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  1. When i tried to do that, it kinda burned out the engine even though i stuck the intake into a snorkel setup. Odd. Water Physics may be funny as hell to players when done wrong, but they are probably among some of the toughest things to get correct in video games.
  2. TBH, I would recommend airbrakes, or if not that, some kind of SRB retro thruster to slice off some excess velocity. You really should use airbrakes on airplanes, as most have them IRL. When I forget them, I simply do it the Kiting way
  3. Try making things as symmetrical as possible, including auxiliary thrusters and control surfaces.
  4. Just to clarify, in that picture the F-35 is a V/STOL aircraft, not a VTOL aircraft.
  5. I would like to point out that IRL, there have been missions that have been struck by lightning more than once and had only pretty minor issues. Example: Apollo 12.
  6. that might explain why jebediah hasnt respawned in my sandbox yet
  7. so I shouldn't do the way that concorde landed to protect the nose?
  8. As This question is VITAL to almost any mission to laythe, I have to ask it now before I attempt a mission to the moon. How can I get my planes fitted with Jets to land on water intact? Every single landing I attempt with jets either suffer slight damage that voids flyability or the engine breaks off instantly. Is there a way to prevent this? I would love some advice as this is one of the most frustrating things I have to deal with currently, right up there with organizing a new mission to Duna for the first time. (side note: My latest seaplane didnt have any screenshots of it, so I had to go to a different plane to put here)
  9. Don't worry, I received multiple contracts that are so much in LKO that even using cheats won't work. (the altitude for the contracts I got were around 20000M, meanwhile orbit starts around 70k)