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  1. Hello, forum users! I encountered such a problem: on version 1.7.3, when climbing in the atmosphere, there is a strong decrease in FPS. When leaving the atmosphere, the FPS returns to normal. Installed FAR, EVE, Scatterer. On previous versions of the KSP, this problem was not observed. Please tell me what could be the problem?
  2. I apologize in advance that I can ask stupidity I really like this mod but I like Kerbin too. Is it possible to use this mod and keep Kerbin at the same time? Thank you
  3. dear guys! of course it was a joke and irony. don't you have a sense of humor? great respect and thanks for the modder, which gave the real goal to fly somewhere and build bases, etc. because of this it was especially insulting not to find there this valuable resource consider pls that English is not my native language and don't be so sensitive
  4. Oh, thank you, I'll be waiting But I think, what about the terrible hurricanes on the border of the back and the front? I know the wind isn't realized in game but a big hurricane, as you did on Volux, would look authentic, I think. And the eye of the hurricane in the same place as the KSC It's just idea, not request
  5. Hi, Gameslinx! Do you plan to make this mod compatible with 1.4.2? Among all existing planet packs only this mod has global idea for searching another world for resettlement. It's so nice to start a new career with one global goal Are there any compatible careers packs for this mod? Bases&Stations, SETI, Explorations? How about ResearchBodies? Is there any flora on the dark side of Solitude? In theory, there should be deserted lands with a dark dead ground. And the temperature curve there must be different, it should be cold.
  6. Gameslinx, how do you get excellent optimization with clouds and scatterer? even in the jet's flight i have stable 30-40 fps on Gaia, at the start 40-60. On Kerbin with other visual enhancements (for example, SVE) it's only 15-30 fps. Why don't you make yours visual enhancements for Kerbin with really good optimization? And for some reason I don't see the lights of cities on Gaia
  7. it's everythere in both hemisphere. moreover, in the map view mode, the dark area is not visible. the dark areas have altitude 15m, absolutely flat and seems like a uncovered seabed. it's even interesting, as though the story is that the ocean has become shallow, receded from the shore and bare the seabed. at that this area very convenient for placing objects from the kerbal konstruct mod and i have already placed there runway launchsites. so that your fix will break my save but it's more likely a bug i guess. cause there is no biome "the uncovered seabed" or something similar
  8. Respect for you Gameslinx! I want to ask question. There are dark flat areas on Gaia in the latitude range 55-75 degrees between water and ice caps. What is this, the former seabed? Or some bug?