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  1. Muetdhiver

    The "Cheap Rocket" Challenge

    Here is my entry : What I did is two SRB's then 2xLFT400's under a capsule with decouplers to ditch them 1 by 1. Engine is on the top of the capsule. No chute, Jeb has to do it old school soviet style with the personal parachute. I was able to do a Minmus landing first (to improve TWR) then a Mun landing, then return to kerbin with ~200 m/s left. I think it's pretty good I go to LKO with 3750 dV left, so there is a lot of thing one could do, like multi planetary flyby's. Thanks for the challenge, it was pretty fun and showed me that one could do a dual Mun+Minmus as the second mission in career mode (probably).
  2. Muetdhiver

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Working on a pykep flyby with manoeuvre finder thing. Lots to do but the first numbers match what I did before for Kerbin-Eve-Moho missions. I need to get the ejection data and stuff done now.
  3. Muetdhiver

    Why landing on Moho is damn difficult

    Indeed. With ions the best would be a Kerbin-Eve-Moho-Moho sequence. (Much slower insertion) I don't think getting the resonant moho orbit would be too hard. The issue with ions is that low TWR is not great for a direct moho capture. A double braking burn seems much easier.
  4. Muetdhiver

    Why landing on Moho is damn difficult

    Note that one can save about 1500 m/s in dV with a good Eve assist. My dream is to replicate something like bepiColombo or Messenger with multiple moho slowdown passes before insertion. Using pykep I can see solutions in the 3.5 km/s dV range for a Kerbin-Eve-Moho sequence. But yeah, moho is a tough one.
  5. Muetdhiver

    My First SRB To Orbit Rocket!

    SRB docking seems extra hard. I'll give it a thought. I will try separators only to orbit. That will be fun. Their isp is crap but their dry mass is outstanding.
  6. Muetdhiver

    My First SRB To Orbit Rocket!

    Here is my SRB only "Smart Powder" Mun Rocket. 43 tons at launch, with 1 kickback, 2 thumpers and 44 separatrons. Hammer and Flea must be avoided at all cost as they have poor TWR and poor ISP. It's a cool and fun challenge (there is a lowest mass SRB Mun challenge thread somewhere). Try it.
  7. I vote leave Kerbin SOI. Either use the resonant orbit sheet or Kepler equations and it's not that hard. If you opt for Gilly, a neat trick to gain DV is to have a science container in the ship, and 3 goo attached to the ship. Take to goo high/low/high atm for eve, collect and burn them during aerobrake (very mild aerobrake, otherwise you die XD) => boom! 150kg of useless hardware ditched. Same can be done with material bays by using them as thermal shields XD. Plus Gilly has a greenolith that can be found with a bit of luck. Beautifull Minimus Ladder mission, btw. I love it. This nealry tempts me to do a NCD. Nearly...
  8. The Spark is very, very powerfull. In a lot of cases it is superior to the terrier as far DV is concerned. Simply put it's low mass / high TWR more than compensate the rather average vacuum ISP till you get above FLT800+capsule. (Found that you while preping my caveman Eve flyby + gilly landing) Also, I use missing history which has the puddle which is a nice inbetween at a tier lower.
  9. Here is a small feedback for you : two things that I really find myself missing early on is the 1.25 to 0.625 structural adapter and a 0.625 nosecone. I would suggest putting those two parts in T1 or T2.
  10. Just wanted to say thank you for your mod. I have been looking for a SETI alternative for a while and this is a perfect match. The spread out science experiments in the tech tree are really good too.
  11. 3.2X / UBM / Snarkiverse / Missing history would indeed be a completly different caveman challenge. I added the anomalies missions because those are really neat and cool to do. I have installed the mods for it, but I still hesistate on some additional mods. I'll have a go at it as is, with corundrum setup (will have to check re-entry heat at 120%+3.2X because IIRC it becomes very nasty) I enough of us are interested in such ideas, maybe we should spawn a new challenge thread ? First I will tiptoe the waters to gauge the difficulty of it.
  12. The n°1 issue with UBM caveman is coms for interplanetary. It's a real pain to deal with, and you have to get creative (A relay tower on woomerang + "string" of relay lauches prior to main mission did help) to make it work. Also, in 3.2X Mun landing a minimal probe is really difficult at 30part/18tons. You have to pack 9K DV which is... an interesting challenge. I am thinking of doing something in that vein some time soon, Snarkverse could be an entertaining option UBM + Snarkverse + 3.2X + Missing history maybe ? Seems simple enough as far as modpacks go.
  13. @MinimalMinmusYour transfer table is a thing of beauty. Mine is much more messy and unfriendly XD. Well Done. As for mods making caveman harder : OPM does not make things a lot harder (IMO) as DV increase over Jool is not that high. (though waiting for 2-3 orbits is going to be a slog...) I found that 3.2X rescale with SETI (unmaned before maned) and missing history with 30% income is plenty challenging. Very different feel* w.r.t to regular caveman, but I highly recommend it. Landing anything on Mun is really, really hard in caveman 3.2X on a 18t/30 parts budget... *Keeping costs low is hard, keeping probes with coms is hard, every mission becomes convolved with seting up com relays on the cheap and so on. Also, it makes non-return interplanetary a thing, e.g. landing a probe on Eve or other such things. But as I said, very different feel that "regular" caveman.
  14. 810 m/s for correction is not that bad. The big risk with caveman direct encounter burns is missing the target entirely, or barely getting in the SOI. With the long burn and inclination difference I find this too risky for my taste. What is your plan for misses and grazing encounters ? Maybe doing the burn in two or three passes would help to limit inaccuracies from the ejection burns. But midway corrections are impossible to do without patched conics. IMO 810 m/s is enough to save a not ideal encounter. A truly bad one not though.
  15. IIRC I was able to do the whole thing with 2.5 ship orbits (i.e. still 10+ years), Jool catching me nicely. It did cost a bit of fuel, but it was worth it. Of course having bob flying arround does not help I suppose XD But really, I don't think there is a better way, short of implementing a lambert solver to adjust the encounter after the sloppy caveman ejection burn. Which is not very caveman and way beyond pen&paper calculations.