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  1. Check those links. Sites provided in links in that forum post do not exist anymore and the picture does not answer my questions. Why do you think I'm posting this question as a new thread?
  2. I've looked through the forum and found no complete guides or tutorials about how to make solar panels in KSP. There are some bits of knowledge here and there but no complete tutorial and most of them seem to be obsolete. Hence my question. From start to finish, how do you guys create your deployable, non deployable, suntracking and static solar panels? Do you animate the deploy animation in 3d modelling software or do you do it in Unity Editor and do you need a specifically named animation or set up pivots/bones in specific places for it to work with KSP? Do you have to name each part of the solar panel in certain way? Do you have to parent them to specific gameObjects for it to work? Which direction should solar catching parts face to face the sun? Which direction should hinge parts face or how should they be named to only rotate around desired axis? Can you specify a maximum angle for a hinge? What I'm trying to do is create a deployable solar panel that's meant to be used on ground. It would work and look similarly to solar panels in the game Surviving Mars. I'll post some pics after I get it to work, hopefully PS. First post on new forums hype!