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  1. Post Mission Evaluation: Total Success! More successful than ANY other shuttle design I've devised! Flight side notes: Make sure NOT to go overboard with the yawing inputs, or it may flip. I was extremely careful not to hold it down too long, and practically tapped the yawing keys to keep it in a pretty stable orientation to the east. @michal.don
  2. Lego_Prodigy

    How to do anything on water?

    this makes it slightly awkward that I, unintentionally, made a plane for fun that can and has landed on water intact using hydroskis out of the Big Wing Strakes.
  3. Lego_Prodigy

    How to do anything on water?

    The challenge said only rovers or boats.
  4. So I have, at the time of this posting, recently considered a circumnavigation challenge, but have hit the problem that there is NO 100% land route, meaning that I have to go through what I consider to be the evilest part of planets: water. I have lost countless planes and even a handful of rockets to the depths of kerbin's seas. I was considering making some form of amphibious rover, though the question of how it will be powered in water is very difficult. Any watery propulsion or landing/floating advice would be appreciated. (keep in mind that I only use a navball texture mod, absolutely NO part mods will be taken here, as its not my style).
  5. Lego_Prodigy

    Is an Iron-Man suit physically possible?

    The problem is, he somehow pressurized a suit of high tech armor and can fly as high as a U2 (as seen in the first movie, where he gets so high it starts to ice), or even space for limited amounts of time (as seen in the first avengers movie) without any sort of visible pressure suit underneath. And another problem is that he also used his hand cannons and even the arc reactor it's self as beam weapons AND as a sort of thruster.
  6. Lego_Prodigy

    Are Landing Legs Bugged in 1.4.1?

    So Right now I can have explosive lander fun? And you DIDNT tell me?
  7. Lego_Prodigy

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    What do you want? I was busy being happy that I can remove my fairing nosecone from the staging window.
  8. Lego_Prodigy

    Is an Iron-Man suit physically possible?

    It most likely runs on some form on self sustaining plasma reactor, that uses iridium and/or palladium probably for some sort of neutron absorbing material. As for the fuel tanks, it might work like a very compressed version of a xenon tank, or something similar. Remember, the ORIGINAL iron man suit "flew" using jet-like fiery exhaust. and also as for the hand cannons, maybe a compressed form of plasma or excited gas bust might be used.
  9. Lego_Prodigy

    Stage Removal Nope. The Fairings are more heat resistant. Yep! it was in advanced tweakables! thanks for that advice ;D
  10. Lego_Prodigy

    Stage Removal

    So I have a new model of cutting edge spaceplane, but it has a fairing at the front as a stage, which I DO NOT want to accidentally jettison. Is there a way where I can take that kind of thing out of the stage panel so that the space bar won't activate it? If not, I may need a newer front heat-resistant part for the nose. This is the craft.
  11. Lego_Prodigy

    SpacePlane Reentry?

    K I swaped the pointed cockpit for the inline cockpit. I also took the fairing method, and I got it to look nice and streamlined I also hammered out some other minor details unrelated to reentry. Preformed gracefully in normal atmospheric flight, but I didnt have enough time this morning to test it during reentry.
  12. Lego_Prodigy

    SpacePlane Reentry? Heres the testing spaceplane and the cooling pylon design I made, plus an exploded view for you ;D
  13. Lego_Prodigy

    SpacePlane Reentry? I put a single pylon like that up into orbit with the debug menu, then decelerated it with detachable thrusters and added Swept Wing Bs for stability. It preformed very nicely. It only broke off when I reopened them, without thinking about it, and ripped off all but two, after reentry. Now testing a craft fitted with two of them, and the front of the pylons is a 2.5 heatshield.
  14. Lego_Prodigy

    SpacePlane Reentry?

    Ive created a newer pylon design meant to minimize heating, and my MK2 parts can't wick away the heat of OTHER parts that are vital, such as tail fins, engines, and fuel tanks. it uses structural fuselages with RTG powered small TCS panels inside, giving it very good heat control for a fiery descent, and I've already tested the pylon with a reentry.
  15. Lego_Prodigy

    SpacePlane Reentry?

    So as some may now know all too well, I love building MK2 stock spaceplanes, but the recurring problem i have is extreme overheating. I have this so often I know what parts heat up first: the weakest fins, then the parachutes, then the engines and random fuel canisters, then Kaboom!. Is it better to dive and go as steep a descent as possible to minimize heating time or a shallow dive to reduce speed and therefore reduce the frictional heat?