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  1. I really like the idea behind the scheduling options for the bi-impulsive transfers. Thank you.
  2. Try Kerbal Joint Reinforcement.
  3. Strangely enough, Mechjeb seems to manage staging tanks ok, but put engines under those tanks and it refuses to stage them unless fuel ducts are used. Though maybe I'm missing something.
  4. If you hold the shift key down when using the "w" key, your kerbals will run instead of walk. Like the look of your rover.
  5. Coming from you, that's a heck of a compliment.
  6. Looked like it might be a reasonable time @Klapaucius, so I tried again - here is 4:58. (This is my first ever video upload - apologies if it doesn't work out too well)
  7. mystifeid

    Hydrofoil Building Help (2nd Post Attempt)

    Wow, that's fast. What sort of range I wonder? And yeah, my boats suck but I never try to build the Mona Lisa. Twenty hours around Kerbin includes design/test/mission time. I think it would be easy to spend that long just learning to build something that went 400m/s.
  8. Yeah - torque from the reaction wheel and the cockpit flips it really, really easily. Yet once it gets going, SAS keeps it pretty stable at 60 - 70m/s as long the authority limiters of the canards are set correctly. Range is about 300km. Notice this one is still carrying an ISRU.
  9. Unfortunately, when Jeb climbs out to plant the flag, he starts his own timer from zero. Anyway, just to get the ball rolling, here's a time of 8:19 - timed after planting the flag and jumping back into the rover. Shouldn't be hard to take a couple of minutes off that time.
  10. mystifeid

    Hydrofoil Building Help (2nd Post Attempt)

    I'm sure there are a shedload of great boat designs out there but you're right - the range of the craft is nearly as important to me as speed. I think it took me about twenty hours all up to go around Kerbin and I stopped to mine ore seven times although my tanks were usually far from empty. Without an ISRU, if you had to fly a seaplane in each time, well, that might add to that total time. And for an equatorial circumnavigation of Laythe - using an ISRU to refuel - you need a range of about 1200 - 1300km. The first time around Laythe, I ran out of fuel in the middle of the Degrasse Sea. That left a bad taste so I went back again with the boat below - with two Panthers, it had a range of well over 2000km at speed so after splashing down with full tanks, it needed to be refueled just once to complete the circumnavigation. But it was a pita to drive.
  11. mystifeid

    Hydrofoil Building Help (2nd Post Attempt)

    Once you've been around Kerbin in a boat that's also a rover, you can look forward to doing it again in a rover that's also a boat and a polar route is for sure the best for this trip. Helps if the rover can climb up onto the ice shelf. (This puppy went through the water upside down)
  12. mystifeid

    Hydrofoil Building Help (2nd Post Attempt)

    No. You must make a land crossing at some point. As @bewing mentioned, wheels are essential and while there are wheels on this craft, there are none that are steerable. @Klapaucius's design in the video looks pretty cool except that it's a sod of a long way around Kerbin so some speed comes in handy - it would have been good to see what happens when it was moving three times as fast. (And to see what happens when the CoM moves as fuel is depleted.) Although it's easy to make very fast boats, bad things tend to start happening when you push it over 100m/s so a maximum cruising speed of 95m/s has always seemed prudent to me. I had a play with the boat - you can stabilize it by moving the foils toward the ends of the craft and adjusting the authority limiters. So I get it skimming across the water and full throttle it's doing 75m/s. Pretty sad with those two giant engines. I prefer Panthers, either one, two or four of them. You might also have a look at what parts you put in the water and do what you can to minimize the drag. I'd also suggest coming up with a design that sits just above the water - it's likely that you will have to make trim adjustments as you use fuel and craft sitting high above the water are easier, imho, to nosedive or flip when you start playing with the controls at speed. At some point you'll need to refuel. Probably multiple times. You can either fly a tanker in to do it or carry mining/conversion equipment. Personally, I prefer the latter. You might also take note of the range of the boat in case you're tempted to go to Laythe. The boat I used to go around Kerbin used just two canards to lift most of itself just clear of the water. The four Panthers used wet mode on full tanks before switching to dry mode in pairs and were progressively throttled back to stay under 100m/s. Best of all was finding a fuel flow priority sequence that made any pitch/trim adjustment unnecessary. This was the first boat I ever made and embarrassingly enough, it's still probably the best (and it's not that good either). Traveling around Kerbin - three quarter throttle in dry mode - 100m/s.
  13. mystifeid

    The "Douglas Adams" Challenge

    @dnbattley - launch mass of the Eventually is 290t and imho should be listed as KSP version 1.4.5 - not 1.4.5MH.