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  1. Thanks for updating this malkuth! Very thoughtful and cool move on your part! You are awesome! Looking forward to messing with this mod!!
  2. Ah yes! This is wonderful!! Thanks for the update!! I'm no longer getting those errors on start up, and all the chassis and crew cabin parts are showing up in the menu! This mod is fantastic! I love your attention to detail! ...and it is really cool how supportive you are on the debugging end, with quick replies and updates! You're the best!!
  3. I tried deleting the mod and re-installing it, but I am still getting an error when loading the game saying: "WildBlueTools Unsupported KSP version... Please use 1.3.1" Loading Screen Error message for WildBlueTools... My Game Data folder... Here is a screenshot of my "WildBlueIndustries" Folder... This is my "000WildBlueTools" folder... I am also getting a 2nd error on the load screen saying: "Kerbal Actuators Unsupported KSP version... Please use 1.3.1" Here is a screenshot of my Kerbal Actuators folder: 001KerbalActuators\Plugins folder:
  4. Good to hear :-) Thanks for making this awesome mod! I'm excited to dig into it! All of the Buffalo mod parts are kept in the menu with the Buffalo icon, right? Are the chassis kept somewhere else? I tried doing a fresh install of the mod, but still can't find the chassis parts... Update Edit: Like you suggested, I think it may be an install problem. I am attaching screenshots of my the load screen error and my Game Data Directory in a reply below...
  5. This is a great mod! Some of the essential core parts seem to be missing that were shown in the demo video though (like the crew cabin, and the chassis parts...) Is this mod still being maintained and updated?