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  1. This is my solution for that (region gravity ring, in Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Kerbalism\Support\SSPX.cfg): !! I made some adjustment for myself, i.e. living space. ============================================================================ // region Gravity Ring // ============================================================================ @PART[sspx-inflatable-centrifuge-125-1|sspx-inflatable-centrifuge-125-2|sspx-inflatable-centrifuge-25-1|sspx-expandable-centrifuge-375-1|sspx-expandable-centrifuge-375-2]:NEEDS[StationPartsExpansionRedux]:FOR[Kerbalism] { MODULE { name =
  2. Is this suppose to be normal? The gravity rings didn't seem to work normally. BTW I also made some changes about the SSPX containers, they can hold the resources from Kerbalism now. If anyone think this would be a good idea? Just to show a comparison between a kerbalism and a SSPX containers, that Chinese of resource is water.
  3. Is there any working version/file for SSPX Redux? I was working into the SSPX.cfg to try to get the greenhouse, containers and centrifugal habitations to work properly, but I failed. BTW I’m still in KSP 1.3 version.
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