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  1. Ya this is what the majority of my time updating was spent on: fixing the XML serialization issues.
  2. Update is out, fixes the impact marker.
  3. Update for 1.8 is now on github. Please let me know of additional issues.
  4. Will update to 1.8 tomorrow, lemme know if there's any issues you find.
  5. Id appreciate if you could file a github issue to better track this issue.
  6. KSP 1.7.0 is out. There are no conflicts with the existing KER. You can safely ignore any version warning. The new version will be out shortly and on CKAN whenever CKAN updates.
  7. Yup Just tested it. If you actually launch the monoprop ship there's nothing stopping you from just sitting there and burning all the monoprop with the first stage. It does prioritize the fuel tank in the same stage first, but you'd have to manually monitor the level and stage at the right moment for the stock dV values to be correct. KER and vanilla may differ, but both are right depending on your stage timing.
  8. I'm preeeeettty sure monoprop doesn't obey crossfeed rules on parts
  9. I finally got some time to look into this. What it comes down to is bad wording on my part. In the code, and the description, I called those 3 readouts time-til/separation at/rel speed at 'closest approach', but decided to label them time/sep/speed at 'Encounter'. This was misleading. The readouts expose the data available when you hover over the approach markers. When you have a SOI transition, there are no approach markers (on the first orbit patch anyway) so no data. I'm renaming those 3 readouts to 'At Approach' instead of 'Encounter' to better clarify. Providing data about the next 'Encounter' (meaning SOI transition) would have to be a different readout. In the future I will look into extending the 'closest approach' readouts to look into the next orbit patch and pull the periapse and report that, but for now it'll remain N/A if there's a SOI transition.
  10. Deleting the CKAN directory and restarting it seems to have fixed it.