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  1. IMPORTANT: I was originally planning on moving 1.2 mods to the outdated section before doing major changes to the library so that mods for the latest version of KSP would be easier to find. However, I was not able to edit the library for about a month and I couldn't do the updates I was planning. In the meantime, 1.3.1 was released and apparently there are compatibility issues between the latest patch and the 1.3 release. I haven't really followed the release and the mods activity recently so I don't know much about this yet. All in all, I have two possibilities now. Either I move 1.2 mods to the outdated section and look at which 1.3 mods are affected by the update to get up to date with mods releases and updates. Or I start working on the spreadsheet which, among other things, will remove the need for an outdated section and make updating mods easier now, leaving the library on standby for a bit longer but allowing for easier upkeep in the future. Since I've been pushing back the spreadsheet thing for quite a few months now, I figured it might be a good time to actually start it. I don't really know how long it will take for the spreadsheet to be "complete" but don't expect big changes to the library in that time (I will still update/add mods when notified, but I won't be moving 1.2 mods anywhere, for example). I will try to keep you updated on the status of the spreadsheet regularly, for now here's the spreadsheet in development (very incomplete) so that you can give me feedback as I build it: Click here for the spreadsheet! (you should be able to view and download it but not edit it, please tell me if there's anything wrong) ________________________________ This thread is a continuation of the Community Mods and Plugin Library which used to be a list containing a large number of mods ordered by category to help people finding new ones. Unfortunately, it was lost in early January along with several other mod release threads with no hope of recovery. This new thread will hopefully succeed in replacing the old one, and hopefully help users finding new mods. (Kudos to @nismobg for the original thread from which I stole quite a few mods and ideas) A few notes on the structure of the library: Mods are organised by categories. Things can and will evolve as more mods are added to make it easier to find mods. Version compatibility is taken directly from the thread titles as we won't always have the time to check every single mod. Know that mods compatible with KSP 1.2.0 or 1.2.1 should generally be compatible with KSP 1.2.2. The modders that we cite are the owners of the release threads, not necessarily the creators or sole developers of a mod. We are open to suggestions: if you feel the categories could be improved, that a mod does not fit in its current category, or know that a mod is working or not with 1.2.x or 1.3, your participation is welcome as are any ideas to improve this list. Participating in the library: Besides the points above, you can also suggest new mods to be added to the library in case we missed some. Simply reply giving the name, and if possible the version, a link to the forum post and a brief description. Note that this list is not exhaustive and if you don't see the mod you just suggested, don't worry, we will probably eventually add it in the next few updates. Know that maintaining several hundred of mods takes some time so mods may not be added straight away; on the other hand, replying takes little time and any comment on the thread will be noticed and replied to by either of us. (Note to modders: should any modder not want his/her mods to be featured in this list or have any correction to make about one of their mods in particular, just drop a message or PM and I'll edit it as fast as I can.) "We" refers to @CarnageINC and I. He is currently co-maintaining and organising the thread and does a fantastic job on his side! He can answer questions/requests/suggestions at least as well as I can (if not better). He also maintains the Add-on Development Mod Library which lists mods being developed, mainly for modder use. So big big thanks to him! We also thank everyone helping both of us by participating in the library and suggesting new mods to be added. ________________________________ COMMUNITY MODS AND PLUGINS LIBRARY (currently maintained for 1.2.2 & 1.3) The mods updated for 1.2/1.3 are in the list just below; the outdated mods are in the next post, click here for quick access. IMPORTANT: Mods in green are compatible with version 1.2.2 and/or 1.3 either from testing or simply from their release thread. They may not have been recompiled for 1.2/1.3 and may appear outdated, but they work fine. Mods in light green are not officially updated for 1.2.x/1.3 but users have made patches to make them compatible, you can therefore use them with the patches. The patches will be linked along the main thread. Mods in blue are in development. They usually don't have an official release but you may get a test build for the latest version that works reasonably well. Mods in red are broken on 1.2.x/1.3 even though they may be indicated as updated (no mod falls in this category at the moment). Last updated: 2017/10/31 (YMD) - 1203 mods referenced and counting! MODS AND TOOLS FOR MODDERS New to modding? Look here for starting out. All tools used by mod creators are to be located here. Framework mods: These are literally the foundations that other modders use to create mods for the community. [1.2.x] ASET Avionics Pack, by alexustas - This pack is for the modders who create IVA for the spacecraft, this pack adds a lot of classic analog props for the planes. [1.2.x] ASET Props Pack, by alexustas - This pack is for the modders who create IVA for the spacecraft with set of almost 600 different devices and decoration elements for creation of interiors of space ships. [1.3.0] B9PartSwitch, by blowfish - Similar to Firespitter and Interstellar Fuel Switch, this mod doesn't do anything by itself, but provides a way for other mods to enable part switching. [1.3.0] Community Resource Pack, by RoverDude - Creates a generic basis for new resources to be used commonly by other mods. [1.3.0] Contract Configurator, by nightingale - Allows mods to edit stock contracts and adds in new types of contracts, while providing a common framework for integration with other mods. [1.3.0] Crowd Sourced Science Biome Reports, by DuoDex - Never get the same log twice! 100% original content for every science experiment! [1.3.0] Custom Barn Kit, by sarbian - A small plugin to change a bunch of parameters related to career, science, the buildings upgrade cost and when various features are unlocked. [1.3.0] Fengist's Animator, by Fengist - A plugin allowing to animate parts based on the Unity built-in animations. [1.3.0] Firespitter dll, by Snjo - The firespitter plugin file allows for modders to include rotating parts on their models. *As far as we know, this link is always up to date. [1.1.x] HotRockets! Particle FX Replacement, by Nazari1382 - A replacement for stock engine particle FX. If you are tired of seeing the same old effects, HotRockets is for you! [1.3.0] Kerbal Konstructs, by Ger_space - Provides the foundation to add new static objects or building to the game. [1.2.0] KittopiaTech - A Kopernicus Visual Editor, by Thomas P. - This Plugin is a continuation of KCreators "KittopaTech Ingame Terraforming" plugin, that can edit the stats of planets at runtime, via. a Graphical Interface. [1.3.0] Kopernicus, by Thomas P. - Enables easier planet editing and is the base for most planet modifying mods. [1.3.0] KSP Add-on Version Checker Plugin, by cybutek - Don't worry about updating your mods anymore and let this one check that all the other mods are updated. [1.3.0] KSPWheel - Physics Based Alternate Wheel Collider, by Shadowmage - This is not intended for end-user use. This plugin is an API and consists purely of functions and features intended for other mods and modders. [1.2.x] ModularFlightIntegrator, by sarbian - Allows some mods to edit aerodynamic and thermal properties of some parts without breaking everything. [1.3.0] Module Manager, by sarbian - This mod lets you write patch files that edit other parts at load time without overwriting anything. [1.3.1] Principia, by eggrobin - This mod aims to replace KSP's unstable physics integration with a higher-order symplectic integrator, adding N-body Newtonian gravitation in the process. [1.3.0] RasterPropMonitor, by MOARdV - Overhauls the stock IVA system by adding many functionalities and information, to be able to control an entire mission from IVA. [1.3.0] Rescale!, by Galileo - A set of configs made for several mods to adapt to the Sigma Dimensions rescale mod. [1.3.0] RetractableLiftingSurface, by linuxgurugamer - This is a small module which allows you to have a folding wing or other retractable lifting surface. It allows for an integrated control surface. [1.2.2] SelectableDataTransmitter, by linuxgurugamer - This is a module which is used to allow an antenna be switchable between DIRECT mode and RELAY mode. [1.3.0] Sigma Binary, by Sigma88 - Enables easy integration of binary body systems for planet packs. [1.3.0] Sigma Dimensions, by Sigma88 - This mod is to be an "universal rescale mod", the only thing you'll need to do is set the rescale factor you want in the settings. [1.3.0] SmokeScreen, by sarbian - Allows other mods to edit the particle FX, useful for mods that change effects such as engines plumes, etc... [1.2.2] SolverEngines, by NathanKell - Does some engines config magic for other mods to use. [x.x.x] Stellarator - A Proof of Concept Solar System Generator, by Thomas P. - Stellarator is a software that can generate random solar systems for KSP / Kopernicus. [1.3.0] To Boldly Go, by daniel l. - An external application designed to procedurally generate an entire galaxy for KSP. [1.3.0] Toolbar Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This mod provides an API for third-party plugins to provide GUI buttons to a toolbar. Modding Tools: These tools are for assisting content creators in their projects. [1.2.x] Amazing Curve Editor, by sarbian - This mod allows you to edit and see the shape of a KSP FloatCurve and copy the config to your cfg. Only useful to modders and those who edit cfg files. [1.2.x] AssemblyReloader, by xEvilReeperx - It'd be pretty neato if you could just press a button and see your current version running in a few seconds, wouldn't it? [1.3.0] Automated Static File Localizer, by Nils277 - This mod intends to automate the localization of static files for KSP like textures and KSPedia pages. [1.2.0] DebugStuff, by sarbian - Debug stuff is a simple plugin that allows you to display the transform & colliders of a part in wireframe and display the part Hierarchy in a window. [1.1.x] HeightmapExtractor/HeightmapManager, by stupid_chris - Basically what this does is try to create an image of the land above the sea level for Kerbin. [1.3.0] JSIPartUtilities Reutilized, by linuxgurugamer - A collection of PartModules for solving problems posed by alexustas, these will eventually be bundled and published separately for general use. [1.3.0] Kerbal Animation Suite Continued, by linuxgurugamer - For modders or video makers who want to animate their Kerbals. This mod has 2 components: the animator, and the API. [1.3.0] Kerbal Object Inspector Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This plugin allows mod developers to see exactly what's going on in the background of any game scene by listing every game object and their properties. [1.3.0] KSPDev: LogConsole, by IgorZ - If you don't develop or test KSP mods then this mod has no value for a regular KSP player. 3 part program for those who do develop mods. [1.3.0] KSPLogger released, by linuxgurugamer - This mod is created to expose some internal data for external use is for streamers who would like to display some values on screen in some manner. [1.2.2] NodeHelper, by Felbourn - A useful tool if you're designing your own parts mod, that allows part nodes editing in game. [1.1.x] Parts Shaders Replacement - PBR, by Lilleman - This plugin, mostly intended to part modders at the moment, will replace all common KSP part shaders by customized Unity Standard shaders. [1.3.0] PatchManager, by linuxgurugamer - A simple mod which will allow mod and patch authors to package various optional patches with their mods, allowing in-game tweaking and better ease-of-use. [x.x.x] TED - KSP Tech Tree Editor, by Nelien - A tool for both modders and everyday KSP players to make changes to the tech tree. It's a Windows application that generates the .cfg files needed by plugins like TechManager and others. A fix for this tool has been released by nightstalker101s and is available here. [0.23.x] 0.23 PartTools, by Mu - This is a tool provided by Squad to help the community create parts for KSP. MODS COMPATIBLE WITH THE CURRENT VERSION OF KSP Mods that work with the latest stable version are here, some of them might be in development or require patches but you should be able to use all of them. VAB/SPH mods: Like to tinker in the VAB a lot? These mods help players with their creations in the editor. [1.3.0] AutoAsparagus, by hab136 - Automatically handles fuel lines, decouplers and staging for easier asparagus staging building. [1.3.0] BZ-1 Radial Attachment Point, by Joonatan1998 - BZ-1 Radial Attachment Point allows you to easily radially attach things. No more clipping cubic struts to get more light attachment nodes. [1.3.0] Collide-o-Scope, by DefiantZombie - Allows you to see the actual colliders of parts in the editor. Especially useful for building hinges. [1.3.0] Configurable Containers, by allista - This mod converts fuel tanks and resource containers so that you can change the resource(s) they hold in Editor and in Flight. [1.3.0] CorrectCoL Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Accounts for body lift for CoL placement in the editor, and adds a few aerodynamic design tools. [1.3.0] Craft Import, by linuxgurugamer - This is a small mod which will allow you to download and import craft files from websites. It will take a URL, which you can get from the site and just paste it into the URL field. [1.3.0] CraftHistory, by SpaceTiger - Overhauls the craft loading menu in the editor and allows grouping vessels together, access older versions or enable automatic saves. [1.3.0] DefaultActionGroups, by Snark - Tired of forgetting to set actions every time you build a ship? Wouldn't it be nice if it automatically set things up how you like it, every time? This lets you do that. [1.3.0] Editor Extensions Redux, by linuxgurugamer - Adds various new features to the ship editor for more advanced (or easier) craft building. [1.2.0] Extended information about scientic experiments in VAB, by DennyTX - This simple plugin adds additional info about science experiment to its information pane. [1.3.0] Extensive Engineering Report Continued, by linuxgurugamer - While you're in the VAB or SPH, this mod checks your build automatically to ensure you have everything you need. [1.3.0] Filter Extensions, by Crzyrndm - This mod helps you organize your parts by allowing the usage of .cfg files to create, edit, or delete all categories and sub-categories. [1.3.0] FullAutoStrut, by Xyphos - Automatically sets AutoStrut modes for you in the editor as you build your vessel. [1.3.0] Hangar Extender Extended, by linuxgurugamer - This plugin extends the usable area when building in the SPH or VAB, so you can build outside or above the building. [1.3.0] Hanger Grid: Zero deviation, by Ser - Simplifies vessel design by adding a visual "laser" grid and an automatic alignment tool to SPH and VAB. [1.3.0] Interstellar Fuel Switch, by FreeThinker - Allows resource/mesh/texture switching of tanks, also applies a script to stock Fuel tanks allowing switching between common resources. [1.3.0] Kerbal Launch Vehicles, by jCoiley - With KLV you can design your Launch Vehicles once and reuse them for each new payload. [1.3.0] KSP Craft Organizer, by Ker_nale - Plugin that allows to search crafts in VAB/SPH by name or by tag and to load saved crafts across save games. [1.2.x] Part Angle Display, by Padishar - Allows you to see and set the exact angles at which you are surface-attaching parts. [1.3.0] Part Wizard Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Part Wizard is a vehicle design utility plugin that adds a few conveniences when building your next strut/booster carrier. [1.2.x] PartOrganizer, by ShotgunNinja - This simple mod allow the creation of custom part categories in the KSP Editor. [1.2.2] PartTweaks, by Roovy - PartTweaks aims to improve the working in editor and making parts more realistic. [1.3.0] Procedural Parts - Starwaster Branch, by Starwaster - Procedural Parts allows you to procedurally generate a number of different parts in a range of sizes and shapes. [1.2.x] RCS Build Aid, by m4v - Enables more accurate placement of engines and RCS by displaying thrust and torque vectors in the editor. [1.3.0] ReCoupler, by Booots - This mod allows the construction of circular structures and the recombining of multi-coupled stacks by allowing parts to have multiple 'parents'. [0.90] Resource Overview for VAB/SPH, by SMILIE - It's a simple plugin which shows you following things in the VAB/SPH: Total/Dry Mass, Crew Capacity, Part Count and all Resources on Vessel. A patch for 1.2 made by Felbourn is available here. [1.3.0] SmartStage, by linuxgurugamer - Automatically rearranges your staging to avoid MR-1 type failures when not paying attention to your staging. [1.3.0] StageColorPlugin, by HuXTUS - This mods gives you ability to assign your own colors for parts icons on stages. [1.3.0] Tanks, But No Tanks, by Nightside - Automatically hides the in-line stock tanks when you have other options available. [1.3.0] The Janitor's Closet, by linuxgurugamer - Is your part list extreme! This mod will allow you to block parts from being displayed in the Editor, either on a soft basis or hard basis. [1.2.x] Tweakable Everything Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Adds various new tweakable options for your parachutes, solar panels, docking ports... [1.3.0] TweakScale, by pellinor - Allows you to resize various parts to suit your needs. [1.3.0] UbioZur Welding Ltd. Continued, by Alewx - Allows you to weld parts together to reduce part counts to improve PC frame rate performance. [1.3.0] Werner Checker Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Say STOP to the constant forgetting of solar panels or other important parts. This plugin helps you check to ensure you didn't forget anything on your build. [1.2.2] UpgradesUIExtensions, by Gotmachine - This plugin is a collections of user interface tweaks aimed at making the part/module upgrades feature introduced in 1.2 a bit less painful to use for the player. Crew Utility mods: Want to keep track of your Kerbal's achievements? Need help recruiting new test subjects...uhhh....I mean Kerbonauts? [1.3.0] BetterCrewAssignment, by Snark - This mod makes better automatic default choices for crew assignments and remembers your assignments, so that the next time you launch that ship, it will try to do the same thing. [1.3.0] Connected Living Space, by Papa_Joe - Allows easy internal crew transfers between pressurized parts that are connected together. [1.3.0] Crew R&R, by linuxgurugamer - This mod is focused around the idea of encouraging the player to keep a deeper roster of crew, and to increase the value of individual experienced crew. [1.3.0] Earn Your Stripes, by severedsolo - Allows you to give an orange suit to Kerbals which have performed certain achievements. [1.3.0] EasyBoard, by Dizor - EasyBoard is a mod that simplifies boarding a vessel for kerbals by making B and F commands toggleable. [1.3.0] EVA Enhancements Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This mod shows the Kerbals profession and level is now visible in the right-click action menu. In addition, pitch and roll can now be controlled with the keyboard. [1.1.2] EVA Follower, by MSD - This mod allows you to order kerbals around, make them follow you, or make them patrol the area. Patch for 1.2 made by RealGecko available here. Patch for 1.3 made by gooyyu1 available here. [1.3.0] Final Frontier, by Nereid - Your Kerbals now get ribbons for each of their missions, tracking their achievements and careers. [1.1.x] Final Frontier Custom Ribbons Pack, by Araym - This is a custom military rank ribbons pack for the Final Frontier ribbons mod. Download through Dropbox [1.2.x] Kerbal Crew Manifest, by sarbian - Allows you to add or remove crew from vessels sitting on the launchpad, as well as to create your own custom Kerbals. [1.3.0] KerbalHotSeat Continued, by linuxgurugamer - A small dose of added hyperactivity for your Kerbals, which will now occasionally change seats in your spacecrafts. [1.2.2] KerbalStats, by taniwha - KerbalStats is a KSP mod for keeping track of extra information about the kerbals in your game. [1.3.0] Ker-plunk, by InfiniteDice - A mod that enables you to change the buoyancy of your Kerbals, to be able to walk underwater. [1.2.1] Kustom Kerbals, by CliftonM - Make a smart, courageous Kerbal, or a dumb coward. Either way, these Kerbals are 100% custom. [1.2.x] No Crew Requirement Continued, by RealGecko - A simple ModuleManager plugin that eliminates crew requirements for manned vessels and/or the need to attach an unmanned probe to your spacecraft. [1.1.2] Shadriss Final Frontier Rank Ribbions Pack, by Shadriss - A pack of US military, Battlestar Galactica and KSP rank ribbons for Final Frontier ribbons mod. [1.2.1] STM's Final Frontier Expedition/Rank Ribbon Pack, by SmarterThanMe - Using Final Frontier and this pack lets you acknowledge the experience and expertise of your Kerbals with ribbons and rank! [1.3.0] SuitRefuel, by HuXTUS - A part allowing you to refuel your EVA suit with your ship's resources.s [1.3.0] TRP-Hire, by linuxgurugamer - This mod enables customization of Kerbals to be hired. [1.3.0] WalkAbout, by Antipodes - You can take available Kerbals from the Astronaut Complex and placed them at any door at KSC. In addition, you can move Kerbals around without having to hold down the W-A-S-D keys. [1.3.0] Who Am I, by RealGecko - This mod shows which Kerbal you're with in IVA mode. Efficiency mods: Want a transfer window to another planet? Need help finding a certain ship? These mods help streamline your gaming experience. [1.3.0] AmpYear Main & Reserve Power Manager, by JPLRepo - Allows advanced control of your EC generation, storage and use. [1.3.0] Astrogator, by HebaruSan - Adds a small window containing information on the next transfers to every planet of the system. [1.3.0] BetterTimeWarpContinued, by linuxgurugamer - This mod gives you the ability to customize your time warp to your liking. [1.3.0] CommNet Constellation, by TaxiService - This mod transforms the CommNet network of the single type into multiple constellations of different types. [1.3.0] Early Bird, by taniwha - A mod improving the warp-to-morning fuctionality. [1.3.0] Easy Vessel Switch, by IgorZ - Hate it when your camera angle changes when switching to other objects? No more! Now your camera won't jump randomly when you switch between the vessels. [x.x.x] ExceptionDetector, by godarklight - When a program does an invalid operation (such as dividing an integer by zero) an error called an exception is thrown. This is a simple indicator to find misbehaving mods. [1.3.0] Flight Plan, by RealGecko - This plugin allows you to click any entry in your flight plan to focus on that celestial body or maneuver. [1.3.0] Fusebox Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Allows you to see and manage your electricity use and production in the editor and in flight. [1.2.x] Haystack Continued, by Qberticus - Adds a window in map view and the Tracking Station showing all your crafts, with filtering and search options. [1.2.x] HotKey Manager, by petersohn - This is an API that allows other mods to define custom hotkeys. These hotkeys can be configured in a centralized hotkey configurator dialog. [1.3.0] In game notes / notepad / checklist, by agises - Adds a notepad in game to allow you to remember important stuff. [1.3.0] Jimbodiah's Patch Laboratory, by Jimbodiah - A collection of patches to help make your gameplay more pleasant. [1.3.0] Kerbal Alarm Clock, by TriggerAu - Adds new alarms to the game to avoid missing your next maneuver node or launch window. [1.3.0] Kerbal SlingShotter Reslung, by linuxgurugamer - This is a very simple Kerbal Space Program plugin to display the positions of all planets, moons, and the current vessel after a selected time interval. [1.3.0] Kerbal Space Transport System, by -MM- - This mod records launches of your rockets and planes for automated missions later. You can transfer resources, crew and even deploy brand new ships directly into orbit. [1.3.0] Kronometer, by Sigma88 - A mod to manipulate the clock for Kerbal Space Program. [1.2.2] ManeuverQueue, by kball - An add on that allows you to sort and filter objects displayed in the Tracking Station list. [1.3.0] OrbitFinder, by Alewx - A simple tool in flight and in the Tracking Station where you can search for an Orbit based on period or semi-major axis. [1.3.0] Physics Calmer, by Morse - Makes your craft unbreakable for a few seconds upon loading to avoid exploding on the runway. [1.3.0] Precise Maneuver editor, by Morse - If you've ever been frustrated with the default maneuver UI, don't be! With this plugin you can edit your maneuvers precisely, and always get the desired result. [1.3.0] Precise Node Continued, by linuxgurugamer - A new maneuver node interface which allows for much greater precision when placing nodes. [1.3.0] Project Manager, by Beale - Project Manager is a small and unintrusive plugin to help organize craft files into "projects" whilst in-game. [1.3.0] Real Time Clock 2, by Li0n - No more excuse for being late to dinner! This adds in a real time clock to the game. [1.1.2] Resource Details in Tracking Center, by avivey - This plugin just shows the resources state of the selected ship in the Tracking Center. Patch for 1.2.2 by RealGecko available here. [1.3.0] Routine Mission Manager, by PrivateFlip - This track flights to vessels and station in orbit of Kerbin and it's moons. After completion of the original flight, repeat flights can be ordered at stations and vessels in orbit. [1.2.x] SAS Hotkeys, by petersohn - The purpose of this mod is to provide an option to assign hotkeys to SAS modes (such as stability assist, hold retrograde etc.). [1.2.2] Ship List, by Kiwa - This gives you a list of vessels and their fuel status. For example to quickly find a place to dump excess fuel, drop-off excess Kerbals, or to pick up some more fuel. [1.2.2] SOC: Simple Orbit Calculator, by stevehead - An in-game calculator allowing you to calculate basic orbital elements. [1.2.2] StationKeeping, by HenryBlatbuglll - This mod adds an interface in the Tracking Station that lets you precisely adjust the orbits of your ships. [1.3.0] Targetron (continued-bis-wathever), by agises - Adds a small window showing all your crafts, to be able to target or take control of them quickly. [1.3.0] The Kaptain's Log, by linuxgurugamer - This mod will automatically record various events as they happen in your game, to help you keep track of your resources and actions. [1.3.0] The Undockinator, by hab136 - Hate hunting down dockign ports to undock? Now push a button, it undocks. The part that will be undocked is highlighted in yellow when you hover over it. [1.3.1] Time Control, by westamastaflash - Expands the standard time-warp option with slow-motions, higher speed warp and a new physics warp replacement. [1.3.0] Transfer Window Planner, by TriggerAu - Allows you to see and plan various interplanetary transfer windows. [1.3.0] VesselCategorizer, by Snark - Sets vessel type automatically at launch time based on ship name, if the name matches one of its configured rules. [1.3.0] WarpEveryWhere, by 5thHorseman - This is a very simple mod that removes time warp restrictions and adds 2 more levels of time warp, 1,000,000x and 10,000,000x. In Game Utility mods: Look here for mods that make small changes to improve your 'quality of game experience'. [1.3.0] Activated Subassemblies, by Tazius - Allows to spawn crafts for missions with their subassemblies activated in-game. [1.3.0] Alshain's Modlets, by Alshain - 3 small mods that change light colors, tweakable settings and electric charge for light use. [1.2.1] AnyRes, by CliftonM - It allows you to quickly and easily change the screen resolution and switch between fullscreen and windowed. You can use any resolution imaginable as long as it is a positive number. [1.3.0] Augmented Reality Docking Revived, by linuxgurugamer - Add this part to project an arrow from your ship to the targeted docking port. [1.3.0] Automated Screenshots, by linuxgurugamer - Have you ever wished you had a screenshot of a scene? Would you like to have a whole series of screenshots of a mission? Also does automated saves too! [1.3.0] BetterLoadSaveGames, by jefftimlin - Improves the save loading menu by listing the saves by creation time and adding thumbnail screenshots. [1.3.0] Bolt-On Screenshot System (BOSS) Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This plugin allows you to take screenshots within KSP at a higher resolution than your current screen resolution. [1.2.x] Camera Focus Changer, by zentarul - Allows you to focus the camera on a specific part instead of the center of mass of the ship. [1.3.0] Champagne Bottle Redux, by linuxgurugamer - Ever have trouble coming up with names for your vessels? This little mod helps you with that by using a random name generator! [1.3.0] ControlHereAG, by DefiantZombie - Adds an action group entry for "Control From Here" to docking ports and command capable parts. [1.3.0] DMagic's Basic Mods, by DMagic - This collection of mods provides additional information and extends the behavior of stock systems in a way that was designed to seamlessly fit in with stock KSP. [1.3.0] DMagic's Modlets, by DMagic - A variety of different plugins that each do specific things, such as maneuver nodes, EVA struts, crew portraits and several more. [1.2.1] Docking camera (KURS style), by DennyTX - This mod adds in a small window that shows a docking camera to assist you in your docking maneuvers! [1.3.0] GCMonitor, by sarbian - Have a lot of mods? Want to push the boundaries of your system? This tool display's a graphic of the memory usage of you PC in game. [1.3.0] Graphotron, by Ezriilc - Graphotron is a plugin and part for KSP, that tracks and plots sensor and flight data into a nice graph. [1.2.2] Historian Expanded, by Aelfhe1m - This is a screenshot utility mod for KSP that adds configurable dynamic captions and overlay graphics to screenshots while you record your Kerbals adventures. [1.3.0] Image Viewer Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This is a plugin to view images in-game (i.e. Delta-v transfer plots). Uses toolbar if available. [1.3.0] In game scientific calculator, Kalculator, by agises - This mod is just a scientific calculator clone. [1.0.5] Kartographer, by satnet - This is a collection of utilities to make the map view easier to use. Mostly this provides a point and click interface that is not as finicky as clicking on a point along an orbit. A patch for 1.2 has been made by RealGecko, available here. [1.3.0] Keep It Straight - Camera Persistent Mode, by RealGecko - This mod saves camera mode settings between scene changes and restores it to the one you like to use. [1.2.x] KerbalX Mod, by katateochi - The KerbalX mod lets you upload and update your craft on KerbalX from within the game in a few clicks. [1.3.0] KerboKatz, by SpaceTiger - A collection of small utility mods "to make your life less of a hassle". [1.3.0] Kerbulator, by wmvanvliet - It is a small plugin that allows you to program mathematical equations, run them to see the output and create maneuver nodes. [1.3.0] KISS - Kerbal Improved Save System, by Aerospike - (KISS) is a small plugin that provides an improved "Save game as..." mechanic while in flight. [1.2.x] KSP Achievements, by malkuth - Adds over 140 achievements to the game. [1.3.0] Launch Numbering, by Damien_The_Unbeliever - Every time you launch a vehicle, the mod examines the name. If it's seen that name launch before, it appends a number on the end. [1.3.0] Magico13's Modlets, by magico13 - a small collection of plugins that do specific funtion such as screenshot naming or dated quick saves. [1.3.0] Malah's Quick mods, by Malah - Several plugins that add small yet useful features to your game. [1.3.0] MemGraph, by Padishar - a simple plugin that displays a graph of the Mono heap allocation rate and garbage collection, mainly intended as a troubleshooting and development. [1.2.x] MKS Explainer, by TuaPhraim - This mod adds in game explanations about efficiency/load calculations done by MKS. [1.3.0] Persistent Dynamic Pod Names, by linuxgurugamer - This allows you to name each individual command pod in a vessel and to create a template file to assign names to a vessel and/or individual command pods. [1.3.0] Plane Mode, by zengei - Allows you to swap the roll/yaw axes while in flight. This is especially useful for joystick users who likely want their joystick to control yaw for rockets but roll for planes. [1.3.0] Protractor Protracted, by Z-key Aerospace - Miss your old TI calculator? Tired of guessing at rendezvous angles? This mod helps you with ejection angles. [1.2.2] RSS DateTime Formatter, by Agathorn - This is a very basic mod with one function, to replace the stock KSP displays of times and dates with an approach better suited for RSS players. The thread is marked as 1.1.3 but a 1.2.2 update is available on GitHub. [1.3.0] SafeChute continued, by hab136 - SafeChute takes you out of time warp when your parachutes deploy, and also just above landing. [1.3.0] S.A.V.E. - automatic backup system, by nereid - This plugin will handle automatic backups of your save games for you to prevent loss of data. [1.3.0] TAC Atomic Clock Irradiated, by linuxgurugamer- This is a comprehensive clock mod that show Universal, Earth, Kerbal, mission and real times. [1.3.0] The Plugin Workshop, by Crzyrndm - A few small plugins, including saturatable reaction wheels, dynamic deflection, and simple SRB thrust curves. [1.3.0] TooManyOrbits, by knowbuddy - This mod lets you hide vessels and celestial body orbits and icons with the press of a single button. [1.3.0] TotalTime, by linuxgurugamer - Ever wonder how much time you've spent in KSP and you don't have the Steam version? Ponder no more and find out, this mod will keep track of your game time. [1.3.0] WASD Editor Camera Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This mod allows you to move your camera angle around with WASD keys, hold right mouse to look around. [1.3.0] Xyphos Mods, by Xyphos - A collection of mods by Xyphos. SpaceDock link Part Utility mods: Looking for something to help you find or control your parts on your vessels? You can find those mods right here. [1.2.2] Action Groups Extended, by Diazo - Increases the number of action groups available, enables you to edit them in flight in addition to more action group related stuff. [1.3.0] Action Group Manager Continued, by Alshain - This mod allows you to edit in almost any way you can think of your action groups in flight, and adds several features to better sort out/remember your action groups. [1.3.0] All Y'All Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Allows to extend/retract/activate several parts (eg: panels) by clicking a single button. [1.3.0] Almost Free Launch Clamps, by Galileo - Reduces the cost and mass of launch clamps to almost zero so that they don't become a limiting factor in early career. [1.3.0] AntennaSleep, by Snark - This mod adds a "Snooze" button for deployable antennas so they don't get destroyed during reentry. [1.3.0] Buoyancy Control, by Xyphos - Adds a buoyancy control slider to every part's context menu. [1.3.0] Control Surface Toggle, by navot - This mod disables and re-enables your control surfaces on atmosphere exit/ entry to stop your SSTOs pointlessly flapping their wings in space. [1.3.0] Crew Light, by Li0n - Automatize the toggling of lights on your vessels and Kerbals, in addition to more light related stuff. [1.2.2] Descent Mode, by Eklykti - Adds a descent mode, based on a feature of the same name in Realism Overhaul, that offsets the CoM of your pods to enable liftingtr reentries. [1.2.x] Docking Fuel Pump, by katateochi - DFP is a mod that adds a fuel pump to docking ports, enabling them to pump resources with a single click. [1.3.0] DockSafe, by RealGecko - This mod shutdowns all your liquid fuel and atomic engines and disables right click menu "Activate" button when you dock. [1.3.0] DoubleTapBrakes, by severedsolo - Engage parking brakes by double tapping the brakes key. [1.2.x] Dump&Burn!, by rkfnql322 - Now you can do dump&burn without any thrust! You don't need to circle the KSC until your heavy craft's fuel run out! No more one-button-instant jettison! [1.3.0] FlagRotate - Adjust flag orientation, by linuxgurugamer - With this addon, you'll be able to spin your flag around on its pole while in EVA to face whichever way you'd like. Changes are persistent. [1.3.0] GPOSpeedFuelPump Continued, by hab136 - This mod lets you assign "pump levels" to fuel tanks (and more!), automatically transferring fuel from higher to lower 'level' tanks, or balancing fuel loads automatically. [1.3.0] IndicatorLights, by Snark - Adds various helpful LED "indicators" to enhance your ships, either with a radal light or adds LEDs to stock parts to provide a visible, automatic indication of part status. [1.3.0] IndicatorLights Community Extensions, by Snark - Updates IndicatorLights for compatibility with third-party mods that either add new parts or modify existing stock ones. [1.3.0] IR Sequencer, by Ziw - This is an almost an essential add-on for Infernal Robotics (IR is not updated to 1.2.2 yet). You can create and play sequences of servo movement commands and special commands. [1.3.0] ISRU Extended, by LEGIONBOSS - This mod adds the ability to make Xenon Gas, Solid Fuel and Ablator to all ISRU units in the game. [1.2.2] Jettison - dump unwanted resources, by Biff Space - This mod allows individual resource tanks to be emptied from the right-click menu. Thread titled as [1.1.x] but an official 1.2.2 release is available. [1.3.0] ModActions, by Diazo - Enables controlling of many parts through action groups. No more need to bring up the right-click menu. [1.3.0] Modular Fuel Tanks, by taniwha - Allows you to fill tanks with the exact quantity of fuel you want, as well as choose which type of fuel you want to have in a tank. [1.3.0] Part Commander Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Hunting for the part to activate? No more! This mod consolidates all the right-click menus from parts on the active vessel into a single interface. [1.3.0] PAWS - Part Action Window Sorter, by severedsolo - PAWS will add a right-click option to every part labelled "Customise PAW" to get a window which will allow you remove or add entries to the PAW at will. [1.3.0] Separator Destroyer, by Xyphos - "Have you ever used stack separators but wished they wouldn't contribute to Kessler Syndrome? Separator Destroyer solves that problem." [1.3.0] Ship Manifest, by Papa_Joe - A tool to manage your ship's things, as the author says it himself. Adds a very complete resources management system for your ships. [1.2.1] Simple Logistics, by RealGecko - This mod allows for resource sharing and transfer between vessels in close approximation of each other with out the need to be connected. [1.3.0] Smart Actuators, by TheRagingIrishman - Locks your control surfaces and gimbals when they become useless/inactive (vacuum, no throttle...). [1.3.0] SmartTank, by HebaruSan - Automatically scale tanks from Procedural Parts to fit a specified TWR. [1.2.x] Stock Fairing: Personal Defaults, by StahnAileron - A catch-all MM config where you can preset a few settings as you like so you can save yourself some time in the long run. [1.3.0] TAC Fuel Balancer, by Z-Key Aerospace - Adds a window that enables you to easily transfer fuel or resources within a ship. [1.3.0] TAC Self Destruct Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Adds a small explosive charge part for all your range safety needs... and also for blowing up your ship for fun. [1.3.0] TAC Sticky Controls, by linuxgurugamer - This is a trim control mod to help keyboard pilots better control their crafts. [1.3.0] TankLockRedux, by linuxgurugamer - This mod allows you to bind resource locking/unlocking to action groups on a per-tank basis. [1.3.0] TweakableLift, by TheRagingIrishman - This mod gives you the option to disable lift for any part with ModuleLiftingSurface for all wings and some lifting body parts. [1.2.x] VesselMover Continued, by Papa_Joe - Allows you to replace and rotate landed crafts. Patch for 1.3 by gomker available here. In-flight Information mods: Looking for a mod to make data/information access easier on your missions? Here you go. [1.2.x] ABookCase Orbital Reference System, by zentarul - Displays the altitude of any point of your orbit simply by hovering the mouse over it. [1.3.0] BetterBurnTime, by Snark - This mod adds a visual cue by the Navball for more accurate burns on a variety of maneuvers. [1.2.x] Biomatic biome sensor, by Biff Space - Biomatic sensor is an adjustable mod that identifies the biome that the ship is in / above, and shows the information in a small text window. [1.3.0] Critical Temperature Gauge Continued, by Teilnehmer - A plugin showing a temperature gauge and which part is going to blow up first. [1.3.0] Danger Alerts Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This mod adds a customizable collision alert, playing a whenever your about to crash into the ground at high speed. [1.3.0] Docking Port Alignment Indicator, by NavyFish - Adds a small window showing alignment and relative position to the targeted docking port. [1.2.x] Draggable Altimeter, by Error_Sophius - This plugin lets you drag your altimeter somewhere else. [1.2.x] Draggable Navball, by Error_Sophius - This lets you drag the navball somewhere more convenient. It's probably especially useful to people with a multi-monitor setup. [1.3.0] Hot Spot, by zengi - this mod does a better job of visually displays internal and external thermal data to the user. [1.2.2] Landing Aiming, by DennyTX - This mods allows you to see a landing trajectory prediction from the vessel view, useful for precision landings. [1.3.0] Landing Height, by Diazo - Change your altitude display between SL and radar altitudes. [1.3.0] Kerbal Engineer Redux, by cybutek - Adds multiple readouts displaying data in flight and in the editor (dV, TWR, orbital parameters, vessel information...). [1.2.x] Kerbal Flight Data, by DaMichel - Adds some useful atmospheric and/or orbital information next to the navball. [1.2.x] Kerbal Flight Indicators, by DaMichel - Adds some flight markers directly in your field of view, for atmospheric flight. [1.3.0] KSP Alternate Resource Panel, by TriggerAu - Adds a new resource display panel, with more functionalities than the stock one. [1.3.0] NanoGauges, by Nereid - Adds a large number of tweakable analog gauges displaying in-flight information. [1.3.0] Navball Docking Alignment Indicator, by linuxgurugamer - Adds a marker on the navball showing if you're aligned with your target docking port. [1.3.0] NavBallAdjustor, by Dizor - This mod allows you to adjust scale and colors for navball markers and configure collapse behavior. [1.3.0] NavBallTextureChanger, by TheRagingIrishman - No longer do you have to keep the same boring NavBall texture. You can now change it to any texture you please through this simple plugin. [1.2.x] NavHud, by Ninenium - Provides a heads-up display of orientation information such as prograde, retrograde, target... markers and docking alignment indicators. [1.2.x] Pappolo Flite Panel, by Tigrou - The Pappolo Flite Panel displays in the flight view in a Apollo DSKY style some useful information only available in map or internal views. [1.2.x] Proximity audio alarm (landing aid), by Biff Space - Proximity gives an audio alarm and a visual display indicating distance from the planet surface (and velocity depending on configuration) during landing. [1.2.x] Radar Altimeter, by JoePatrick1 - This mod allows you to toggle the altimeter to show the radar altitude. This tells you the height above the terrain, sea or building if you're above one. [1.2.2] Show All Fuels Continued, by Kevin Vandy - By Default, KSP will only show one resource gauge next to an engine icon in the staging. This mod forces both fuel gauges to show up. [1.3.0] Speed Unit Changer, by Ittito - Are you used to different speed units like km/h or mph? Then Speed unit changer is for you! [1.0.4] SteamGauges, by Trueborn - This mod adds older aviation style gauges to your KSP game. An update for 1.3 has been made by bssthu and is available here. [1.3.0] Trajectories, by Kobymaru - Extends the orbital trajectories preview in map mode to atmospheres, allowing for more accurate landings and aerobraking. [1.3.0] Trim Indicator, by Teilnehmer - A minimalistic add-on displaying trim values (if they are non-zero) inside the control gauges. [1.3.0] VOID UnVoided - Vessel Orbital Information Display, by linuxgurugamer - Adds several in-flight windows containing detailed information on your orbit, trajectory, vessel [1.3.0] Waypoint Manager, by nightingale - Allows you to see waypoints in flight mode and manage them more efficiently. Autopilot mods: Have trouble flying your rockets into orbit? Keep crashing into the ground? Here is a helping hand to assist you on your journeys. [1.3.0] Anatid Robotics / MuMech - MechJeb - Autopilot, by sarbian - offers multiple readouts displaying data in flight and in the editor, as well as an autopilot for various maneuvers. [1.3.0] AtmosphereAutopilot, by Boris-Barboris - A autopilot in development that adds in fly-by-wire, mouse control and cruise control, maintaining level flight. [1.3.0] Auto Actions (continued), by Teilnehmer - Allows you to activate a set of action groups automatically when launching. [1.3.0] Automate Vertical Velocity and Altitude Control, by Diazo - Control your vertical descent speed exactly and fine-tune it in 1 m/s increments. [1.2.x] Automatic Abort System, by JoePatrick1 - This mod automatically triggers the 'abort' action group when certain customizable parameters are met during launch. [1.2.2] Bon Voyage, by RealGecko - Tired of driving your rovers all over the place? This is an autopilot, or should I say...autodrive mod that works in the background. [1.3.0] ConstantTWR, by linuxgurugamer - Limits the TWR during your launches to a set value. [1.3.0] Davon Throttle Control Systems, by PrivateFlip - Adds advanced throttle settings and presets that can limit certain engines in useful ways. [1.3.0] GravityTurn continued, by AndyMt - This customizable mod uses autopilot to efficiently launch your rockets by using gravity turns into low orbits. [1.3.0] Landing Aid, by Diazo - Adds a functionality that will automatically cancel your horizontal velocity upon landing or reaching a given height above the ground. [1.3.1] kOS Scriptable Autopilot System, by erendrake - Allows you to write scripts programming the actions of your rocket, eventually creating your own autopilot. The 1.2.2 release is still supported for people playing with Realism Overhaul. [1.2.x] kOS Addon: kOS SCANsat, by Ger_space - It is designed to provide a "realistic" way to plan your missions and forces you to scan your landing side before you send a lander. [x.x.x] MechJeb Embedded Universal, by Dennis6492 - Want to have MechJeb embedded in your ships? Don't like the MechJeb parts? [1.3.0] Kramax Autopilot Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This is an autopilot mod for course guidance and auto-landing for spaceplanes. [1.3.0] Pilot Assistant, by Crzyrndm - Adds an aircraft autopilot to maintain direction, speed, altitude... during long atmospheric flights. [1.3.0] Throttle Controlled Avionics, by allista - Uses differentiated throttle of your engines for better altitude and stability control, packed with an autopilot able to land or target waypoint. Career, Credits and Contract mods: For those who don't want to grind the same contracts or experiments over and over again and want something new for their space program. [1.2.2] Additional Progression Contracts, by tjsnh - Additional contracts added in to complement original stock contracts. [1.2.x] AltFunding, by nathan1 - Alt Funding provides an alternative approach to funding your KSP career-mode playthrough: configurable, regularly-occurring payments. [1.3.0] Career Evolution Contract Pack, by pap1723 - This contract pack changes many of the issues in stock career mission progression. It adds in a more realistic progression of contract chains. [1.3.0] Career Manager Continued, by linuxgurugamer - You can lock funds and science at max but is also completely reversible. It also allows you to upgrade buildings and topple the tech tree, with full reversibility. [1.3.0] CapCom - Mission Control On The Go, by DMagic - CapCom is a user interface that allows for reviewing, accepting, declining or canceling contracts outside of the Mission Control Center building. [1.2.x] Coherent Contracts, by DuoDex - A rework of the stock contract texts generation, to prevent grammar errors and other nonsense's. [1.3.0] Contract Pack: Bases and Stations Continued, by LemonSkin - A complete rework of the stock contracts involving space stations and bases. [1.2.2] Contract Pack: Clever Sats, by severedsolo - Fed up of stock contracts asking you to move your Remote Tech or SCANsat probes? This is the mod for you, this is a replacement for stock Satellite Contracts. [1.2.2] Contract Pack: CommNet Relays, by Kerbas_ad_astra - Ever wanted to get money for setting up CommNet network relays? Your dreams can come true with the CommNet Relays contract pack! [1.2.1] Contract Pack: Defense Combat Advisors (DCA), by Tazius - Want your Kerbals to smack down some pain and get paid? DCA is a BDArmory military contract pack for Contract Configurator. [1.2.2] Contract Pack: Exploration Plus, by severedsolo - Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting for your entertainment and delight, Exploration Plus - an overhaul of the stock Exploration Contracts. [1.3.0] Contract Pack: Field Research, by nightingale - New contracts that are tightly linked to performing science experiments: gives an economic reward for doing science. [1.2.2] Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP), by inigma - To provide a useful purpose for the existence of aircraft in a Career game, and promote the use of stock runways and helipads. [1.2.2] Contract Pack: Historical Progression, by pap1723 - This contract pack is designed to take you through the history of the human space program. [1.2.x] Contract Pack: Interplantary Mountaineer, by Syntax - Travel to the most extreme elevations (both high and low) of the various bodies in the Kerbol system and planting flags. [1.2.2] Contract Pack: Kerbal Academy, by severedsolo - a series of contracts that will allow your Kerbonauts to advance their skill set, by actually doing the things that relate to their profession. [1.2.1] Contract Pack: Kerbin Air Force [KAF], by NAD5 - KAF is a small contract pack featuring various intercepting and dog-fighting missions. [1.3.0] Contract Pack: RemoteTech, by nightingale - A set of new contracts for RemoteTech. [1.2.x] Contract Pack: Sounding Rockets, by inigma - A simple contract pack for RoverDude's USI Sounding Rockets. [1.3.0] Contract Pack: Tourism Plus, by nightingale - A set of new contracts for more developed space tourism. [1.3.0] Contract Reward Modifier, by DMagic - Adds an UI allowing you to edit contract rewards or penalties of all sorts, for custom career difficulty. [1.3.0] Contracts Window +, by DMagic - Adds a window displaying contracts information with a lot of options for better management. [1.3.0] KRASH - Kerbal Ramification Artificial Simulation Hub, by linuxgurugamer - This is a great mod for career games. This allows for you to pay for simulated test runs of your vehicles before you actually launch them. [1.3.0] KSPCasher: Cash Economy Rebalance Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Convert science points into cash and use it to unlock tech nodes; so your career doesn't solely revolve around science anymore. [1.3.0] KSP Rescue Pod Validator, by Shadowmage - This mod restricts the spawning parts for orbital rescue contracts, to avoid stranded Kerbals in parts with no hatches. [1.3.0] Mission Controller 2, by malkuth - A contract mod adding a very wide range of contract types for your career. [1.3.0] Monthly Budgets, by severedsolo - Overhauls the funding system by introducing monthly funding which depends on the state and success of your space program. [1.3.0] NASA Career-mode total conversion, by tjsnh - Convert a NEW stock career-mode into the NASA Space Program! [1.2.x] No More Grind Redux, by Cerebrate - This is a very simple mod to do what No More Grind did back in the day. i.e., reduce (or increase) the price of facility upgrades by a given multiplier, by default, to 10%. [1.3.0] Play Your Way, by Galileo - This mod removes ALL contracts, letting you explore the way you see fit. That's not all, your also rewarded with REP and FUNDS based on any science you collect while you explore. [1.2.2] PrincipiaContracts, by rsparkyc - Enables you to configure your own contracts for the Principia n-body gravitation mod. [1.2.2] Realistic Progression Zero, by rsparkyc - RP-0 is a career mode for Realism Overhaul with minimal install requirements, and fair and balanced gameplay. [1.3.0] SETI, by Yemo - A very thorough rework and rebalance of the career mode as a whole. Includes a base mod and several individual plugins to fit your needs. [1.3.0] Soviet Space Program, by tjsnh - Convert a NEW stock career-mode into the Soviet Space Program! [1.2.1] SpaceTux, by linuxgurugamer - A few new contract packs focused on unmanned missions, Grand Tours and rovers. [1.3.0] State Funding Continued, by linuxgurugamer - You choose between two governments that have different play styles. Each quarter you receive a review and are paid out (or fined) depending on your performance. [1.3.0] Strategia, by nightingale - A complete overhaul of the strategies system of the game. Aims to make your career feel more like an actual space program. Science Related mods: Tired of putting the same old experiments on your probes or need help collecting science? Look here for all things science related! [1.3.0] AutomatedScienceSampler, by Space Tiger - This plugin lets your onboard science instruments automatically collect science for you. [1.2.x] Better Science Labs Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Need a mobile science lab for any size, coming right up! This is a mobile science lab parts pack that has every size and shape for all your needs. [1.3.0] Cacteye Optics Community Takeover, by icedown - Adds new serviceable modular telescopes to the game, along with a science system fitted to these. [1.3.0] DMagic Orbital Science, by DMagic - Adds a lot of science for space and dozens of parts to perform multiple experiments. Also comes with new contracts. [1.2.x] DSD Moblie Labs, by Kielm - This mod increases the rate of science generation in labs, balanced by tweaking yields and running costs. In addition it adds in 2 variants of the Mobile Lab. [1.2.x] ExperimentTracker, by Derrey - This mod lists all current science experiments and helps to deploy them fast and easy. [1.3.0] ForScience!, by WaveFunctionP - For Science! is designed to remove the science grind by automating it. It will run, collect and reset experiments for each new biome you come across. [x.x.x] Grindy Science and Less Grindy Science, by VallyEritai - Hey, Space Program Managers! Are you tired of science being too easy or hard? Get Grindy Science today! [1.3.0] Impact!, by tomf - Two new science parts that give you science when crashing vessels in bodies (NASA actually does this). [1.3.0] KEI - Kerbin Environmental Institute, by RealGecko - Tired of running around KSP collecting science? This mod is one button push away from grabbing all current uncollected science from KSC "biomes". [x.x.x] Kemini Research Program, by N3h3mia - This mod adds 5 new experiments to your game. The experiments are installed in the Command Pod Mk1 and can be executed in space. micha has recompiled all of N3h3mia's science mods for 1.3 here. [1.3.0] Kerbal Research & Development, by -MM- - Allows you to use science points to improve various stats of your parts. [1.3.0] KrakenScience, by Well - This science pack includes a multitude of experiments to perform, but that's not the end of your research you can UNLEASH THE POWER OF THE KRAKEN!!! MWAHAHA!!! [1.3.0] Kurrikane, by linuxgurugamer - This part is basically a probe that you drop and it can collect surface sample and do EVA reports without a Kerbal. [1.2.x] L-Tech Scientific Industries, by ludsoe - Adds a few new science parts to perform different experiments, and some utility parts. [1.2.x] MacLuky Space Solutions, by MacLuky - This adds in a small parts mod for a science telescope. [1.2.2] Mkerb Inc. Science Instruments, by ManuxKerb - This is a small science experiment parts pack that adds in 4 different experiment for you to use. [1.3.0] Nehemia Engineering Orbital Science, by micha - Adds several new experiments, science labs and science storage containers to the game. [1.3.0] Orbital Survey Plus, by Wheffle - This is a light-weight mod that provides you with a more realistic and intuitive way to perform surveys with the stock survey scanner while still using the stock resource system. [1.3.0] Research Bodies, by JPLRepo - This is a mod that adds the functionality of tracking celestial bodies to explore them. [1.3.0] RoverScience Continued, by Aelfhe1m - Adds science spots on the surface of bodies that can be seen and visited by rovers to harvest science points. [1.3.0] SCANsat, by DMagic - Enables satellite surface scanning and mapping, giving you information on the landscape, resources, anomalies and biomes. [1.2.x] Science - Full reward!, by maculator - Enables 100% science gain on every experiment, no more need to perform the same experiment multiple times to get all the science. [1.2.2] Science Revisited Revisited, by zekew11 - a lightweight and modular rebalance of the stock science system. These adjustments aim to make science gameplay more dynamic, while preserving the stock gameplay feel. [1.3.0] Solar Science, by Snoopy20111 - This small mod adds a couple new scientific instruments which do science specifically around the most wondrous body in the Kerbol system. [1.3.0] Station Science Continued, by tomf - Adds several science labs to perform new experiments, for high science points value. [1.3.0] Store My Reports, by cybutek - Automatically transfers science experiments to containers, if they are available, to make space for new ones. [1.3.0] Surface Experiment Pack, by CobaltWolf - Adds a few science parts to perform some more science when on another body. [1.3.0] Tarsier Space Technology, by JPLRepo - Tarsier Space Technology is a set of parts with enhanced science capability. Adds in an orbital telescope to take pictures of the many planetary bodies in your system. [1.3.0] Triple-Z Radio Astronomy Telescope, by linuxgurugamer - This is a new type of large radio telescope that can be packed into a small volume and deployed at remote locations. Thread is tagged as 1.2.x but an official 1.3 release is available [1.3.0] [x] Science!, by Z-Key Aerospace - Allows you to see the status of all science experiments available for each biome and to see the science status of all your vehicles. Technology mods: Want to unlock a different tech tree for a change of pace? Here are a few to choose from. [1.3.0] Community Tech Tree, by Nertea - A mod designed to extend the stock technology tree to accommodate many community mods in an inclusive and extensible manner. [1.3.0] CTTStockRebalance, by TheJewelOfJool - A simple mod where stock parts are moved to CTT categories, as well as putting parts in different tiers for sensible progression. [1.3.0] Engineering Tech Tree, by Probus - A complete rework of the stock tech tree, with groups based on related engineering disciplines. [1.2.1] Fog Of Tech, by Ser - This little plugin hides the nodes of the KSP Technology Tree that you are not able to research yet.... without rendering the fog itself of course. [1.3.0] Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes, by ev0 - This mod hides any empty tech tree nodes, and connects the resultant "hanging" tech tree lines to unhidden nodes in a logical sense. [1.2.2] Historical Progression Tech Tree, by pap1723 - This tech tree will take you through the history of the human space program, starting with unmanned parts before you progress into sending Kerbals into Space safely. [1.2.x] Sensible Tech Tree, by ThePhoenixSol - The purpose of this mod is to completely rebuild the stock tech tree into something more sensible. Themed Multi-Pack Parts mods: For those who want new parts but not a lot of mods to keep updated, try out these themed mods. [1.3.0] Alcentar Rescue System, by Alcentar - Adds various parts designed to make your reentries and landings easier. [1.3.0] Asteroid Recycling Technologies, by RoverDude - Allows you to dig the insides of asteroids to change them into storage tanks. [1.3.0] Buffalo, by Angel-125 - Adds a set of modular parts to build rovers and spacecrafts, designed to fit inside Mk3 cargo bays. Also includes the Kerbal jetpack wing. [1.3.0] Coyote Space Industries - Cargo Freighter, by dboi88 - This mod is cargo freighter system developed to be compatible with RoverDude's MKS mods. [1.3.0] Cryogenic Engines, by Nertea - Provides new rocket engines that run on LH2+Oxidizer, a much more efficient fuel, but also very light and subject to boil-off. [1.3.0] Deep Space Exploration Vessels, by Angel-125 - DSEV adds in several unique parts for creating your own deep space exploration vessels. [1.3.0] Feline Utility Rovers, by Nils277 - A medium sized versatile stockalike modular rover system that is capable to operate independently in the harshest environments. [1.3.0] Freight Transport Technologies, by RoverDude - A new modular parts for mining, hauling and exploration on other planets. Includes bays, VTOL engines command pod... [1.3.0] Fuel Tanks Plus, by NecroBones - Adds larger fuel tanks of each diameter with different color schemes. [1.3.0] Heisenberg - Airship Parts Pack, by Angel-125 - Heisenberg Airship Parts Pack is a series of parts designed to work with the Hooligan Labs Airships mod. [1.3.0] InfiniteDice ICE, by InfiniteDice - Adds several internal combustion engines, including prop engines and generators, as well as wheels and transmissions for ground vehicles. [1.3.0] Karbonite Plus, by RoverDude - Adds a new resource (Karborundum) to the Karbonite mod, that is both rarer and more efficient than other resources available. [1.3.0] Kerbal Atomics, by Nertea - Adds new nuclear thermal rockets that run on LH2 (with Ox boosting enabled). Pairs nicely with Cryogenic Engines by the same modder. [1.3.0] Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, by Nils277 - A comprehensive modular parts pack adds several new parts for building bases on other planets, with a stockalike "Kerbal" style. [1.3.0] KSP Interstellar Extended, by FreeThinker - Adds a large number of new technologies and parts for late-game deep space exploration, based on realistic and physically possible technologies. [1.3.0] Lithobrake Exploration Technologies, by NecroBones - Adds new parts to the game, with focus on landers and exploration related parts. [1.2.2] Mark IV Spaceplane System, by Nertea - Adds a new Mk4 plane size with all the parts needed to build fully functional planes and spaceplanes. Fans of vintage sci-fi marionettes should check this one. [1.3.0] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.), by Angel-125 - Adds new 1.875m parts with a new pods, engines, fuel tanks and early-career station parts. [1.3.0] Modular Kolonization System, by RoverDude - Adds new mechanics for building bases on other planets, with new base building mechanics, parts and much more. [1.3.0] Modular Rocket Systems, by NecroBones - Adds a fair number of stockalike parts designed to fill some of the gaps in stock. [1.3.0] Near Future Technologies, by Nertea - Several mods adding near-futuristic parts including engines, solar panels, reactors. [1.2.x] 'Otter' Submersible (USI Submarine Parts), by RoverDude - A complete parts pack to create your own submersibles and explore the depths of the oceans! [1.3.0] Pathfinder, by Angel-125 - Enables advanced base construction with resource mining and technological evolution, and adds all the parts required. [1.3.0] Sounding Rockets!, by RoverDude - What is this!?! A Rocket for ants!? This mod adds a series of very simple 0.35m parts to the start node. [1.3.0] SpaceY Heavy Lifter Parts Pack, by NecroBones - Adds various rocket parts, including thrust plates, several SRBs and 5m diameter parts. [1.3.0] SpaceY Expanded, by NecroBones - Expands the SpaceY mod with 7.5m diameter parts. [1.3.0] Stockalike Station Parts Expansion, by Nertea - Tired of constructing a station out of mobile labs and Hitchhikers? This pack has a large number of parts suitable for building space stations or bases. [1.3.0] The Malemute Rover, by RoverDude - This pack includes parts for cargo, geo-science (no more awkward Narrow Band Scanners sticking out!), crew transport, and general shenanigans. [1.3.0] USI Core (Reactors and Kontainers), by RoverDude - This is a bundled release of the USI nuclear reactors and the various kontanier types that are used accross many USI mods. Latest Version [1.3.0] USI Exploration Pack, by RoverDude - A set of rover and extravehicular suit based parts. [1.2.x] USI Survivability Pack, by RoverDude - Adds several parts allowing you to design escape crafts in case things go south. Spacecraft and Station Parts mods: Need parts for your exploration needs? Look here to see if any catch your eye. [1.1.0] AB Launchers, by hoojiwana - This is a modular part set for very heavy payloads, based on Energia and its prospective derivatives, using a 5m diameter core and 2.5m diameter boosters. [1.2.2] ALCOR, "Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendezvous", by alexustas - Adds a new modern orbital capsule fitted with advanced IVA. [1.3.1] Chaka Monkey Evolution, by YANFRET - Chaka Monkey Exploration Odyssey is a space program based on NASA and Boeing proposals for future missions. [1.3.0] Coatl Aerospace ProbePlus, by akron - This is a comprehensive stock-alike (ish) probe expansion pack inspired by real missions from the mid-1960s to now. [1.3.0] Corvus CF, by micha - Corvus is a small parts pack based around a 1.25m two-seat capsule. [1.0.5] CST-100 Starliner, by xxhansonmaxx - This is a complete 3.75 m 7 Seat Crew Vehicle! [1.2.2] CxAerospace: Station Parts Pack, by cxg2827 - This adds several new parts heavily inspired by the International Space Station, useful for space stations or interplanetary crafts. [1.2.x] DarkSideTechnology, by Badsector - Parts to help build ships for long voyages, includes 2.5m foldable centrifuge, 2.5m and 3.75m hubs and inline 3.75m solar panels. [1.3.0] Endurance Continued, by JPLRepo - Recreate the Endurance spacecraft from 'Interstellar.' [1.1.x] HabTech - Stockalike Station Parts, by benjee10 - HabTech aims to provide a set of stock alike parts for space station construction [1.3.0] Joolian Discovery, by NecroBones - Inspired by the USS Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Now you too can have your very own KAL 9000. *Safety not guaranteed. [1.3.0] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion, by EmbersArc - Tired of throwing away your rocket every time you launch? Look no further! This collection of parts will help you build reusable rockets, SpaceX-style. [1.3.0] KW Rocketry Rebalanced, by linuxgurugamer - Adds various rocket parts of all sizes and sort, including 5m diameter parts. [1.3.0] K2 Command Pod, by linuxgurugamer - Adds a 1.25m diameter 2-Kerbals command pod. [1.2.1] LLL Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This is a development mod to update the Lack Luster Labs mod. [1.3.0] Mod Pods, by TiktaalikDreaming - This adds modular additions to 2.5m and 3.75m command pods. [1.3.0] NSS/OctoSat - SOAR Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This is a modular probe parts pack with a large number of different parts. [1.2.2] Omicron - Flying Space Car, by Climberfx - Ever dream of flying cars? Dream no more! A comprehensive modular parts pack for creating a unique futuristic fly cars. [1.2.2] Phoenix Industries Cargo Resupply System, by -ctn- - A CRS parts pack modelled after Cygnus, Dragon, HTV and ATV spacecraft, meant to integrate with KIS and MechJeb. [1.2.x] Pirates of the Keribbean, by GagaX - YAARGH Me Matey! Where there is space there are space pirates! This is a fun mod that adds parts for creating pirate spaceships. [1.3.0] RLA Recontinued, by Carbonjvd - A comprehensive stockalike parts pack that adds in a multitude of different niche parts. [1.2.x] Rocket Factory, by RaendyLeBeau - This is a large and comprehensive parts pack to supplement stock. This mods includes several new crew pods and engines in addition to lots of other bits and pieces. [1.3.0] Rusty Star Rockets, by GagaX - Want ancient looking spacecraft? This mod adds parts made of rusty metal. [1.3.0] SDHI Service Module System, by sumghai - Adds several parts to build a full service module around the stock Mk1-2 pod, including adapter, service module, LES and cover... [1.3.0] Solaris Hypernautics, by Carbonjvd - Adds a wide range of sci-fi inspired drives and misc parts based on virtual particles, magnetic fields and other electric/ionic technologies... [1.2.2] Space 1999 Eagle Transporter 3 Pack, by MajorTom69 - This is a parts pack for KSP to recreate the glorious Eagle Transporter (N° 3) from the 70's series "Space: 1999". [1.3.0] SSTULabs - Low Part Count Solutions, by Shadowmage - Adds various new parts with a focus on reducing part counts by using parts with multiple functionalities. [1.2.2] SSTU Expansion Pack, by JoseEduardo - This pack is an optional add-on for the SSTU mod, that adds SSTU functionality to some third party mods, a M-1 engine (modified J-2 model) and a Skylab station core. [1.2.2] SSTU Nova Add-on Pack, by JoseEduardo - This pack is an add-on for the SSTU mod. It adds a new maximum diameter for SSTU procedural and semi-procedural parts up to 20m and new engine cluster layouts. [1.2.x] Standard Propulsion Systems, by Starbuckminsterfullerton - This parts pack is intended to provide a more standardized and cohesive alternative to the stock parts while still maintaining a stockalike appearance. [1.2.1] Stational Constructs, by Jiraiyah - A collection of parts from older mods, including a station ring part. [1.2.x] STS - AVALON, by RaendyLeBeau - This mods objective is to provide a space transport system with a direct approach, to closer planets within the solar system, similar to NASA's Mars Transfer Vehicle. [1.2.1] Taurus HCV, by bsquiklehausen - Adds a 3.75m capsule, and parts associated to build a fully functional CSM, including engines, passenger/science modules and tanks. [1.2.x] T.R.A.I.L.S. Plus - Gemini-alike 2 Kerbal Parts Pack, by tg626 - This adds in a Kerbalized version of the Gemini spacecraft with the Titan rocket included. [1.2.2] Tundra Exploration, by tygoo7 - This is a mod that will include various stuff from SpaceX and other cool stuff that is stockalike. [1.3.0] IXS Warpship Original Series, by Denko666 - WarpShip is an update and expansion of the IXS Enterprise, adding some futuristic functionality while maintaining good integration with stock parts. Spaceplanes and Aircraft Parts mods: Want your Kerbals to feel the wind beneath their wings? Feel the need for a SSTO?!? These are the right mods for you. [1.3.0] Ablative-Airbrake, by Skalou - An ablator coated airbrake for increased survivability during atmospheric reentries. [1.3.0] Airplane Plus, by blackheart612 - A wide range of new parts for aircraft enthusiasts. [1.3.0] AoA Technologies, by Wolfair corp. - This mod adds in several new cockpits, nose drones and engines for your aircraft needs. [1.2.2] Aviation Cockpits, Mallikas - Adds in 8 different cockpits through the decades of flight. [1.2.2] B9 Aerospace, by blowfish - Adds a great number of new spaceplane parts including wings, engines, cockpits, fuselages and structural components, and more. [1.x.x] D12 Aerotech - A B9 Aerospace Expansion, by PolecatEZ - This is a parts pack to expand the B9 Aerospace mod. [1.3.0] DCK, by DoctorDavinci - New paintings and armors to increase your fighters stealthiness or just overall coolness. [1.0.0] Firespitter, by Snjo - The parts of this mod adds in several different prop driven engines and parts for aircraft designs. Now maintained by RoverDude, find the latest versions here. [1.3.0] Hooligan Labs Airships, by JewelShisen - Adds airship parts to the game. [1.2.2] Kerbal Aircraft Expansion (KAX), by keptin - A pack of select vanilla-inspired parts for your aircrafting needs! [1.2.x] Kerbonov Kn-2 Cockpit Module, by Sam Hall - This small parts pack adds in a few new parts for better variety in your vessel construction. [1.3.0] Kirov Airship Mod, by Icecovery - This mod add three parts and you can build "Kirov Airship"( An Airship in "Command & Conquer: Red Alert" ) in the game. [1.3.0] Lockheed Kerbin CEV, by Well - A small lifting body large enough for five astronauts and their equipment. Its airplane-shaped design made it easier to navigate during high-speed returns to Kerbin than the capsule-shaped vehicles of the past. [1.3.0] MAD - Aerospace Parts, by Citizen247 - The Ministry of Space (Aeronautics Department) (MAD) proudly presents it's first product: Literally just the stock Mk1 cockpit, but with a razorback. [1.3.0] Mk2 Expansion, by SuicidalInsanity - Provides a lot of new Mk2 parts to enable more advanced spaceplane (or other crafts) construction. [1.3.0] Mk2.5 Spaceplane Parts Rebuilt & Expanded, by linuxgurugamer - This is a parts pack of 2.5m spaceplane parts with a flat bottom, possessing a bit of aerodynamic lift. [1.3.0] Mk3 Expansion, by SuicidalInsanity - This is a parts pack intended to flesh out the stock mk3 parts lineup with new engines, cockpits, fuselage parts and more. [1.2.2] Mk3 Hypersonic Systems, by nestor_d - This mod is geared toward expanding the possibilities for making sleeker spaceplanes using the Mk3 fuselage system. Thread tagged as 1.1 but there is a 1.2.2 update available on SpaceDock. [1.2.x] Mk-X Spaceplane Parts, by benjee10 - very small (4 parts!) mod pack that emulates the X-37b spaceplane in a very simplistic way. [1.2.x] OPT Space Plane, by K.Yeon - This is a massive parts pack that contains more than 60 space plane dedicated parts. An updated branch, OPT Legacy, developed by stali79 is available here. [1.1.2] Orbital Utility Vehicle, by nli2work - This is a complete parts pack to create a small space vehicle to help you out on orbital jobs. A patch for KSP 1.2.x has been created by Deimos Rast and is available here. [1.2.1] Prakasa Aeroworks Pods and More, by Balto-the-Wolf-Dog - This is an aircraft/spaceplanes pack with the objective of filling the 2.5 m void between the Mk2 and Mk3. The thread displays [1.1.3] but an official release for 1.2.1 is available. [1.3.0] Procedural Wings, by Crzyrndm - Two mods that allow you to design procedural wings for more freedom when building planes. [1.3.0] QuizTech Aero Pack Continued, by linuxgurugamer - An expansion for stock and modded spaceplane parts! Modelled to fit for 1.25m and Mk2 parts. [1.2.x] Retrofuture, by amankd - A small parts park of aircraft parts and cockpits? [1.2.2] Stock jet Turbines resurrected, by Bloody_looser - Basically, MM configs to bring back the stock jet engine turbines killed by the VTOL lobby. [1.3.0] Stockalike Mk1 Open cockpit, by NESD - Want your Kerbals to feel the breeze across their faces as they fly? Now they can! A small parts mod that adds in a open cockpit for 1.25m parts. [1.2.x] Survey Transponder, by taniwha - This is a small mod for keeping track of your air-drop packages until they hit the ground. Very good for those surface survey contracts in awkward locations. [1.2.x] Taerobee - Stockalike X-1 and More, by Beale - a small collection of stockalike parts, based on the X-1 and Bumper Rocket. Jump Drives, Engines and Tanks mods: Want bigger rockets? Smaller rockets? Moar boosters? Look no further. [1.2.x] Alchemy Technologies, by kyklop - This is a multi tank parts pack of various sized tanks. [1.3.0] Alcubierre Warp Drive, by RoverDude - Adds a new warp drive to allow you to travel faster than light when used correctly. Useful for mods expanding the Kerbol system. [1.0.5] Atomic Age - Nuclear Propulsion Red Hot Radiators, by Porkjet - More nuclear rockets for various purposes! Additional radiators included! A patch for 1.2 (that seems to work fine with 1.3 as well) by Deimos Rast is available here. [1.2.1] Blue Kerbin Dynamics mk1 Fuel tanks expansion, by Jeb-head-mug kerman - This mod adds some more Mk1 fuel tanks. [1.2.2] Em Drive - Resonant Cavity Thruster, by Beale - This adds in a single 0.625m reactionless thruster, the controversial 'Em Drive'. [1.3.0] ESLD Jump Beacons Revived, by Booots - The ESLD Beacon network will get your Kerbals from point A to points B through Z in no time at all, presuming you've positioned and fueled them. [1.3.0] Eve Optimized Engines, by OhioBob - Ever get frustrated by the poor performance of stock engines on Eve? This mod adds in 6 new engines designed to work in Eve's atmosphere! [1.3.0] Explodium Breathing Engines, by Gordon Fecyk - For the brave foolish who try flying around Eve, or other worlds in planet packs that might have fire in the air. Great for GregroxMun's Alien Space Programs too. [1.3.0] FTL Drive Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Ever wished you where somewhere else instantly. With the Kerbin Science Foundry faster than light (FTL) drive you can! [1.2.2] Futuristic Engines, by ForumUser - The Futuristic Engines mod adds in more parts to fit in with the futuristic scene. [1.3.0] GN Drive from Mobile Suit Gundam, by flywlxy - GN drive is a powerful energy system within Mobile Suit Gundam 00 designed to give a mobile suit a significant advantage in combat. [1.2.x] HGR Community Fixes, by Kerbas_ad_astra - This is a comprehensive HGR community patch that fixes the outdated Home Grown Rockets (links of old thread in thread broken, downloads here). (HGR will not be included on library list until its been updated.) [1.3.0] ImpossibleDrives, by Superpenguin160 - This is the EM-Drive or the impossible drive, scientific doubt set aside this one definitely works! [1.3.0] Instell Incorporated Experimental Technologies Continued, by Benjamin Kerman - Adds several new engines including 2 scramjets, an electric engine and a "pulse detonation engine". [1.3.0] ION RCS, by JPLRepo - Adds new RCS thrusters using Xenon and/or EC for greatly increase efficiency. [1.2.x] Kerbal Hacks, by Enceos - Adds misc parts including Procedural Parts textures, asphalt tiles, larger fairings, wrap-around drop tanks... [1.3.0] Landertrons (Automatic Landing Retro-Rockets), by Kerbas_ad_astra - Landertrons are small solid rocket motors which can be mounted on a craft and set to automatically fire in one of three modes. [1.3.0] Ludicrous Propulsion Systems, by Benjamin Kerman - Adds new hybrid boosters, giant tanks lengths, and radial-adapting engines to reduce part counts. [1.3.0] MaErDa Corp Showcase, by Warsoul - A part mod for your most futuristic creations. [1.2.x] Micro Xenon Engine, by shinevision - Adds a second Xenon+Electric powered engine. Its good for making really accurate adjustments. [1.3.0] Munar Industries - Modular Fuel Tanks Expansion Rebuilt, by linuxgurugamer - A collection of 52 modular tanks designed to allow for greater flexibility in craft configuration. [1.3.0] Orion Drive TD Edition, by TiktaalikDreaming - This is an Orion drive (nuclear pulse detonation) parts mod for your long duration missions. [1.3.0] PEBKAC Industries: Launch Escape System, by Kurld - These parts are designed to more or less simulate the Apollo and Mercury LES's used in real life. [1.2.2] Phoenix Industries: Boosters!, by -ctn- - This adds two tiny boosters, one large booster, and a radial LF/O tank to your parts roster. [1.3.0] 'Project Orion' Nuclear Pulse Engine, by RoverDude - This mod puts experimental nuclear drive concepts into the game. Includes a 5m USAF Orion as well as a 5m Medusa variant. [1.2.x] Rover Fuel Tanks, by RadialThrone1 - This mod takes the vanilla radial xenon tank and creates a LF/OX version, as well as having a fuel tank version of the Probodobodyne RoveMate. [1.3.0] Space Opera, by TiktaalikDreaming - For when most people would have been sane and just enabled the infinite fuel, these are fuel consuming parts that are just absurdly overpowered. [1.2.x] Stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere, by Randazzo - A small parts mod that adds in a 1.875 m engine and some boosters. [1.3.0] Streamline, by NESD - A set of engines in aerodynamical cowlings with attach points on both sides, RCS modules and LF/O fuels tanks. [1.2.x] SuperBooster, by OwenM - Super boosters are the latest way to get into space without more than the bare essentials. They are ridiculously overpowered and ridiculously overpriced. [1.3.0] Vector Repurposed, by Snark - This tweak turns the Vector from a special-purpose engine that's limited to space shuttle replicas, into a general-purpose upper-tier engine for 1.25m rocket stacks. [1.3.0] VX Series II Engine Pack, by Randazzo - The next generation of VX series engines for the next generation of KSP! This is a small engine pack to help you get your rockets to orbit! Ground and Naval Parts mods: Do you want to go on a Sunday drive with your Kerbals? Do your Kerbals need a yacht to sail on? Maybe these will help. [1.3.0] Aircraft Carrier Accessories, by flywlyx - Adds landing and takeoff systems to be used on aircraft carriers. [1.2.2] Ballast and Nuclear Submarines Parts Mod, by Redshift OTF - This mod adds in modified Squad and KAX parts to help in submarine construction. [1.2.x] Carrier Vessel Expansion, by Eskandare - Adds new parts to build an aircraft carrier in KSP. [1.2.2] Firma - Permanent Base Structures, by Sassenach - A mean of building permanent bases structures away from the KSC. [1.2.2] Glass Panes and Enclosures, by 2001kraft - Want to create customized see through domes? This mod adds multiple shapes and sized window parts to your inventory. [1.3.0] Kerbal Foundries - Continued, by Shadowmage - Adds new wheels, tracks, antigrav repulsors and other parts to improve your interactions with the ground. [1.2.2] Kesla Boxville Rover Lux, by keslaauto - A van to haul stuff for your Kerbal driving adventures. [1.2.2] Kesla Rebel vehicle module, by keslaauto - A compact light pickup chassis for your Kerbal driving adventures. [1.2.2] Kesla Vehicle Modular System, by keslaauto - A masterthread for keslaauto's vehicle mods. [1.3.0] Large Boat Parts Pack, by SpannerMonkey(smce) - Adds new pre-made boats parts to be able to design boats with even more possibilities. [1.3.0] Leviathan-class Aircraft Carrier, by nestor_d - A fully operational carrier hull and bridge with functional lifts and hangar. [1.3.0] Mobile Frame System, by riocrokite - Adds several new parts designed to simplify hauling of resources across a body. [1.2.2] MonkeyHead's Garage, by Wrench Head - A collection of car and engine parts for driving around the KSC! [1.2.2] Netherdyne Mass Driver Mod, by Northstar1989 - This mod puts in a mass drive system to magnetically shoot your vessels into orbit. A 1.3 patch has been made by FreeThinker and is available for download. [1.2.2] Panto Rover, by keslaauto - This mod adds in a fun little 3-door hatchback. [1.3.0] Planetary Domes, by Thrimm - Adds domes as well as parts to fit inside to build complete and functional bases on other bodies. [1.3.0] SM Marine, by SpannerMonkey(smce) - Adds new boat parts to build better boats in KSP. [1.3.0] Stockalike Mining Extension, by SuicidalInsanity - SME adds a number of mining and ISRU-related parts in a variety of form factors. Currently a Work-In-Progress. [1.3.0] The Maritime Pack, by Fengist - Adds a lot of boats of all sorts. [1.3.0] Version_2.0 Industries Rover Pack, by MichaelV2.0 - The pack consists of a variety of rover parts to tackle the gap in planetary scientific exploration as well as cargo and passenger transportation. [1.2.x] Wheels Collection, by zitronen - A small wheel parts pack to add in some variety for your rides. [1.3.0] 1869 Steampunk Mod, by Fengist - Are you a KSP fan and a Steampunk enthusiast? Then get this right now! General Part mods: Looking for a particular part to meet that particular need? Look through these mods to find that special part you need. [1.2.x] Active Heat Management System, by Randazzo - A pack of radiators to help with your cooling needs. [1.3.0] Aviation Lights, by BigNose - Adds two types of airplane lights (navigation and warning lights) for a bit more realism to planes in KSP (or just to make them look cooler). [1.3.0] Davon supply mod, by PrivateFlip - This mod adds a unique part that allows a outsourcing solution for your resupply needs in the Kerbin locale. Get fuel auto shipped to your crafts in Kerbin orbit. [1.3.0] Dr. Jet's Chop Shop, by Dr. Jet - This mod pack has a multitude of unique and useful parts for your Kerbal creations. [1.3.0] EVA Parachutes & Ejection Seats, by linuxgurugamer - Adds new EVA parachutes for Kerbals, as well as ejection modules to bail out an exploding craft with style. [1.3.0] FuelTastic!, by InfiniteDice - A device to convert ore to fuel with greater efficiency than the stock ISRU at the cost of some mathematical upkeep... [1.3.0] Hangar, by allista - Adds a set of hangar parts that allow you to store vessels in-flight while unloading them. [1.3.0] Heat Control, by Nertea - Adds new radiators for better heat control for nuclear engines and reactors or mining rigs. [1.2.2] Heat Pumps - for Real Fuels, by Starwaster - The purpose of Heat Pump is to cool down cryogenic tanks and prevent boiloff. [1.2.x] Impossible Innovations, by jandcando - Impossible Innovations is a parts pack for KSP that adds some late-game parts based on fusion. [1.3.0] Inline Ballutes, by riocrokite - These parts add in ballutes to assist your crafts in aero braking and reentry phases of your missions. [1.2.2] JSat, by Jiraiyah - This versatile modular mod adds only two parts, one as the satellite frame with built in electric charge and SAS, and one as the wall to cover it up and make it a real cube. [1.3.0] JX2Antenna, by Snark - A giant antenna with a long range for use in big planetary system mods. [1.3.0] Kerbal CCTV, by linuxgurugamer - A mod adding a dynamic CCTV system with a WiFi camera to invade your Kerbals privacy. [1.3.0] Kerbal NRAP, by linuxgurugamer - Adds procedural test weights to assist designing universal rockets. [1.2.2] Kerbal Weights, by SkylerA. - Various weights for al your everyday needs. Tweakscale recommended. [1.3.0] KerBalloons, by JoePatrick1 - This mod brings balloons into KSP, allowing you to gather atmosphere science without launching a rocket or plane. [1.2.1] Korda Industries, by DracovaXIV - This is a revival of an older modular RTG mod. This lets players build their own modular RTG to what ever power output they want. [1.2.x] Large Structural Components Redux, by udk_lethal_d0se - This part packs adds in a variety of large parts for bases or space stations. [1.3.0] Launch Pad Lamp, by Trolllception - Adds a spotlight part to light up your rockets standing on the pad before you light them up. [1.2.2] Low Expectations Inc, by Electr0ninja - Low Expectations Inc is a part pack with all the parts you never knew you wanted. Its a small parts mod that adds in a few useful parts. [1.x.x] Meter Stick, by SchwinnTropius - Adds a metre stick to measure various objects in-game. [1.2.2] Mini Mod - More RTG's, by oren - Looking for some RTG variety? Here is a mod that adds three new types of RTGs with different decay rates and power ratings. [1.2.1] Mini Sample Return Capsule, by CobaltWolf - This mod contains two parts, a command/parachute and heat shield/cargo bay for returning science samples from orbit. [1.3.0] Mk1-Cabin-Hatch, by Skalou - The Mk1-Cabin-Hatch adds a stockalike hatch to the stock Mk1 crew cabin's roof from which you can go and come in EVA. [1.3.0] Mk1 Cargo Bay Updated, by Kerbas_ad_astra - Ever needed a small cargo bay for your Mk1 Command Pod? This is a small set of inline open-ended cargo bays, comes in .625 m and 1.25 m sizes. [1.2.2] Monkey Business Inc., by blacsky33 - A very large parts pack with a multitude of parts available. Dropbox download link [1.2.2] more controllable parts, by horace - Small reaction wheel part mod. [1.2.x] NEBULA EVA Handrails Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This pack adds 5 EVA handrails for space stations and science vessels, more suitable than ladders in weightlessness. [1.3.0] PicoPort, the Micro Docking Ports, by steedcrugeon - PicoPort is a small parts mod pack which contains a set of very small Docking Ports intended for use with tiny probes. [1.3.0] Procedural Fairings, by rsparkyc - Adds fairings that shape automatically according to payload shape. [1.2.x] Radial Stack Separator, by Mach_XXII - This is a radial stack separator for decoupling stuff without any bits left behind. [1.3.0] REKT Escape Pod Mod, by steedcrugeon - This mod is designed to introduce another means of safely recovering your Kerbals from a mission which may have gone that ever happens..Pffff! [1.2.2] Repurposed Stock Parts and Stockalike Parts, by InfiniteAtom - This adds some parts that are missing in default KSP or should be added to default KSP. [1.2.x] RIAC - Resources in a Can, by Caithloki - RIAC for short is a mobile, small and compact mining IRSU for small purposes. Able to be stored in very small cargo bays. [1.2.2] ScienceContainers, by FuturamaKing - This mod was created to deorbit a small drop container with some science. [1.3.0] SDHI Strobe-O-Matic Warning Rotator Lights, by sumghai - Adds a set of small surface-attachable warning lights, available in several colours. [1.2.x] Search and Rescue, by TMasterson5 - Adds parts to build recovery aircraft or ships for when you decide that pressing the recovery button when on the other side of the planet is not realistic enough. [1.0.5] Sigma: Antennas, by Sigma88 - A set of 4 antennas, recoloured and resized versions of the stock Comms DTS-M1, because color coding is fun! (Due to the 1.2 comm network, the antennas don't work anymore, but they should not break your crafts) [1.0.5] Sigma: OuterSpaceComms, by Sigma88 - A set of 3 antennas designed to probe deep into outer space. [1.3.0] Simple Adjustable Fairings, by blowfish - Adds new adjustable fairings based on the KW Rocketry fairings. [1.3.0] Smart Parts Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Smart Parts can trigger all 10 action groups, as well as various other functionality such as SAS, lights, stage, or abort. [1.2.2] Spear of Longinus, by tetsuchou - Adds the Spear of Longinus from the show Neon Genesis Evangelion. [1.1.x] Speedy's Hex Truss System, by SpeedyB - Need some truss parts for you space station? This mod pack adds in a few new parts to your inventory. [1.3.0] Stork Delievery System [SDS], by riocrokite - Deliver your big cargo to the planet surface without flipping! [1.2.1] Structural Disks, by Benji13 - Structural Disks adds new structural parts based off the structural panels already in the game. Instead, these panels (or disks) are circular. [1.2.x] Structural Tubing, by DrunkenKerbalnaut - This mod adds a few structural components for ruggedizing your various crafts. [1.3.0] Surface Mounted Stockalike Lights, by IgorZ - This package provides extra lighting parts that allow illuminating station or vessel to make it more nice and usable in the dark. [1.3.0] SXT Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Adds a lot of new stockalike parts, from rockets to boats, and more. [1.2.2] Tantares Fairing Extension, by legoclone09 - A small set of 3 MM patches that makes 2.5m, 3.75m, and 5m fairings. It requires Tantares and ModuleManager. [1.3.0] The Bolt-On Mission Probe ReRevival Thread, by linuxgurugamer - Bolt-On Mission Probes are unmanned command modules or probe cores. [1.3.0] Tokamak Industries Refurbished Parts, by linuxgurugamer - This pack has parts that cover all aspects of your mission. It also includes Porkjet's Hab Pack parts. [1.2.2] TWSA's Payload Adapters!, by Tristonwilson12 - This mod adds 1 part to the game. and that part is a payload adapter! [1.3.0] Universal Storage, by Paul Kingtiger - A parts pack containing several resources containers to be placed around central sections for service modules. [1.3.0] Ventral Drill for Stock ISRU, by 5thHorseman - The stock ISRU system is missing a single, critical part: The ventral (in-line) drill. This simple mod fixes that. Weapon mods: For when your Kerbals need to use some heavy firepower to blow up the KSC. [1.2.x] Aviator Arsenal, by tetryds - Aviator Arsenal is a pack of weapons that contains the most famous World War 2 aircraft weaponry. [1.3.0] BDArmory Continued, by Papa_Joe - Adds weapon systems in KSP such as missiles and mounted guns for your military crafts. [1.1.3] Carcharoth Aeronautics, by Carcharoth - This has a series of small weapon systems for all your destructive needs. [1.2.2] Future Weapons - BDArmory Sci-Fi Addon, by Aerolfos - A sci-fi addon for BD Armory, it adds a bunch of weapons inspired by Star Wars. [1.2.x] Medieval Weapons Pack for KIS, by Jed-head-mug-kerman - This is a mod which adds some weapons from the medieval era for your Kerbals! [1.2.x] NAS Extra, by Acea - This mod provides a single gun, based on H/PJ38 onboard 052D Class destroyer of PLAN, which shoots fireworks instead of cannon shells. [1.3.0] NAS - Naval Artillery System, by Acea - NAS is an expansion of BahamutoD's BDArmory, providing a set of naval weapon replicas and weapons used to attack naval ships from both side in WWII. [1.3.0] Next Star Industries: BDArmory Weapons Extension, by Next_Star_Industries - Heavier, larger and explodier weapons for your heavier, larger and resistanter targets. [1.3.0] North Kerbin Dyanamics - Nuclear Bomb and Heavy Ordnance Pack, by harpwner - The definitive BDArmory Nuclear Weaponry (and other things) Pack! [1.2.2] PEW continued, by SpannerMonkey(smce) - Promethium industries presents the latest in conventional weaponry! Our catalog includes 38 missile weapons and unguided munitions! Place your orders today! [1.3.0] SM Armory, by SpannerMonkey(smce) - from 7.7mm WW1 machine guns to modern CIWS systems , WW2 field guns to 152mmAGS turrets there's a weapon for every eventuality! [1.2.2] SM_Stryker Stryker's Aerospace and Armory, by SpannerMonkey(smce) - An aircraft parts pack to help you recreate several famous aircraft of yesteryear. Construction mods: Want to build stuff outside of the VAB or SPH? These are the mods to get the job done! [1.3.0] Extraplanetary Launchpads, by taniwha - Allows you to build new vessels directly from your bases and colonies instead of having to send everything from Kerbin. [1.3.0] Far From Kerbin - Simple Temporary Bases, by linuxgurugamer - Why would you bring heavy printing materials with you, when there's a lot of things on the surface of the planets? Build off the land materials! [1.3.0] Ground Construction, by allista - Allows you to build new crafts on other bodies, using resources from the surface. [1.3.0] Kerbal Attachment System, by IgorZ - Adds new construction mechanics for large bases and orbital construction, with EVA functionalities. [1.2.2] Keridian Dynamics, by Eleusis La Arwall - This pack contains converters like Furnaces, 3D-Printers and a Chemical Reactor to produce RocketParts from Ore or MetalOre. [1.3.0] Konstruction!, by Roverdude - Konstruction! adds new parts and game mechanics to KSP centered around base and orbital construction! [x.x.x] Not So Simple Construction, by RealGecko - This is a light weight mod that has simplified construction techniques. [1.3.0] OSE Workshop Continued, by Aelfhe1m - OSE Workshop is a new part that is meant to be used in conjunction with Kerbal Inventory System (KIS). It allows you to create parts in flight. [1.3.0] QuantumStrutsContinued, by linuxgurugamer - This mod provides a set of toggleable, magical strut parts to assist in construction outside the assembly buildings. [1.3.0] SimpleConstruction, by RealGecko - This mod aims to provide simple rocket building capability to stock parts. [1.2.x] SpaceDock, by Fendrin - Create orbital shipyards for off world construction of your creations with this parts pack! Replica Spacecraft and Launcher mods: Because reproducing Vostok 1 without these conical boosters isn't really reproducing. Mods that bring real rockets to KSP are located here. [1.2.2] Alcentar Ind. Vostok, by Alcentar - This is replica part mod for the R-7 rocket and Vostok spacecraft. [1.3.0] Antares & Cygnus - Joint Project, by raidernick - This mod adds in the Cygnus and Cygnus extended space vehicle and the Antares Launch System. [1.3.0] Bacon Labs, by _Augustus_ - This mod is a small parts pack for the the Ariane and Vega vehicles. [1.3.0] Bluedog Design Bureau, by CobaltWolf - Adds a large number of parts reproducing real-life US launchers (and a few others) in a stockalike fashion. [1.3.0] Contares, by hraban - An add-on for Tantares which adds even more launchers (Soviet/Russian, and also European and Asian) as well as real life spaceplane projects. [1.3.0] Convair NEXUS, by TiktaalikDreaming - This is a replica of a massive rocket design from the early era of rocket designs. [1.0.5] FASA, by frizzank - This mod covers the Apollo, Gemini & Mercury programs. This mod is playable on 1.2.2 with a patch created by Jebs_SY found here. It is also playable on 1.3 with a patch created by raidernick available here. [1.2.2] German WWII rockets a.k.a. Wernher's Old Bits, by TiktaalikDreaming - This adds in some German rocket designs, including the A-12 orbiter rocket. It was never built, but was a fairly well sketched out idea. [1.2.x] Horizon Aeronautics - Zenit 3SLB Redux, by Delta_8930 - Adds new parts replicating the real Zenit booster. [1.3.0] Kerbalized SpaceX, by harrisjosh2711 - Adds various spacecraft from SpaceX to the game. [1.3.0] Knes, by Well - Adds several European rockets and spacecraft balanced for the stock game. [1.3.0] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: Altair Lander & AresV, by silentvelcro - Adds all the parts for the 4 seat Altair Lander and AresV Launch Vehicle. To be used with the HOYO suite of mods. [1.3.0] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: Ares I-X Hoyo Launch Vehicle, by silentvelcro - Launch vehicle for the HOYO CSM. Includes first stage solid rocket booster, J2X second stage engine, fuel tank and decouplers/adapters. [1.3.0] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: Dyna-Soar & SIV Space Station, by silentvelcro - The X-20 Dyna-Soar is a Kerbal States Air Force program that developed a spaceplane that could be used for a variety of missions. [1.3.0] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: HOYO CSM, by silentvelcro - LonesomeRobots Aerospace Division introduces you to HOYO CM and SM. This is mod adds a version of NASA's Orion capsule in development. [1.3.0] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: HOYO Lander, by silentvelcro - A complete lander system for vacuum worlds, to use with the HOYO CSM. [1.3.0] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: The Gusmobile, by silentvelcro - Parts pack for Gemini missions. Features the Gemini spacecraft, Titan II Launch vehicle and the Agena Target Vehicle. [1.2.2] North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module, by TiktaalikDreaming - This is a replica for a design of a manned Mars Excursion Module (MEM) that has in the years since become somewhat iconic. [1.3.0] Notantares Space Industries, by NISSKEPCSIM - A mod intended to expand upon the Tantares mod, by adding spacecraft not included in it (eg: Big Soyuz, Gemini Paraglider...). [1.3.0] NovaPunch Continued, by Padrone - Parts are modelled to resemble 'real life' rocketry parts, though they are not intended to replicate any one specific rocket, merely their functions in this make-believe world of Kerbin. [1.2.x] Proton-M / Breeze-M, by InsaneDruid - A realistic and highly detailed parts pack of the Russian Proton Launch System, launch pad included. [1.3.0] Real Scale Boosters, by NecroBones - Full scale real-life launchers reproduced in the game with a stockalike look. [1.3.0] Real Scale Sea Dragon, by NecroBones - Realistically scaled Sea Dragon rocket. These rocket parts ARE NOT stock balanced! They're using the real world mass ratios, thrusts, ISPs, dry weights, and so on. [1.2.x] Rockets and Spacecrafts, by DECQ - This mod includes parts for three vehicles, Angara, Soyuz and Dragon 2. [1.3.0] Salyut Stations, by raidernick - Adds replicas of the Soviet Salyut and Almaz space stations. [1.3.0] Skylab, by raidernick - This mod comes with everything you need to create your own Skylab, broken solar panels and all! [1.3.0] Soviet Probes & Soviet Rockets, by raidernick - Adds replicas of well-known Soviet launchers (R7 family, UR-500 Proton and Zenit) and probes. [1.3.0] Soviet Spacecraft, by raidernick - Contains replicas of the Soviet Soyuz/Progress 7K, Vostok, Voskhod, LOK/LK and TKS spacecrafts. [1.2.x] Space Launch System Basic Version, by Sobol - This is a mod that adds to the basic game section dedicated to the SLS program. Package contains: SLS Block 1, SLS Block 1B, SLS Block 2. [1.2.x] SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System, by Thrimm - This is a mod replicating a vehicle Elon Musk, from SpaceX, recently revealed for his venture to colonize Mars. [1.3.0] Tantares, by Beale - Adds a large number of parts focused on the Soviet space program, with stockalike style. [1.3.0] ULA Vulcan Rocket Parts Pack, by Superpenguin160 - Add parts to build the upcoming Vulcan launcher. [1.3.0] US Probes Pack, by raidernick - A pack aiming to replicate all the probes ever sent by NASA and the US military. [1.3.0] US Rockets, by raidernick - This pack adds in a large selection of US launch system of the past 70 years. [1.3.0] Vostok Continued, by IronCretin - This mod adds a set of parts designed to re-create the Vostok spacecraft and Blok-E upper stage in a stockalike style. Replica Parts mods: Need a few real world parts for your Space Shuttle or Apollo CSM? See if we have what you need. [1.3.0] Cormorant Aeronology, by Pak - Adds various new shuttle parts inspired by the real Space Shuttle. [1.2.1] FASTCORP Autogarage - Real Cars for KSP, by fast_de_la_speed - The Autogarage is a compilation of real-life vehicles converted for use in KSP! [1.2.2] Launch Towers Pack, by sciencepanda - These launch towers are designed to fit the Falcon rockets from Kartoffelkuchen's Launchers Pack. [1.2.1] Launchers Pack - SpaceX Pack, by Kartoffelkuchen - Multiple SpaceX launch vehicles in the pack with the Atlas V added in. [1.2.x] MARS SCIENCE LABORATORY (MSL) PHASE 1, by lextacy - Parts pack creating parts similar to the NASA vehicles used on Mars missions. [1.2.2] NK-33 Engine, by Mad Rocket Scientist - Replica of a Soviet era rocket engine. [1.3.0] RealEnginesPack, by Alcentar - This add-on adds a pack of engines that exist / existed in real life. Note: The motors not 100% copy of their real counterparts. [1.3.0] RN Misc Parts, by raidernick - This mod adds misc spacecraft parts such as the MIR docking module, the Space Shuttle Spacelab and more. [1.2.x] RoverMate Classic (jeep), by DrunkenKerbalnaught - Do you love the classic old Jeep chassis, now your Kerbals can drive one around too! [1.2.x] Shuttle Payload Technologies, by MrMeeb - Small parts pack that adds in payloads for your Space Shuttle missions. [1.2.2] Space Shuttle System, by DECQ - NASA Space Shuttle parts to help you recreate past missions. [1.2.x] SpaceX Autonomous SpacePort Drone Ship (ASDS), by sciencepanda - The mod you've all been waiting for!!! Well, all the SpaceX fans at least.... The ASDS!!!! [1.3.0] US & Soviet Solar Panels Pack, by raidernick - This pack contains the majority of the solar panels used on my US and Soviet packs. Star System Pack mods: These packs are literally out of this world. Venture forth to these new and exotic stars to discover their secrets. [1.2.2] Ace's Galactic Expansion, by AceCrafted - This is an interstellar planet pack for KSP, changing Kerbol for another star. [1.2.2] Ace's Stock System Overhaul, by AceCrafted - The mod that modified the Kerbol system. [1.3.0] Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered, by GregoxMun - Pretty much changes everything in the Kerbol system expect the names, expect to be lost at first. [1.2.x] Antares Solar System, by electricpants - This planet pack adds 1 red giant star, 2 other stars, 4 planets, 2 moons, and 2 asteroids. [1.3.0] Before Kerbin, by Gameslinx - Before Kerbin is based on the stock solar system, but 2 billion years ago in the past. You begin on Eve, which has properties similar to the modern Kerbin. [1.2.2] Centauri Dreams, by hikoriyami - This mod adds in the planets and stars of the Alpha Centauri system. All are sized to their real life counterparts. [1.3.0] ERU Planet Pack, by UranianBlue - This planet pack replaces the stock system with 2 Gas-Giants and 4 terrestrial planets, along with asteroid and debris fields. [1.2.2] Exomoons!, by AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures - Adds new exomoons for the planets of the RSS Constellations mod. [1.2.x] Extrasolar, by AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures - Adds a brand new planetary system orbiting a red dwarf. [1.2.2] Galileo's Planet Pack, by Galileo - Replaces the Kerbol system by a completely new system. [1.2.2] Half Size RSS, by pap1723 - A x0.5 resize of the Real Solar System mod. [1.2.2] Interstellar Adventure Revived, by ProtoJeb21 - The pack adds in a total of 5 new solar systems, each one a near-realistic representation of their counterparts in our universe. [1.2.2] Kargantua System, by Artyomka15 - This mod adds the kerbalized version of the Gargantua System from movie Interstellar to your game! Now where did I put that Endurancemod.... [1.2.2] Kerbal Galactic Expansion, by UnnamedProdigy - This mod adds new star systems to Kerbal Space Program and eventually new galaxies. [1.3.0] Kerbin Is Real, by GregoxMun - Adds the planets of the stock Kerbal system into RSS. [1.2.2] Kerbiting System, by ApertureGaming - This planet pack is a planet pack that rearranges all the planets in the stock Kerbol System. [1.2.2] Kerbol Mysteries, by DerpzGames - A complete planetary system pack with a new star and planets to explore. [1.2.2] Kerbol StarSystem, by StarCrusher96 - Adds new stellar systems to the game, also contains a nice graphical rework for the planets of the Kerbol system. [1.1.3] KScale2, by Paul Kingtiger - It doubles the size of planets/moons and their orbits, but keeps everything else stock. This makes a more challenging game with a stock feel. [1.2.2] Ktolemy, by daniel l. - Ever wanted to live in a universe where Kerbin at the center of it all? No problem, just use this mod! [1.3.0] MoonReorganizer, by Mrcarrot - Moves the planets of the stock Kerbal system around to renew your experience a bit. [1.3.0] New Horizions, by KillAshley - This planetary pack adds in quite a few new planets and moons to the stock Kerbol system. [1.3.0] Other_Worlds Star Pack Reboot, by Pkmniako - This mod adds a new star to KSP, with 5 exoplanets and 7 exomoons! [1.3.0] Planet Patches for Principia, by Scotskerb - Planet Patches is adding a patch for each planet mod that has unstable orbits with Principia, repositioning the unstable bodies to make them stable. [1.2.2] Quarter Sized Real Solar System, by pap1723 - Unlike what the name suggests this mods does not reduce the Real Solar System to the size of a quarter, but only to one fourth of its original size. [1.2.2] Rangers Interstellar Overhaul, by Solar Ranger - This mod adds in a new star system (Zurbo-A, a Trappist-1 equivalent) and adds in new planets to the stock Kerbal System. [1.3.0] Rangers Planet Pack, by Solar Ranger - This mod adds in new planets to the stock system: a dwarf planet, a gas giant with moons, and a rogue planet. [1.2.x] Real Solar System, by NathanKell - Changes the solar system to reproduce our Solar System, at its real scale. [1.3.0] Realistic Rescale, by _Augustus_ - Increases the size of the stock system to more realistic values, and introduces axial tilt for each planet. [1.2.2] RescaleZ - 365 days Kerbin x3.2, by ZobrAA - This mod was inspired by Harder Solar System and Kerbin 365 and will make your gameplay harder, but still playable with stock parts. [1.2.x] Revamped Stock Solar System, by GregroxMun - Revamped Stock Solar System is a mod that takes the stock Kerbol system and makes it look quite a bit cooler. [1.2.2] Reworked Stock System, by Bill2462 - Reworked Stock System is a modification that improves the stock system by changing by replacing terrain. [1.3.0] Rooster's Planet Pack, by EnriqueBNew - Adds a new star with several planets and moons to explore. [1.2.2] RSS Constellations, by AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures - RSS Constellations (formerly known as RSS Extrasolar) adds solar systems, with their exoplanets, that exist in real life in their (for the most part) exact positions. [1.2.2] Seven Worlds around SLIPPIST-1, by GregroxMun - Rendered in a stockalike art style, SLIPPIST-1 is a Kerbalized rendition of the TRAPPIST-1 star system. [1.3.0] Stock Size Real Solar System, by Galileo - Replaces the stock system by a 1/10th scaled Real Solar System. [1.3.0] Suthe Planet Overhaul Mod, by Tynton - This planet mod replaces the entire stock system and renames the Sun. This solar system vaguely represents the real solar system. [1.2.2] The Dwarf Star, by electricpants - The Dwarf Star is a mod that adds a tiny red dwarf carbon star that, as of now, adds 1 planet. [1.2.2] Trappist Visions, by hikoriyami - Replaces the stock solar system by a full-size Trappist-1 system. [1.2.2] Winter Kerbol 2016, by GregroxMun - This is a festive winter mod on the stock Kerbol system. [1.2.2] 4X Solar System, by Luka 999 - If you think stock KSP is not hard enough and you want a bit more challenge for getting into orbit, 4X Solar System is the right mod for you. [1.3.0] 6.4x Size 12.8x Distances, by Davis Meyer - A mod that increases the sizes of all bodies by 6.4x and the distances between them by 12.8x. [1.2.0] 10x Kerbol system, by jsimmons - Tthe Kerbol system scaled ten times the size that stock presents. Planet Pack mods: If you're tired of going to Jool over and over again, these mods are happy to provide new planets to explore. [1.2.1] Arkas, by The White Guardian - This Mod adds a single planet to the Kerbol system between the orbits of Moho and Eve. [1.3.0] Asclepius, by MrChumley - Asclepius is a small, sandy, and fissured world, possessing a very thin oxygen atmosphere that only gets thick enough for planes to fly deep in the canyons. [1.2.2] Brown Dwarf Jool, by electricpants - This mod changes Jool into a brown dwarf and rearranges its system to look more like a system of planets. [1.2.2] Cerillion, by The White Guardian - This mod adds a planet called 'Cerillion' to the Kerbal solar system. [1.3.0] Challenge Planet Pack, by Cabbink - Adds several new bodies around the Sun, each challenging to get to in their own ways. [1.3.0] Custom Asteroids, by Starstrider42 - Revamps the asteroid system: they are now literally all over the place and have more variety. [1.3.0] DeltaDizzy's Planets n' Moons, by DeltaDizzy - Currently adds a Minmus-like object orbiting Kerbin made of Zenon, a substance refinable into Xenon gas. [1.3.0] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul, by Gamel0rd1 - This planet packs adds more than a dozen new worlds to discover and land on. [1.3.0] Hypothetical Worlds, by ModerndayLink64 - This mod adds planets to the Kerbol system that represent some objects scientists think (or used to think) might exist. [1.3.0] KerbalKomets, by Angel-125 - Adds comets komets to the Kerbol system. [1.3.0] Kerbal Exoplanets, by EricL - A mod which aiming to add strange new worlds to the game. It will add in some new star systems, all with exoplanets and moons orbiting them! [1.3.0] Kerbfleet Planets, by GregroxMun - Kerbulus, home of the evil Kerbulans, is a planet very very similar to Kerbin. The major difference between Kerbulus and Kerbin is that the land masses are all backwards. [1.3.0] Kerbol Origins, by amarius1 - This mod aims to recreate all the SQUAD planet ideas that never got implemented, like the Gas Planet Two (GP2), Gas Planet Three and many more. [1.2.2] Kolyphemus System, by Artyomka15 - Adds the gas giant Polyphemus from the movie Avatar, as well as its moons. [1.3.0] Kronkus - A Kopernicus Planet Pack, by MrChumley - This mod adds in 1 Gas Giant with 4 moons. [1.2.1] Outer Planets Mod, by CaptRobau - Adds several new planets and moons in the outer stock system beyond the orbit of Eeloo. [1.2.x] Outer Planets Mod Plus, by _Augustus_ - Outer Planets Mod Plus currently adds one moon, Thump, orbiting Sarnus. [1.3.0] Outer Space, by GenesisPlayz - This mods currently adds 3 new planets beyond the orbit of Eeloo. [1.2.x] Planet Cyran, by The White Guardian - Does your system need a big hot angry orange planet of doom??? This planet and moons adds a new challenge for the stock Kerbol system. [1.3.0] Realistic Ascension, by lajoswinkler - Adds a very small comet-like body with an extremely elliptical orbit around the Sun (below Moho to beyond Eeloo). [1.0.5] Sigma: OPM Tilt, by Sigma88 - This mod gives Urlum (OPM) a 90° axial tilt. [1.0.5] Sigma: PluronKhato, by Sigma88 - This mod will add a Kerbal analogue to the Pluto-Charon system. [1.2.2] SKM, by SmashingKirby148 - Here you will find little tweaks to the stock system of KSP, changes to Eve, Jool and Kerbin are made with this mod. [1.2.2] The More Habitable Planets Mod, by ForumUser - This mod is focused on making 10 more habitable planets than just Kerbin and Laythe. [1.3.0] Uncharted Lands, by KillAshley - A re-imagining of the stock planets, Uncharted Lands strives to create both beautiful and interesting worlds possible. [1.2.1] Xen's Planet Collection, by Xenonclave - This is a collection of stock-alike and (mostly) procedurally-generated Kopernicus planets and moons. Planetary Structures mods: Tired of just the KSC and the island runway to go to? Fill your world with bases to make it feel more real with these mods. [1.2.x] Airports & Fictional KSC, by - Osel - This mod adds several real world airports to your RSS games. [1.3.0] Alien Space Program, by GregroxMun - Take KSC And Push It Somewhere Else! (Duna, Laythe, or Eve). [1.2.2] BAD-T Arenas and Airfields, by SuicidalInsanity - This mod is a set of World War II themed KerbalKonstructs Statics and Prefabs originally made for and used by the BAD-T Tournament as air combat arenas. [1.2.x] Grand Prix!, by SuicidalInsanity - Grand Prix adds a selection of race track themed KerbalKonstructs Statics to KSP that KK users can use to construct custom courses and racetracks. [1.2.2] Kerbal Cities Pack, by amankd - This WIP mod attempts to make a basic proceduraly generated city with a variety of buildings and road networks for KSP. [0.22.x] Kerbin City, by nothke - This adds in a city for KSP. For restoring of Kerbin City for your KSP 1.2.2 use the patch by Aerospacer. [1.3.0] Kerbin-Side Continued, by Ger_space - Want to launch from somewhere other than KSC? Grab KerbinSide. Kerbal Konstructs is required. [1.3.0] Kerbin Side GAP, by Keniamin - Kerbin Side GAP is a mod inspired by Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) mod, which offers contracts for planes, VTOLs and helicopters on Kerbin. [1.3.0] KSC++ Continued, by Aerospacer - Extensions to the Kerbal Space Centre with trains, cars, trees, the whole shebang... [1.2.1] Races!, by Vios - Races! It is a Kerbal Space Program mod in which You can build and share air, land and water racetracks and compete to complete them in the shortest possible time. [1.2.x] Real KSC in KSP, by Tristonwilson12 - This brings the real Kennedy space center and cape Canaveral and some various pads around the Globe, to KSP VIA Kerbal Konstructs. [1.3.0] Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, by Icecovery - A replica of Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, a southern and newly built launch facility in People's Republic of China. Planetary/Atmospheric Visual mods: Want to make your planets look stunning beautiful? These mods will help. [1.3.0] Andromeda Visuals: Daydream, by Matchlight - This mod adds High-Res clouds and surface textures to the stock KSP system. [1.3.0] Astronomer's Visual Pack: Updated and Repackaged, by themaster401 - A repackaging of the famous Astronomer's Visual Pack, enhancing the atmospheres of all the planets of the stock system. [1.2.2] Beautiful Dres!!, by daniel l. - No one ever expected this day to come! Dres is finally up to par with every other planet! [1.3.0] Better Atmospheres Reborn, by themaster401 - Improves the visual of the atmosphere of most planets of the Kerbin system. [1.2.2] Constellations Visual Overhaul, by AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures - (CVO) is a visual enhancement mod that greatly improves the visuals of AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures planet/star pack, Constellations. [1.3.0] Distant Object Enhancement bis, by MOARdV - Makes objects such are planets and ships visible to greater distances, and adds stars dimming when looking at a planet. [1.3.0] Duna Restoration Project, by GregroxMun - This mod has restored the beautiful 0.17-0.21 Duna that we used to know for the current KSP version. [1.3.0] EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, by Waz - Adds clouds and city lights to KSP. [1.2.2] Galileo's Sun Flares, by Galileo - This mod is intended to give your celestial bodies the greeting they deserve each day! This adds in a bright flare for your systems star. [1.3.0] Graphic Overhaul for Kargantua & Kolyphemus Systems, by Davian Lin - Atmospheric and visual enhancements for the Kargantua and Kolyphemus mods. [1.3.0] Graphics Enhancements Assembly, by Davian Lin - High res textures and atmospheric effects for all the bodies with atmospheres in the Kerbal system. [1.3.0] GSLX Ocean Patch, by Gameslinx - A simple patch to reduce the lag experienced when looking at the ocean. [1.2.2] JoolBiomes, by Snark - This mod re-textures Jool to give it a Great Green Spot. It also adds four distinct biomes to Jool, with their own distinct science definitions. [1.2.2] LightFixer!, by daniel l. - LightFixer removes ambient light and triples the sunlight intensity. Title says v1.1.3, SpaceDock download is v1.2.2. [1.2.x] Old Kerbin Revisited, by The Jeb - The old map of the planet Kerbin, has been "converted" it to the current version of that map. [1.3.0] OPM Cloud configurations for SciFiVE, by ModerndayLink - This mod adds cloud configs for the Outer Planets Mod, based on SciFi Visual Enhancements. [1.2.x] Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack, by parameciumkid - Improve you planetary atmospheres with this mod, for use with the EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements mod. [1.2.x] Planetshine, by Valerian - Adds planetary reflections to ships in orbit, giving slight lighting when facing a planet. [1.2.2] Pood's OPM-VO Mod, by Poodmund - This is a in depth visual overhaul of all the planets in the Outer Planets Mod. [1.2.2] Real Solar System Visual Enhancements, by Phineas Freak - (RSSVE) is an add-on for the Environmental Visual Enhancements (EVE), providing clouds and other visual improvements for Real Solar System (RSS). [1.x.x] [ReShade] Mediator KSP presets, by JayS_NL - This adds in 2 presets to modify the visual appearance of KSP to give you my eye candy. [1.2.2] RSS Realistic Saturn Ring Texture, by Dooz - A simple texture modification for Saturn in RSS, giving the rings a more realistic look.r [1.2.2] RSSVE-Lite: Visual Enhancement for Potatoes, by AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures - This "lite" version of RSSVE, is supposed to help people with lower-end computers still run RSSwith a visual enhancements mod. [1.3.0] Scatterer, by blackrack - Adds atmospheric scattering effects to the atmospheres of planets. [1.2.2] Sci-Fi Visual Enchancements, by panzer1b - This modifies stock KSP, colors are generally highly saturated to give a more sci-fi universe feel compared to the white and washed out realistic style used in other mods. [1.3.0] Sigma: Eve Recolor, by Sigma88 - This mod changes the colour of Eve to make it more similar to Venus. [1.1.2] Sigma: Jool Recolor, by Sigma88 - This is a Jool retexturing to change its color to a more Jupiter-ish-istic tint. [1.0.5] Sigma: OPM Recolor, by Sigma88 - This mod changes the colors of the OPM Gas Giants: Sarnus, Urlum and Neidon are now light blue, red and orange. [1.3.0] Spectra, by Avera9eJoe - A mod overhauling the appearance of KSP for cinematic views all across the Kerbal system. [1.3.0] Stock Visual Enhancements, by Galileo - Adds new visual features for the stock Kerbol system: clouds, misc atmosphere effects or city lights. [1.2.2] Stock Visual Terrain, by Galileo - Adds new high-res textures to all terrains in the stock solar system, and gives colliders to surface scatter objects. Gameplay mods: These mods are (quite literally) game changers. Look here for new game play possibilities. [1.3.0] AirPark Continued, by gomker - Freeze your vessel in atmospheric flight and resume it later. [1.3.0] Analog Control Continued, by Ser - The mod enables mouse controlled flight in KSP, i.e you can use your mouse as a joystick. [1.1.3] BackgroundProcessing, by jamespicone - This is a small and simple mod that performs some processing for vessels 'in the background'. A patch for 1.3 has been made by JPLRepo, available here. [1.3.0] Blast Awesomeness Modifier (BAM), by linuxgurugamer - This little mod adjusts the explosion power (and effect) of each part based on its resources. [1.2.x] Colonists!, by maculator - Colonists! Introduces a new kind of Kerbals the (tadadadaaaa) colonist. (A mashup between Engineers and Scientists). [1.3.0] Community Database of Module Manager Patches for Stock KSP, by Alshain - A nice database of module manager patches for the stock KSP. Players can simply scroll through the list and pick out what they like. [1.3.0] Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (FMRS), by linuxgurugamer - FMRS generates save points after separating controllable probes, ship, landers, allowing you to jump back and forth in time. [1.3.0] Galactic Neighborhood, by Sigma88 - Galactic Neighborhood,loading multiple planet packs in the same game. [x.x.x] HMV's Simple MM Configs, by 5thHorseman - These are some modulemanager confgs. Some aren't useful any more, but the top few still are. [1.3.0] HyperEdit, by Ezriilc - A cheat mod. Teleport ships, move planets, change the laws of physics... Much more complete than the stock cheats menu. [1.3.0] HullBreach, by gomker - HullBreach is designed to simulate flooding of submerged parts and allow them to sink. [1.3.0] Kaboom!, by russnash37 - Kaboom! is a very simple mod for KSP that allows the destruction of individual parts. [1.3.0] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, by ferram4 - Stiffens links between parts to avoid death wobble on tall rockets. [1.2.x] Kerbal Kommander, by gagarinekerman - You want to be a trader? A miner? What about a pirate! This is a new way to play KSP based on a savefile, two parts, and a plugin. [1.2.1] More Heat!, by Benji13 - More Heat! makes your engines 250% hotter! That's 2.5x! That' a fair bit! You know, 'cos you want the game to be harder. [1.2.1] Mouse Aim Flight, by tetryds - This is a tool that allows you to pilot aircraft with the mouse. [1.3.0] Physics Range Extender, by jrodriguez - This is a very simple mod that extend the physics range to something close to 200 km. [1.3.0] Recovery Controller, by linuxgurugamer - This mod integrates the two mods FMRS and Stage Recovery and makes them work together. [1.3.0] Sensible Pumps, by linuxgurugamer - Ever wish pumps in a uncontrolled piece of debris would behave like real pumps and stop feeding fuel into the engine? This mod will immediately shut off those pumps. [1.2.2] SimpleRefuel, by MarkusA380 -This mod allows you to refuel your vessel when landed at the KSC, now a "Refuel" button will appear on the screen. When clicking it, your fuel tanks will start to magically fill up! [1.3.0] StageRecovery, by magico13 - Introduces new mechanics allowing you to recover spent stages without them disappearing whenever you get too far from them. [1.3.0] Through the Eyes of a Kerbal, by Virindi - Look upon the worlds you explore through your Kerbalnauts and see what they see! [1.2.x] TrimPlus, by RadarManFromTheMoon - This little plugin lets you map the airplane trim controls to joystick and keyboard keys. (because alt+WASD is meh!) Nothing more, nothing less. Gameplay Parts mods: Looking to modify or add in parts to change your gaming experience? [1.2.2] Ablator tank, by KSP Bro AE - A simple little mod to add the capability to store extra Ablator, (the stuff on the heat shields). [1.2.2] Active Ablation, by Esquire42 - Ever get tired of your spaceplanes burning up? Wish you could use your massive electric reserves to ablate that heat? Now you can! [1.2.2] AIES antennas rebalanced, by TK421d - Antennas have been sorted into direct and relay categories. Each has been rebalanced to mimic a stock version. [1.2.x] Algae Fuel Synth Pack, by Lt Vax - You will need Mulch and Sunlight to produce Algae, Algae to make Sugar then Sugar to Fuels. [1.2.2] Antenna Power Saver, by rsparkyc - Ever wish you could shutdown your antenna while your batteries recharge, and have it activate when they're replenished? Wish no longer! [1.3.0] Automated Aerial Refueling System, by Icecovery - This mod has plugins that can allow users to automatically connect two aircraft in the atmosphere for refueling and you only need to click one button! [1.2.x] BatteryActivator, by Biff Space - BatteryActivator allows batteries on an unmanned vessel to be activated if they have been switched off to conserve power. [1.2.2] Buzzard Collectors, by Dunrana - The Buzzard Collector mod contains three sizes of Bussard collectors. [1.3.0] Civilian Population, by Pamynx - This mod adds in the concept of a off planet Kerbal population that can expand and grow over time. [1.2.2] Decouple from heatshield, by Faile - Ever thought it is rather obvious that the only thing to go under a heatshield is a decoupler? This plugin will automatically add a decouple function to each heat shield! [1.2.0] Enable Brakes on LY-05 Steerable Landing Gear, by Kerbal101 - This mod adds brakes on the very basic LY-05 Steerable Landing Gear. You'll need to create your own config file. [1.2.2] Extended Antenna Progression, by PocketBrotector - This mod adds long-range antennae using stock assets to facilitate communications networks for planet packs larger than the stock solar system. [1.3.0] GTIndustries Updated, by Warezcrawler - 4 new plugins that allow the user to change setting on various parts. [1.2.1] Heat Shield for the Mk1 Command Pod, by Mrsupersonic8 - This is a simple Module Manager config that adds a heat shield and ablator to the Mk1 Command Pod. [1.2.2] Hydrogen Compression, by Zenithas - Convert-O-Trons can compress hydrogen into liquid hydrogen, evaporate liquid hydrogen into a gas again, or refine ore into gaseous hydrogen instead of liquid. [1.3.0] Kerbal Inventory System, by IgorZ - Adds an inventory to Kerbals in EVA as well as several usable tools, to be able to build crafts in situ. [1.2.2] Kethane Plugin and Parts, by taniwha - This adds in a new resource to KSP, Kethane which can be used as fuel for your spacecraft. [1.1.2] Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics, by sirkut - Adds robotic parts to the game to create hinges, rotating or other moving parts, with the ability to automate them. This mod is not officially updated for KSP 1.3 but there is a patch made by V8jester and others, available here with instructions on how to use it. [1.2.0] Radio Free Kerbin, by Ben Garner - Radio Free Kerbin adds data transmission capability to all command pods and cockpits. [1.3.0] ScrapYard, by magico13 - A mod that provides a part inventory that can be shared between multiple mods. Parts are added to the inventory when you recover a vessel and are removed from the inventory when you build a new vessel. [1.2.2] Stock Antenna Balance, by WuphonsReach - Adjust the range, power usage and other attributes of the stock antennas and how they function with the new CommNet. [1.3.0] Take Command Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Take Command enhances the External Command Seat so you can now assign crew to it from within the VAB/SPH just like any other command module. [1.3.0] The Gold Standard - Minable Space Gold!, by Dewar - This mod adds the pursuit of space gold to the game! [1.3.0] Tough Love & Deflatable Heat Shield, by Xyphos - This small cfg tweak makes stock rover wheels 3 times tougher and a small cfg tweak allows the stock inflatable heat shield to be deflated and reused. [1.2.x] Training Kerbalnauts, by Efour - This mod provides Training system to your Kerbalnauts. dlls to make the mod compatible with 1.3 by TheRagingIrishman available here. Realism Gameplay mods: Want KSP to simulate real life better? Need to change the level of difficulty from the stock KSP? [1.2.2] 64k Overhaul, by kerbinorbiter - An overhaul similar to the Realism Overhaul mod, but scaled for the 6.4x system rescale. [1.2.2] Advanced Jet Engine, by blowfish - Advanced Jet Engine gives jets, propellers, and rotors realistic performance in KSP. AJE calculates performance for air-breathing engines based on real thermodynamics. [1.3.0] BARIS, by Angel-125 - A very complete and customisable part failure mod. [1.3.0] Dang It! Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Adds a part failure mechanic to most parts; parts are more likely to fail the more you use them, but can be repaired in some cases. [1.3.0] Deadly Reentry, by Starwaster - This mod balances part thermal properties, if parts get too hot they may catch fire. Parts and Kerbals that experience excessive G forces for excessive periods of time may fail/die. [1.2.2] EMRController, by rsparkyc - A mod to enable variable mixture ratios for your engines. [1.2.x] Engine Ignitor continued, by DennyTX - Think stock engine system is to easy? Want more realism to your adventures? This mod changes engine ignition behavior for a more realistic feel. [1.2.2] Engineer Level Fixer, by civilwargeeky - Ever wanted to play around with Rovers on the Mun or Minmus, but your broken rover wheels could only be fixed by a 3 Star Engineer? Well no longer! [1.3.0] EvaFuel Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Kerbals will now use Monopropellant for EVA fuel, instead of getting unlimited free fuel. [1.2.2] Ferram Aerospace Research, by Ferram - This plugin completely overhauls stock atmosphere for a more realistic physics. [1.3.0] FuelCellTweaks, by DefiantZombie - What this mod does is add a minimum electricity storage slider to the fuel cell, making the fuel cell behave like a backup generator! [1.3.0] FuelWings, by Tortoise - This addon allows you to add and customize fuel types/quantities in stock wings, and automatically cross-feed between other parts! [1.3.0] Kerbal Krash System, by EnzoMeertens - Kerbal Krash System rewrites collisions in KSP. KKS deforms your creations and reduces the efficiency of your crafts instead of just exploding on impact. [1.3.0] Kerbal Launch Failure Revived, by linuxgurugamer - Adds a random chance that a part will fail and your rocket explode during ascent. [1.3.0] Kessler Syndrome, by severedsolo - If you leave debris in orbit, you may encounter "micrometeroids", which will explode a random part of your ship, unless the game considers it to be shielded from the air stream. [1.2.2] MandatoryRCS, by Gotmachine - This plugin changes stock reaction wheels by tweaks aimed at limiting their functions and balancing gameplay for more RCS thrusters usefulness. A recompile for 1.3 has been done by linuxgurugamer, available here. [1.3.1] OptionalAtmosphere, by SamBelanger and DeltaDizzy - This mod adds atmospheres to planets and moons which don't have any. [1.1.3] Orbital Decay, by Whitecat106 - This adds orbital decay for any vessel around any celestial body, this decay is determined by various factors, such as atmospheric drag, radiation pressure drag and more! [1.2.2] PersistentRotation, by MarkusA380 - Overhauls the current momentum and rotation system to allow crafts to rotate in time warp and to program rotations. [1.3.0] Real Battery, by Blackline - This mod rebalances stock batteries to create a more realistic battery function. It increases battery storage but limits discharge and recharge rates. [1.2.x] Real Fuels, by NathanKell - Changes the LFO/monoprop system to real rocket fuels, with realistic performance and mass fractions, and ullage simulation. [1.3.0] RealChute Parachute Systems, by stupid_chris - Rework of the stock parachutes system to give them more consistent and more realistic behavior. [1.2.2] RealHeat, by NathanKell - This is a simple mod to correct some temperature-related things in KSP's thermal model. Version title isn't same as download version. [1.2.2] Realism Overhaul, by Theysen - A complete overhaul of the game, using several mods, to give a more realistic gameplay experience. [1.3.0] Realistic Atmospheres, by OhioBob - RA modifies the atmospheres of all planets and moons to conform to a more lifelike model. Model atmospheres obey the ideal gas law. [1.2.2] Realistic Heat Managment, by Bottle Rocketeer 500 - A mod overhauling the heat management system in KSP. Currently only adds new heatshield resources. [1.3.0] RemoteTech, by tomek.piotrowski - Adds a new communications system enabling you to build networks, relays... for your unmanned probes and satellites. For those who want more realism than the stock system. [1.3.0] ResearchBodies, by JPLRepo - This is a mod that adds the functionality of tracking celestial bodies to explore them. [1.2.2] SMURFF, by Kerbas_ad_astra - For people who want real-ish fuel mass fractions without too much hassle. [x.x.x] Stockalike RF Engine Configs, by Raptor831 - Stockalike engine configs for your Real Fuels mod. [1.2.2] TestFlight, by Agathorn - This mod simulates the effect of increasing the reliability of your space hardware through flight testing. Version title isn't same as download version. [1.3.0] UPFM, by severedsolo - A part failures mod based on the ScrapYard inventory mod, with reliability varying with the age of a part. Life Support and Health mods: So that guilt is no longer the only consequence of leaving your Kerbals stranded on Eve. Crank up the difficulty in your missions by adding in some of these mods! [1.3.0] Airline Kuisine, by JadeOfMarr - This mod adds in Mk2 life support parts for a few of the different life support mods. [1.3.0] Closed Loop Life Support, by -MM- - (CLLS) is a simple life support mod which aims at simulating a small, self-contained system for keeping Kerbals alive during long voyages through space. [1.3.0] DeepFreeze, by JPLRepo - Allows you to freeze Kerbals for long trips, reducing the amount of resources consumed. [1.3.0] G-Effects, by Ser - Adds realistic G-force effects on Kerbals, such as passing out, alteration of vision... [1.2.0] KeepFit, by timmers_uk - A plugin to track kerbal fitness levels and impact their G-tolerance as a result of spending years bunged up in tiny capsules. [1.2.x] Interstellar Flight Inc. - Life support, by Stavell - A simple life support mod with a single resource (LifeSupport) required to keep your Kerbals alive. [1.2.2] Ioncross Crew Support, by Starwaster - This mod is a simple customizable life support mod for Kerbal. [1.3.0] Kerbal Health, by garwel - This mod increases KSP's realism, challenge, and fun by introducing health related concepts. [1.3.0] Kerbalism, by ShotgunNinja - Modifies stock signal and science, also adds background simulation, radiation, habitat, life support and makes parts breakdown randomly. [1.3.0] Kerbalism TAC Profile, by sidfu - This is a Kerbalism profile to allow it and TAC Life Support to work together. [1.2.2] KerbalismSimplified, by theJesuit - It's purpose is to provide a simplified Life Support system for Kerbalism whilst retaining the awesomeness of mod. [1.x.x] Life Support Converter!, by KAL9000 - If you have more than one life support mod installed, you might want to convert their respective resources. Here is a mod that lets you do so! Dropbox download [1.3.0] OPT_USI, by JadeOfMaar - A single config mod that converts select OPT parts for use with USI Life Support. [1.3.0] Snacks! Continued, by Angel-125 - A novel and lightweight solution to life support for those that didn't want the complexity of more sophisticated mods. [1.2.2] Soylent - Life Support through Algae, by DBowman - Soylent can be used stand alone as 'cosmetic' parts, or functioning with TAC Life Support. Adds in a few new parts to help close the life support cycle. [1.2.1] Stockalike TAC LS Containers, by Sandworm - This mod adds in a lightweight and non-intrusive parts pack for TAC Life Support. Each tank contains 30 Kerbin-days worth of resource. [1.3.0] TAC Life Support, by JPLRepo - Adds life support mechanics to the game, with food, water, oxygen and electricity consumption and recycling mechanisms. [1.3.0] USI Life Support, by RoverDude - Adds a life support system in which Kerbals will stop working if they run out of supplies. Includes recycling mechanics compatible with other USI mods. IVA mods: Want to try flying the whole mission from the cockpit? Or do you just need a better interior for your crew to look at? Find what you need below. [1.3.0] ASET/RPM for Falcon cockpit, by SkyKaptn - ASET/RPM for Falcon cockpit, -An add-on for Airplane Plus mod. [1.3.0] Hullcam VDS Continued, by linuxgurugamer - Adds camera parts with different characteristics for rocket launch views, rover driving, night vision. [1.3.0] JSI Advanced Transparent Pods, by JPLRepo - This mod contains a Part Module that allows Part Transparency (ability to see inside the parts to the IVAs) in the editor and in flight. [1.3.0] Kermantech MK3 IVA, by luizopiloto - A Kerbal Space Program mod with an improved IVA for the stock MK3 Shuttle Cockpit. [1.2.2] MFD Revived, by jackellice - MFD Revived is a rework of RPM to make it more usable. It has organized functions in the three main things you do. Launch, Orbital manoeuvres, Rendezvous, Landing. [1.2.x] 'Mk1 Cockpit' IVA Replacement by ASET, by alexustas - Advanced IVA for 'MK1 Cockpit' is a full set of instruments and indicators for your aircraft, made in the General Aviation style. [1.2.x] 'Mk1 Lander Can' IVA Replacement by ASET, by alexustas - Advanced IVA for 'Mk1 Lander Can' is a full set of instruments for your spacecraft, inspired by the Golden Era of cosmonautics (1960-1970-ies). [1.2.x] 'Mk1-2 Pod' IVA Replacement by ASET, by alexustas - Whole brand new interior for the Mk1-2 Pod. [1.1.x] MK3 Pod IVA Replacement by Apex, by robertlong13 - A WIP IVA of the Mk 3 shuttle command pod. [1.2.2] Mk3 Shuttle Mid-Deck IVA, by Daelkyr - A light-weight mod replacing the Mk3 cockpit IVA and 4 Kerbal crew capacity with a cockpit sporting a flight deck AND mid-deck with the capability of carrying 6 Kerbals. [1.3.0] NavUtilites Continued, by Ser - Adds a horizontal situation indicator with integrated ILS functionality to a popup window or your RPM cockpit. [1.2.2] Probe Control Room Continued, by Virindi - This mod adds a "Mission Control" IVA to unkerballed vessels. [1.3.0] Vessel Viewer Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This mod allows for a for you to see a visual model of your vessel without ever leaving IVA view! Polished Parts mods: Eye-candy goes here! Change your part textures to make them pop or change appearance in different environments. [1.2.x] Bargain Rocket Parts Recycled, by linuxgurugamer - Bust out the duct tape, we're going to space! This is a fun mod that adds some very unique parts for you space adventures! [x.x.x] Brazilian Flags, by ricardoguedes21 - Adiciona a bandeira do Brasil no KSP. As the title says, a flag pack for Brazil. [1.3.0] Burger Mod!, by NecroBones - Ever wanted to try some fast food out? Now you can! [1.1.x] Bydysawd Flags, by CelticCossack51 - A collection of historial Chinese and Canadian flags. Canadian flags link dead [1.3.0] Color Coded Canisters, by NecroBones - Adds different color schemes loosely based on real rockets to fuel tanks. [1.3.0] Colorful Fuel Lines, by NecroBones - This is a very simple mod pack, simply adding more color choices for fuel lines., as a tweakable option. [1.3.0] Decal Stickers (Squad Flags and Agencies), by blackheart612 - These are customizable stickers and can be placed almost anywhere! It doesn't depend on your mission flag, have as many as you like. [1.3.0] DeltaDizzy's Flag Pack, by DeltaDizzy - It's just some flags made in They are NOT DIRECT COPIES of anything. [1.3.0] Elephant Engine, by NecroBones - Adds a 3xVectors engine that ejects elephants instead of fire. You should be downloading this mod right now. [1.0.4] ESA Country Flags, by Woopert - This is a simple add-on that adds high-quality flags of the member countries of the European Space Agency (ESA). Dropbox download [1.2.x] Estes Model Rocket Parachutes, by narhiril - This is a pack of Mk1 stock parachutes based on the designs of model rocket parachutes over the years - predominately from the Estes company. [1.2.x] Fixed Flags Mod, by Tux1 - A mod to add all of Jacksfilms (a video maker) to KSP. [1.3.0] FlagPack, by supergameplayer - A pack of 37 flags, with flags of all celestial bodies, the original four Kerbals, different colors of the minimalistic flag, and various artwork. [1.2.x] Giant Flag Pack, by Trekky0623 - This is a pack of 500 flags from nations, fiction, organizations, history, movements. . . All kinds of flags. [1.2.x] Helcustom's Procedural Part Textures, by helcustom - Additional textures for the Procedural Parts mod. [1.3.0] In Flight Flag Switcher, by adsii1970 - This mod will allow you to change your mission flag after you've left the SPH or VAB. [1.x.x] Jakokidda123's WW2 Flag Pack, by Jakokidda123 - A large collection of WW2 air forces flags. Crooked crosses free. Dropbox download [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props, by Enceos - Fancy lights and animations on your Kerbals will make them look like a Christmas tree! [1.2.x] Kerbalized Flags and Space Agencies, by DirtyFace83 - This is a simple add-on mod that adds many Kerbalized national flags and Space Agencies for use in your Space Agency. [1.2.2] LAJ's Flag pack, by "" - Adds new flags for each of the stock planets, plus a few modded ones. [1.3.0] Lambda Station Decals, by DeltaDizzy - A repackaging and expansion of DeltaDizzy's Flag Pack with added compatibility with the Decal Stickers mod. [0.23.5] Lego Space/ect flag collection, by tjsnh - A collection of Lego Space logos, formatted for use as KSP flags. Also includes a good number of city/castle/etc logos. [1.2.x] Mission Patch Manager, by udk_lethal_d0se - Want to add cool mission patches to your vessels? This is your mod then. It uses the various flags found in KSP and additional mods. [1.3.0] NEBULA space engineering - Decals Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This mod allows to place decals on your crafts! [1.2.x] Orbit's USA Flag Pack, by InterstellarOrbit - This is a simple add-on that adds every United State Flag into the game. [1.2.x] Polandball, by Icecovery - Polandball invades KSP! [1.2.x] Portal Core Battery, by keslaauto - This mod is inspired by the game Portal, adding in a core body with 5000 electrical charge. [1.3.0] Spaceplane Corrections, by Avera9eJoe - Ever been annoyed that the spaceplane pieces (and a number of other parts) don't all have matching colors or textures. This mod fixes that. [1.2.2] Stock Part Revamp, by Ven - This part pack replaces several of the stock textures and models, hopefully making them more beautiful in the process. [1.3.0] TextureReplacerReplaced, by HaArLiNsH - This mod allows you to replace stock textures with customized textures on Kerbal heads, EVA suits, planets and sky boxes. [1.2.x] UAL002's Lorefriendly Serious Parody Flags, by UAL002 - This is a flag pack that adds in a large variety of fictional flags with a serious or parody nature. [1.2.x] Ukraine Flags, by fremen72 - A small collection of historical flags from Ukraine. [1.x.x] Updated Kerbodyne/SLS Part Textures, by Bottle Rocketeer 500 - Change the textures of the stock SLS parts to match the updated orange paint scheme. [1.2.x] Vapor Vent released, by linuxgurugamer - This addition adds a small part to your rockets to simulate liquid oxygen/hydrogen boiling off, just like real rockets. Visual and Sound mods: Specially dedicated to make your visual and audio experience even better! [1.3.0] Ambient Light Adjustment, by timmers_uk - Adds a slider to modify the luminosity of the game at night. Useful for video-makers/streamers tired of filming a black screen half of the time. [1.2.x] Animated Station Screens, by Enceos - This adds a neat eye candy animation when you arrive at your station. Originally inspired by and made for the mod Kerbal Kommander. [1.3.0] Audio Muffler Redux, by Ser - This mods purpose is to make game sounds feel more realistic by muffling them as the air around your vessel gets less dense. [1.0.5] Camera Tools, by BahamutoD - This is mod adds a tool that you can use to achieve various camera angles. It's helpful for getting cool shots for cinematics. This mod is not officially updated for 1.2.2 but there is a patch made by jrodriguez that allows it to run on the latest version of the game (1.2.2). Merged with BDArmory for 1.3 and later. [1.3.0] Chatterer, by Athlonic - Adds various beeps, background and communications noises for better immersion when flying a mission. [1.2.2] Chatterer+ (Addon for Chatterer), by Nick233 - Need more of the Kerbal talk? This add-on adds additional chatter for your game! [1.3.0] Chatterer Extended, by hoover2701 - Adds over 600 "kerbalized" chatter picked from real missions to the Chatterer mod. [1.3.0] Collision FX, by pizzaoverhead - Add some drama to your rough landings! Collision FX adds sparks and dust, with sound and lighting effects when you collide or scrape your craft. [1.2.x] Destruction Effects, by jrodriguez - This mod adds flames and smoke to certain parts' joint break event. [1.2.x] Docking Sounds!, by tg626 - Ever wanted to hear cool sounds when docking instead of silence? Want no more, this adds a little audio ear candy to your game. [1.2.2] Engine Lighting, by tajampi - Adds lighting effects to engine exhausts and decouplers. [1.2.2] Kerbal Chroma, by JoePatrick1 -This is a chroma/greenscreen mod for KSP. It has distance and RGB settings so it can be used for various uses. [1.2.0] Kerbal Font Project, by sarbian - This is a really simple mod to change the content of the Stock font. [0.23.5] KerbCam, by huin - This is a tool for those video makers who want just a bit more camera movement and orientation control. A patch has been made for 1.2.x by cartman, available here. [1.3.0] Kronal Vessel Viewer, by linuxgurugamer - Allows you to create blueprint-like images of your crafts and export them as image files. [1.3.0] LCD - Launch Count Down, by Athlonic - Bored of yelling the launch countdown yourself? Here comes an authentical launch countdown brought to you by Athlonic Electronics. [1.3.0] Loading Screen Manager, by linuxgurugamer - This is a simple plugin for KSP that will show a slideshow of custom images while KSP loads, and also allows customizing the "witty loading tips" shown during loading. [1.3.0] LoadingTipsPlus, by JPLRepo - This little modlet provides the ability to modify and add any Text to the KSP loading Screen ToolTips. [1.3.0] Minimum Ambient Lighting, by Red3Tango - A small plugin that will set a minimum ambient lighting level based on percentage. Percentage is modified by using the toolbar icon (or though config file)! [1.2.x] MusicMute, by spioner - MusicMute is an addon that lets you mute and unmute KSP's music, using a user-configurable hotkey. [1.3.0] NASA CountDown Clock Updated, by linuxgurugamer - Need a timer for your rocket launches? This mod adds a big digital timer like NASA's. [1.3.0] Nucleartaxi's 4k Skybox Kollection, by Nucleartaxi - A collection of several very-high-res skyboxes. [1.2.1] Overdrive, by RealGecko - This is a complete UI skin overhaul mod. [1.3.0] Persistent Trails Continued, by JPLRepo - This mod shows a visual trail of your vehicle's movement. [1.3.0] RCS Sound Effects, by pizzaoverhead - Tired of your monopropellant rockets being left out in the sound department? This adds a sound effect when firing RCS engines. [1.3.0] Real Plume - Stock Configs Continued, by Nhawks17 - Changes engine plumes specific to each fuel used (if Real Fuels is installed), plume expansion and smoke effects. [1.3.0] Reentry Particle Effect, by pizzaoverhead - This mod activates an unused stock particle effect for reentry, featuring a plasma trail and sparks. [1.2.x] Rover Wheel Sounds, by pizzaoverhead - Adds electric engine sounds when using rover wheels. [1.3.0] ShipEffects Continued, by Galileo - This mod adds rattles, vibrations, stress sounds to your ship depending on how much thrust, gravitational and atmospheric forces is your ship enduring. [1.2.x] Soundtrack Editor, by pizzaoverhead - Allows you to edit KSP's soundtrack and add your favorite songs to the game. [1.2.x] Water Sounds, by pizzaoverhead - Adds the sound of water gently lapping at the sides of your craft when splashed down, as well as underwater sound effects. [1.3.0] WindowShine, by Avera9eJoe - This mod takes advantage of TextureReplacer's reflective module pared with re-texturing to make all eleven stock windowed pieces reflective. External Software: This is helpful software that does stuff for KSP outside of the KSP game. [1.2.x] Arduino based physical display, by zitronen - This is useful software and information for Arduino physical display's for launching your Kerbals. [1.3.0] DarkMultiPlayer, by godarklight - Software to setup clients and servers for a multiplayer KSP experience. [1.3.0] Draft Twitch Viewers Redrafted, by linuxgurugamer - Draft Twitch Viewers (DTV) uses web requests to connect to Twitch, and can pick a random user from any channel, and create a Kerbal in-game with that viewer's name. [1.3.0] Flyby Finder, by PLAD - A calculator tool that allows to find flyby trajectories for gravity assists and visiting several bodies in a single mission. [1.2.0] Internet Relay Chat Continued, by timmers_uk - Adds an in-game window allowing you to connect to an IRC channel and chat with people while playing. [1.2.x] Kerbal Live Feed, by Stavell - Why play alone, when you can play alone together? Kerbal LiveFeed is a plugin, client and server that lets you see other players are doing while you play KSP. [1.3.0] Kerbal Simpit, by stibbons - This plugin maintains serial connections to one or more hardware devices. Each device can register to receive information or send commands back to the game. [1.2.x] Kerbals 4 EVA, by KooMa - Assign keys to Xbox controller's sticks, triggers and DPAD. [1.2.2] KerbTrack, by pizzaoverhead - This lets you look around in-game by moving your head. This uses a joystick, gamepad, your webcam with FreeTrack and FaceTrackNoIR, a TrackIR camera or the Oculus Rift headset. [1.3.0] kRPC - by djungelorm - Adds an external terminal to be able to control the game using popular programming languages. [1.3.0] KSP Chroma Control, by FauserneEist -This mod adds keyboard lighting functionality to Kerbal Space Program. So far it only supports Razer Chroma Keyboards and Keypads. [1.2.2] SideView Alpha, by sarbian - Experimental program in development to make your KSP work on multiple monitors. [1.3.0] Syncrio: Scenario Syncing, by Caylis1397 - Syncrio is a modification of Kerbal Space Program that features multiplayer-style scenario syncing. [x.x.x] The Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network, by politas - A mod manager software that allows you to easily install and maintain mods by handling installation, requirements, incompatibilities and updates for you. Edited December 9, 2017 by Gaarst