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  1. Thanks Guys for your help i've installed some of the mods manually and it works. So a big thx to all of you ;D
  2. After updating the version and installing Community Tech Tree, I still have the problem
  3. @Tonka Crash here is my new output_log. I've tried again with reinstall but has not worked. Unfortunately still hanging in the loading screen. Could it be synonymous ckan, because something is not installed properly? I hope everything is in the output_log now
  4. I'm sorry ;DThe loadingprogress stops at the point where it try to load the AES_DuctedFan. My log: I hope these are enough infos. I don't know how i can describe it!
  5. Hello Guys, i have the following problem: When i try to start KSP and the loadingbar is at UmbraSpaceIndustries, it stops loading at AES_DuctedFan. And i dont know why it doesn't load anymore. I had the same problem with NearFutureElectric. Pls help me! Cookkiiezzz
  6. Here ist the Log i hope with the mod! i installed the mod definitly.
  7. Here is the Output_log
  8. I'm using 1.4.2 and were can i find the log for this mod?
  9. Hey if i click the button nothing happens. What can i do? i use KSP 1.4.2
  10. Hey i got some problem if i start the KSP and thje patches are loaded i have four errors in the kerbalizedTweakScale.cfg. Ich i want to use the Landingslegs, there are no legs in the Groundsection on thejleft side of the game, what can i do?!?! Sry for my bad English
  11. Does it works for 1.4.1?
  12. Hey I downloaded the mod via Umbra Space Industries, I just can not load a ship into the container, nothing happens when I select a ship and I click Load! What must or can I do?