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  1. mystifeid

    Tricky Contract

    Yeah, I thought that a complete orbit had to overlay the required track but apparently not. Contract complete. Thanks for the reply.
  2. mystifeid

    Tricky Contract

    It's been a while and I'm having trouble getting my head around getting a satellite in a retrograde (Duna) orbit close to the orbit of Ike. Any ideas?
  3. mystifeid

    Explore Duna contract not completing

    Had one not too long ago - unfortunately I can't remember when this one was ticked.
  4. mystifeid

    Is MechJeb hate still a thing?

    I have multiple KSP installs - some with MJ, some without. I really enjoy playing all of them.
  5. mystifeid

    Limited crew control why?

    Try Tutorial:Setting up a CommNet system Use a Resonant Orbit Calculator to space the relays in orbit.
  6. I really like the idea behind the scheduling options for the bi-impulsive transfers. Thank you.
  7. Try Kerbal Joint Reinforcement.
  8. Strangely enough, Mechjeb seems to manage staging tanks ok, but put engines under those tanks and it refuses to stage them unless fuel ducts are used. Though maybe I'm missing something.
  9. If you hold the shift key down when using the "w" key, your kerbals will run instead of walk. Like the look of your rover.
  10. Coming from you, that's a heck of a compliment.
  11. Looked like it might be a reasonable time @Klapaucius, so I tried again - here is 4:58. (This is my first ever video upload - apologies if it doesn't work out too well)
  12. mystifeid

    Hydrofoil Building Help (2nd Post Attempt)

    Wow, that's fast. What sort of range I wonder? And yeah, my boats suck but I never try to build the Mona Lisa. Twenty hours around Kerbin includes design/test/mission time. I think it would be easy to spend that long just learning to build something that went 400m/s.
  13. Yeah - torque from the reaction wheel and the cockpit flips it really, really easily. Yet once it gets going, SAS keeps it pretty stable at 60 - 70m/s as long the authority limiters of the canards are set correctly. Range is about 300km. Notice this one is still carrying an ISRU.