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  1. Trip back from Bop done, Jeb is at 50m from VICTOR in Vall's orbit. Pull request has been made. It was good fun, but the transfers where tricky, and getting back to Vall got quite expensive TBH.
  2. Bop landing is done. By luck, the insertion inclination was about 10° from the Kraken, so.... I have wasted a tiny bit of RCS fuel to climb on it, but not a lot. Last step is Vall transfer. I'll do that as soon as possible to pass on the mutex.
  3. Pol landing done. It was very easy. Jeb's drops & pickup routine is getting on point Next stop : Bop. I have so much fuel left it's not even funny. (I should have about 3K after the ejection burn to Bob...)
  4. Third time's the charm. Pol SOI is painfull to catch, but after a tad of eyeball burns and a okay-ish Tylo eject, I got there. It costed me more fuel than expected but it's not that bad. Landing will be done tomorrow
  5. I did some tries with pushing Jeb with the tank, but it's beyond my skills. Like, way beyond :) I have attempted a "regular" transfer to Pol, but I somehow screwed something up. My Ap was way too high, and yet I was quite sure my ejection burn calculation was correct. I will do a second attempt after redoing some maths. Time at hand was more scarce than expected, so it will take a bit longer than expected.
  6. Kudos to @IncongruousGoat for the Tylo landing. I will try to do the Bop and Pol part over the weekend. Pushing Jeb with the tanks seems like... a devilishly hard thing to do. But I'll give it a shot for the giggles.
  7. I'll gladly do Bop and Pol. Unless someone who didn't yet fly want a piece of it I'm looking forward to the Tylo landing ! About Jeb sliding : it happens when the ladder is parallel to the radial - antiradial vector IIRC. My guess is that ladders are treated as some kind of high friction surface, and when they are parallel to the acceleration vector (radial), and said acceleration is high enough, the kerbal slides off. I had it happen during Kerbin ejection and Jool insertion near Pe (i.e. when the acceleration is strongest). Turning the craft in an other orientation solves the problem.
  8. TBH l have switched off most tanks to avoid accidentally draining them with the main engine. As for the Laythe plane let's just say that it would be best if I don't fly it . My skills are definitly lacking in the spaceplane area (I only ever built two of those, one being a caveman model). I tend to strongly disagree with aerodynamics XD.
  9. I have redone the Jool insertion, prograde this time There is inclination to correct, but it on the way down from Ap, so we'll have to do it then. I think I created a new pull request, but I'm not 100% certain it went through. I'm a bit confused.
  10. Retrograde orbit... oh dear... I was so focused on the Jeb on a ladder thing that it did not even cross my mind I have a save If required.
  11. Okay cool ! I would suggest detaching and then raising the Pe of the two other landing crafts. This way the next players in line just have to do the insertions and we avoid the risk of losing MIKE plus the landers to some unfortunate Laythe or Tylo encounter on the way back to Ap. Do you guys see what I mean ?
  12. Thanks for the recap, I got the order wrong I'm looking forward to watch the Tylo landing. TBH I will 100% fork it to do it for the giggles. The only thing worrying me is the Laythe part. It seems... hard.
  13. The plan is to have the landers sent forward and then Jeb going from Tylo to Laythe and the Vall and then bop and pol. So no problem here. By having the landers already in orbit of the target bodies we avoid any gravity assist unpleasantness.
  14. Just throwing my 0.02$ here : It would be best if we could avoid having MIKE doing further orbits. At some point we will meet Tylo or Laythe and get into trouble. IMO the three missions should start when MIKE get to Ap during the present orbit. I do not have tools for navigating in Jool's system. So maybe one person should juggle with all those insertions and captures and then pass on the hand for the Tylo landing mission ?
  15. Jool arrival complete. Jeb says hello from Periapsis The insertion burn went well, some inclination leftovers had to be cleaned up. Mainly due to compensating Jeb drift. We are in high ellipical orbit at bit higher than the last moon. We have ~170 m/s left in the main tank. This could push the Pe a bit up if required. Though I doubt it would be enough to reach Laythe orbit. I wasted quite a bit of fuel between the pickups, inclination correction (100 m/s) and sign error in the correction burn (250 m/s). Well... that's what margins are for I guess I created a pull request (I hope correctly this time). Who's up ?