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  1. “Rather than a person who hurts others, become the person getting hurt” ― ishida sui Tokyo ghoul rules!
  2. I made a scansat kind of thing which is one stage only! (and the probe) I'll send a pic soon I know what you mean, and I couldn't have done it without you guys!
  3. Oh yeah! I AM a rocket scientist! Go me!!! And all you guys, you have been a great help!
  4. It went rubbish because as soon as I detached the thumpers, they blew up the engine. P.S. how high is "Overpowered"? (TWR) Is it around 2?
  5. Here is the new rocket, with all the above modifications: It weighs 184.564 tonnes now
  6. Anyway, here it is: The main engine is a mastodon, with 4 "swivel" engines on the side.
  7. I am using the latest version of ksp, but the realchute mod is "incompatible", and it seems to take all the parachutes away. is there a new version or do I just have to uninstall it?
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