS?