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  1. Congrats on the final major release! I'm excited to try this on my next playthrough, where I will finally try BDB.
  2. This mod and modding community is so awesome. I'm actually glad Squad is no longer releasing updates, because they were too focused on content and not bugfixes. Modders can handle content. We needed bugfixes.
  3. Nuts. I didn't notice, because I removed the bobcat from my game because it wasn't revamped by ReStock and its ugly lol
  4. Awesome! No more weird in-game KopernicusWatchdog stuff
  5. I'm noticing the chatterer interior ship ambient sounds as well as the vocals while outside the ship are quite a bit louder with Full or AirSim. I had to turn them down to 1% so they're not literally as loud or louder than rocket sounds lol.
  6. Makes sense. I definitely prefer having combing eliminated. I'll try adding BURSTS{}. Thanks again!
  7. I guess I mean when I press spacebar to stage my SRBs in the first stage, I'd prefer them to be a little louder and boomier. I know boomy is another ambiguous word. It's hard to describe sounds with words. It's most noticeable when I set the thrust limiter down with an SRB because its TWR is too high for the size rocket I'm launching. Lower thrust SRBs are just a little anti-climactic when you launch lol. Maybe it's just my preference to have more bass and less treble on the SRBs. Also, the legacy SRB sounds had this "lead-in" to the sound at the start, which was quite nice. Also hard to describe with words. It's like a startup sound for the SRB.
  8. Happy Birthday @coyotesfrontier ! @ensou04 congrats on the new release, and thanks again for all the hard work! I have a couple of observations. Full and AirSim mufflers muffle the stock music. Also, I think the SRB sounds could be a little more punchy, for lack of a better word. I think I actually prefer the legacy SRB sounds. What do you think?
  9. Nice! Personally I use NASA-Reels, and I'm really interested in trying out the new muffler settings. As far as defaults, though, maybe balanced and lite?
  10. Just tried it. No noticeable loop! On the subject of old/new sounds, I was comparing the old "very heavy" to the new "heavy" and I must say I do miss the amount of bass in the old very heavy sounds. They just sound so huge.
  11. Just tried it out with the Swivel and the Reliant. Looping is definitely improved, but I can still notice a pattern. With full throttle Swivel/Reliant, there is one section I can hear about ~5 seconds after launch that repeats again every ~5 seconds. Interestingly, if I put it on about 50% throttle or less I no longer notice the pattern. Either way, it is improved over previous version.
  12. @ensou04 Nevermind, I can report now I just loaded up a sandbox game and launched a rocket with the Swivel and I'm noticing the looping. I'm using the last RSE Default commit from yesterday (May 12th).
  13. Turns out it wasn't a "light" engine, it was a "medium" one. I had copied a config from either Swivel or Reliant and applied it to the Valiant from ReStock Plus, but now that I look at the config, it looks a little out of date compared to your latest configs on GitHub. Here is the config: I can report back later today on the actual Reliant and Swivel and let you know if I notice the looping.
  14. It doesn't seem to be the actual .wav files. If I listen to the .wav files I'm not noticing the same sound. Seems to be the way the files are actually played in game.
  15. I don't know if you want any feedback on the latest Github master, considering it's not an official release, but I tried out the new sounds, and I'm noticing a loop in the light liquid-fuel engine sound.
  16. Sorry to hear this. I feel like the community on this forum is always nice, but I don't really use Reddit or discord. Probably for the benefit of my mental health.
  17. Downloaded the latest GitHub master, and I'm hearing ambient construction sounds in the VAB. Cool stuff! This is turning into a complete audio/atmospheric overhaul.
  18. My audio engineering knowledge is limited, at best, so I may be misunderstanding. If we loop the sounds at random points and/or use pitch variation, does that still result in comb filtering?
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