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  1. Hello, now i'm back with logs and savegame. My issue is that TACLS just don't consume resources . I start new game, launch test vehichle, wait it to land and warp time for several days. LS resources quantity is equal to starting level. https://yadi.sk/d/Q1doLyrg3ULxko
  2. Hi, JPLRepo , i'm having the same problem as below: I'd like to post log and follow your instructions, but link in your post and in the topic starting post is not valid ("The page you requested does not exist"). Would you be so kind to update this link?
  3. Found some code that may be useful for finding actual normal to surface https://github.com/CYBUTEK/KerbalEngineer/blob/master/KerbalEngineer/Flight/Readouts/Surface/Slope.cs not very easy, though. Also experimented with Vessel.terrainNormal , it gives something strange. Always shows (0,0,1), but sometimes changes to (1,0,1) when vehicle starts or stops climbing a slope.
  4. Agreed, but could be just a workaround for a big problem. Is BonVoyage/ActiveRover.cs:208 public void Save(double currentTime) only for vehicle currenlty under player's control? How do you think, is it possible to deal with Quaternion Vessel.srfRelRotation and Vector3 Vessel.terrainNormal in this method?
  5. Hi, maja! Thank you for your reply and your efforts to keep BV up to date! It is really hard and not very rewarding work to maintain such projects, and I understand that our feature request is not as simple as it sounds. Maybe, there is something useful in SCANSat (https://github.com/S-C-A-N/SCANsat/). They calculate slope map https://github.com/S-C-A-N/SCANsat/blob/release/SCANsat/SCANutil.cs#L732 Maybe if it's hard to adjuct vehicle's position according to normal to planet surface (something like CelestialBody::GetSurfaceNVector(double lat,double lon) ), it wo
  6. Yes, me too. Created two rovers on Kerbin and Mun and both ended stuck in landscape after a while. I guess mod spawns vehicle horizontally, but for long vehicles or steep landscapes it is not always sufficient. My last vehicle was rather long sausage-shaped (mk1 command pod, mk1 crew cabin, 1 structural fuselage, and tvelwe or so small wheels), and after a voyage it spawned on a slightly sloped hill with its back deeply burried in a ground. A second after loading it explodes. Is there some kind of normals map accessible from KSP API ? Is it possible to adjust vehicle orientation so it wo
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