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  1. I'm sorry to dig up this old post, but i had a related problem this week installing the recent kss on my Linux pc: The corona's of stars were showing up as black/yellow striped surfaces. https://imgur.com/FxARzAs The mod itself worked just as described in the tutorial, and all the planets showed up in their colours, although a bit plain. https://imgur.com/WUZ7TKa So after research i found out it had to do something with the DDS-files. Converting the Kerbol corona to png and adjusting the config (and flipping it over 180deg) confirmed this statement by showing a Corona around Kerbol. https://imgur.com/q2r8Wsy So i could manually change the star-corona' s to resolve the yellow lines-problem and make the mod playable. But to manually convert and change all the files is not an option for me. I would love to enjoy this mod in its full glory as shown in this thread. Is there any change for a fix? Ps: what is the planet called on this last picture?? https://imgur.com/dUMBBeu