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  1. hey @katateochi, kerbalX seems to have some problems, this is what I see: but I also noticed the URL says Error 530 Also spoke with others, seems to work for some
  2. Guys we got a this thread is old note on here, time to revive this! https://kerbalx.com/HB_Stratos/C-29D-Starclimber gonna throw this one in here for the reboot, enjoy
  3. I'll make that jet car, blasting off like a rocket with burners lit
  4. I came up with this unconventinal design and it has quite some power. Build in 1.7.3, untested in 1.8.1. Requires timewarp at 0.25 with better timewarp. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/398148589660143618/642104618003988480/Speeder_MkX.craft download. after burnout stage and activate brakes, you'll barely have enough room.
  5. time to make my own, I am still in 1.7.3 but 250 sepatrons should be plenty of boost
  6. @katateochi Hope you're better soon, I shattered my leg once, feeling with you.
  7. The error only happens when I set 6 images per row, with 4 it's completly fine, tested on a 1080p Full HD screen.
  8. hey @katateochi, we seem to have a little bit of a problem:
  9. @VoidSquidthanks, I'll try... and what could that further inverstigation be?
  10. So my KSP crashes quite a lot (about 25% of the time) when I revert to the hangar, logs below. Thanks for any help in advance. Download of error.log and crash.dmp: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/439724558518583316/615940843735351316/error.log https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/439724558518583316/615940844427411489/crash.dmp
  11. @Jay_Party I am working on a new mod, much simpler but the same kind of effect
  12. @katateochi It appears KerbalX is having trouble displaying DLC crafts, I just found this... here: https://kerbalx.com/Inter/Heli_173_01b
  13. Still dirty and a too many hinges bc of subassembly combination but I managed to get my first transition into level flight mode and back done succesfully. And it remains noDLC.
  14. The new collide with own craft option is really useful. Now half the parts, ten times the reliability and cotrol and only a single craft. Also no DLCs used.
  15. @Frozen_Heart You can also use control surfaces to control the thrust, avoids using paid mods for a simple K-Drive
  16. OK one mistake by me, the +2 meant remove, but still... just why...
  17. @Shadow dream I am know for making srock craft and I like the challenge of doing it that way, but... is that reason to give me four downvotes on KerbalX?! @Vaos Human or @Azimech was this you? and why?
  18. I got a new craft called Pure Stock Osprey Hover Test Rig, now what could this be... or become...
  19. [Feature request] Is it possible to give us a multi-select and group move/rotate? Would help me out so much while building... (multiselect not affected by part root so you can select multiple parts instead of a root they both belong to to move them, useful when two parts with different roots need to be moved with each other) Also I'd like to have a 'cheat mode' that doesn't have limits on the number, so you can set e.g. deploy limit 450%, craft files allow for that, but the mod would make it way easier than tweaking the craft file itself. Last thing is an exact fairing tweak where we can set exact numbers for the fairing section positions. Should also be affected by 'cheat mode' to allow us to do crazy stuff And as all the others here say as well, that not is my probably most used mod that I have. Thanks for taking a look at my requests -HB Stratos [EDIT] Would also be cool if we could set the default rotation and move increments in a cfg file.
  20. @Castille7 @Servo has already built a nano tomcat with working swing wings.
  21. @Bottle Rocketeer 500 this tip may help you: Always do your research...
  22. To mimic the struts because when I was building I didn´t know @Triops trick of strutting it. compare to this: