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  1. Lets go over a few things: RDNodeFixer needs two things to compile. The source and 0Harmony.dll. I haven't released anything yet, because ObnoxiousTechTree is mod I have no intention to finish anymore. I may end up making a proper pull request to integrate it properly in ETTR. ETTR as I remember (October) had a bunch of DLL I coming straight from the game. I guess when @GrubbyZebra compiled it, he also pulled them in. 0Harmony.dll goes in GameData root to avoid interference if multiple mods uses Harmony patches. RDNodeFixer is very likely to break as it relies on implementation details rather than public API.
  2. You should only include 0Harmony.dll and RDNodeFixer.dll + license. No need to include the ksp and unity dll... They will just conflicts with the game.
  3. https://github.com/alex-dev/ObnoxiousTechTree/tree/master/RDNodeAnchorFixer (The Unlicense) If you want more information hit me up, the patch is good, but the whole project kinda sank when I got involved in ETTR.
  4. BOTTOM was never implemented... I've made patch through an Harmony Transpiler. I can publish it on git if you want to. Also same node attachments are not implemented in stock nor in my patch.
  5. You could also just merge some upgrades together? It's a bit more involved... But enough MM magic should do it. Nice!!!
  6. As soon as you feel Tetrix is ready-ish for realease, I'd like to try my hand at expanding mod support. USI Constellation (MKS, LS, Exp and others) More Nertea's mods if they aren't all covered CactEye Tantares CRE Tundra Exploration and Technologies And more
  7. Considering baha3dprinter and ExpRParts2m needs EPL to have any use, would it be possible to add a :NEEDS[Launchpad] clause to them?
  8. Sorry for the delay... Using MM 3.1.2... Many mods got slight bugs preventing CacheConfig to be generated.. So I kinda have to fix these.
  9. Before I pull you, here is my update on supported mods : CxAerospace is dead. May still work. Included in case of a likely revival. Rocket Factory is dead. May still work. Included in case of a likely revival. Antenna Range is dead. Removed. Aviation Cockpit is incompatible with RPM 1.5.1 (which is a dependency). Removed. Behemoth Aerospace Engineering is dead. Removed. Corvus is dead. Removed. Hab Tech is dead. Removed. Retrofuture is dead. Removed. Rovers and Roadsters is dead. Removed. Stockalike Parts for Useful Esthetics is very dead. Removed. Everything else is kept. Some mods may have changed names (e.g. Atomic Age and Taurus were rolled into SpaceTuxIndustries by @linuxgurugamer). Considering I have to load up a full ModuleManager.ConfigCache, there will be a few new mods to support (i.e. I don't really want to uninstall all my mods). If you do not wish to handle them, I will do it as soon as you have rough guidelines for every nodes.
  10. For the mods separation, parsing through mods files and associating is doable. Just a bit more complicated. Multiple assignments can easily be flagged. Everything else would have to be handled by hand. If you wants me to do it, I can get you a PR with parts separated by mods with a duplicate file sometime in the next two weeks. You would have to handle duplicate then you'd be free to move parts around.
  11. Is there any difference between your nodes and ETT's nodes? If there is none, I could easily write up a script to parse ETT's file and convert to a Module Manager patch. It would save you a bit of work.
  12. Oh! Well... Then I guess the simplest way to emulate a contra rotating propeller would just assume all blades are on the same propeller and fudge a bit with numbers?
  13. Considering QuizTech compatibility in AJE itself, @PART[cyclone]:FOR[AJE] { @title=#LOC_aje_part_cyclone_title // Pratt & Whitney F-135 Lift fan 3/4 @description= #LOC_aje_part_cyclone_description @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @name = ModuleEnginesAJERotor IspMultiplier = 1 useOxygen = true rpm = 3000 r = 1 weight = 6750 power = 26250 buff = 0.0001 BSFC = 8.47e-8 @maxThrust=67.5 @engineAccelerationSpeed = 1.5 @engineDecelerationSpeed = 1.5 } MODULE { name = ModuleReactionWheel PitchTorque = 0 } } @PART[KFAN]:FOR[AJE] { @title=#LOC_aje_part_KFAN_title // Pratt & Whitney F-135 Lift fan @description= #LOC_aje_part_KFAN_description @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @name = ModuleEnginesAJERotor IspMultiplier = 1 useOxygen = true rpm = 3000 r = 1 weight = 9000 power = 35000 buff = 0.0001 BSFC = 8.47e-8 @maxThrust=90 @engineAccelerationSpeed = 1.5 @engineDecelerationSpeed = 1.5 } MODULE { name = ModuleReactionWheel PitchTorque = 0 } } @PART[quizTechVTOLwing]:FOR[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @name = ModuleEnginesAJERotor IspMultiplier = 1 useOxygen = true rpm = 3000 r = 1.23 weight = 10500 power = 40000 BSFC = 8.47e-8 } MODULE { name = ModuleReactionWheel PitchTorque = 10 YawTorque = 10 RollTorque = 5 } } ModuleEnginesAJERotor does have other uses... That I knew. And contra-rotating props do negates that tendency somewhat. If I look at this config from AJEExtended, +PART[KP12]:FOR[AJE] { @name = AJP_NK12MV @title= Kuznetsov NK-12MV @manufacturer= Kuznetsov @description= The world's most powerfull turboprop, powering the Soviet TU-95 "Bear" Bomber. @mass=2.9 @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @name=ModuleEnginesAJEPropeller IspMultiplier = 1 useOxygen = true minRPM = 2000 maxRPM = 5000 power = 14795 gearratio = 0.5 //Total guess BSFC = 8.47E-8 ramAir = 1 exhaustThrust = 0.6 meredithEffect = 0.002 boost0 = 0 rated0 = 0 boost1 = 0 rated1 = 0 switchAlt = -1 turbo = false wastegateMP = 52.5 propName = HS6501A-0x4 %propDiam = 5.6 //8-bladed %CtTweak = 2 %CpTweak = 2 } } There seems to have a way to avoid creating both engines.. Unless this config is simply wrong.
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