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  1. Hi, I do not know if this message will read it once, but I would like that you were so kind to change the type of license that has the mod to one in which you could deploy again.
    Thank you very much for your work :)

  2. Hey guys, just dropping in here to say that I am still alive and I do intend to continue working on the THSS mod. I am just amazed by the creativity and resourcefulness of you guys and haven't even had the time to look through all your posts yet, let alone make much progress on the mod, as I have been stuck out in the middle of nowhere in Aberdeenshire for the last two months taking care of a friend's farm while he's gone. The good news is though that I am returning to civilization on tuesday and will be reunited with my tools so with a little luck I will once again have the time and capacity to continue working on this mod. Thanks for your patience and all the love you have shown. It's really great. Cheers, Semni.
  3. This is quite excellent, I will be keeping track of this thread for future use.
  4. Kochean: I see what you mean there. I'll see what I can do, the reason why not much has been released lately is because I'm smack-bang in the middle of UV-mapping and optimizing the models and without any textures there isn't much to show for it ( except that now pipes have their own colours ), eventually all tristruts will share a common texture, as well as the pipes and tanks and such. Which should reduce loading times and improve performance. I'll also be looking into issues with collision meshes, some do get a bit complex. I'm choosing to do a fair bit of 'detail' with polys simply because I am a terrible painter and am no good at making fancy textures.
  5. I do have to admit that THSS is fairly lacking in the playtesting department, mainly because my current computer is a little weedy for KSP. I'm continuing to take your feedback and implement it. Many thanks for that guys.
  6. Unfortunately it processes direct 3d files, it cannot handle the KSP file structure, you'd need a seperate tool to put parts together into a single 3d model file.
  7. Now that I'm aware of the awesome that is sketchfab I've decided to give it a shot with one of the tristruts. The one I have gone ahead and made a proper UV mapping for.
  8. I seem to recall a mod much like this one. I'll see if I still have the plugin .dll though sadly I fear I don't have the source code.
  9. Simply rescaling the parts is a good idea and I have to admit that I have been tempted to do a smaller lineup and I may still but at the moment I have a lot of parts, and a lot of things to do like properly UV mapping and texturing the existing parts. As tempting as it is to start whole new lines of parts I do need to prioritize right now, I only have so much time I can put into developing this mod.
  10. I havn't handled smaller truss parts because there are already a bunch of usefull small stock trusses for exactly that purpose. I'd rather concentrate on a more ... uh, limited selection. Though at almost 50 parts the suggestion that my mod is limited is kind of laughable. Additionally, the absence of fuel lines in the cube-struts is deliberate, cube-struts without crew tunnels in them are not supposed to transport fuel. Also, thanks for catching the weight mistake, I'll see about fixing that.
  11. Some 1/6th sized octo-pieces, a 1/3 size crew cabin, redone the geometry on the fullsize cargo container, added cubestruts in various kinds. Added in Goblin's parts he added since the last release with the exception of the LLL adaptors, I'm experiencing some problems with those. Otherwise that's about it unless I have forgotten something.
  12. Aand the 0.2.0 version is up, with some new parts, some fixes and hopefully not too many bugs.
  13. I have been tweaking those values myself. Increasing the node size has a good effect on dampening the wobble as well. Currently I'm working at a 3 for the octostruts and may go up to a 4. Meanwhile though I have successfully relocated and continue work on the mod.
  14. Hey guys, little update, the next version is coming along nicely, got some RCS tanks for the octostruts and a smaller hab module as well as improving the geometry on the humongous hab. The fuel line issue is a texturing gaff I ran into, rather than delaying the .20 compatible update I decided to release with it. In the next update they will be fixed. CooSide, here's a copy of the .zip, see if that one works for you: In other news I will be moving house tomorrow so it may be a couple of days till I get everything up and running. I'll keep on working insofar I can and I'll see about getting a new update out the door ASAP. Edit: Jfull and WBcundiff whooeee, that looks just amazing, I'm hoping your lander makes it down as well. I've been working on figuring out a landing leg design that looks good on the Octostruts. With a little luck that can be added on to your next lander.
  15. You will be pleased to know that since the last update I've pretty much given the OctoTank double the fuel of the big orange tank after realizing that while it is comperable in length it is more than twice as wide. Yep, I'm a little slow that way sometimes. As for the probe, yeah, that's going to be fixed and it's abilities are going to be beefed up, it got turned into practically a regular probe because of the glitchyness I was experiencing before. As for the creative persuits of others, Myth, that looks amazing, that just truely blew me away. And Blue, that's looking great, you have now officially surpassed me on the texturing and animation front. Looking good man.