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  1. That's probably because this mod doesn't work after version 1.6 lol, which I said literally one post above yours ;P
  2. @TRE9393 This mod is no longer being worked on, and is known to not work on 1.6 and later.
  3. Now that my son is asleep for the evening, I had a chance to make a fresh KSP installation. First test, TRR installed: pink visors on the menu. Second test, TRR + shaders patch: normal visors on menu. Pink visors in-game. Looked through patch notes and options menu, seems like Squad has added real-time reflections to the base game! At this point, I'm pretty sure TRR would need a rewrite to take this into account. So any mods that require TRR are going to have wonky shaders too. @HaArLiNsH also posted here that the original Texture Replacer is being worked on, and Squad changed so much with the suits that TRR is now shut down as-is. So the latest officially compatible version is 1.3.1, with YMMV compatibility after that, and full incompatibility at 1.6.x and higher. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, @mindseyemodels.
  4. Not necessarily, I'm running plenty of 1.4.x mods on my 1.6.x KSP. It just depends on what stuff Squad plays around with in their updates I won't discount the possibility that the lastest update broke TRR, though. Come to think of it, I don't know if I even have TRR installed XD i go through so many iterations of KSP games lol. I'll have to check my modlist tonight. Most of the time when someone posts about the pink visors, my shader fix has worked.
  5. That's no good. I don't think I've seen anyone report problems with the recompiled shader before. At this point, it may be a version compatibility thing? You may want to check (and let people here know) what version of KSP you are running, as well as what version of TRR you have installed. You could also try running a fresh copy of KSP with only the no mods but the latest TRR (from the github, see first post of this thread) to see if it might be a mod incompatibility. Remove variables to eliminate possibilities, etc.
  6. You don't need to, it already is. Just as the section says, download the windows.shader file and put it in the correct folder.
  7. When Squad updated KSP 1.3.1 to 1.4, they also upgraded the Unity version they built in; After experimenting with fixing the pink visors, I found that recompiling the shader file on the same Unity version Squad used fixed my problem, and shared it here. @HaArLiNsH added my fix in his original post under the Links section.
  8. If you are using Windows, please try the shaders.windows file linked in the "Links" section in the first post.
  9. TRR is not compatible with 1.4+. Please read the main page under the Links section, there is a shader hotfix I made, if you are using Windows.
  10. Sounds like either running TRR 1.3.1 on KSP 1.4+ (in which case the shader recompile should fix if you use Windows) or perhaps a mod conflict. It would massively help me/us help you if you could run a fresh install of KSP (don't uninstall, just make another "clean" installation in a different folder) with only TRR installed. This will no-questions determine if it is a mod conflict or truly an issue with TRR and your KSP. Additionally, the .log file that gets generated in the KSP directory should display some sort of error messages about the shader not being found; it would help a lot to be able to look through it.
  11. Texture Replacer Replaced is a continuation of Texture Replaced, but is technically a different mod. It says on the front page it is incompatible with the original Texture Replacer, but YMMV.
  12. In the transition from 1.3 to 1.4, Squad updated their Unity version. The shader I recompiled will only work on Windows running 1.4+. Installation of TRR might be broken? My first instinct is uninstall and reinstall TRR.
  13. You're using a 1.3 mod on KSP 1.4; Squad upgraded what version of Unity they run on. If you're using Windows you can try the shader I recompiled and posted just 4 posts prior to yours.
  14. FIrst off, want to thank @HaArLiNsH for his modding work. @astrospud I too ran into the pink visor issue after Steam updated my game to 1.4.0, but like a boss @HaArLiNsH has the source code for TRR available. Downloaded, broke, redownloaded, somewhere along the way learned about shaders, installed 3 versions of Unity and I finally managed to "fix" the compiled shader. All it needed was to recompile the asset bundle in KSP's new Unity (2017.1.3p1) version XD Place this shaders.windows file in KSP/GameData/TextureReplacerReplaced/Shaders. This is only the Windows shader file, since I don't have a Mac or Linux PC to test it on (also Unity kept complaining that I didn't have the standalone modules installed). Hopefully this helps out