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  1. After the 1.4.2 update, I had to take an unscheduled vacation from the game. I'm happy to report that 1.4.3 seems to have resolved all the issues I was having and I am once again enjoying my love affair with KSP. Nice work team! you got a great game here
  2. ritz

    Kerbal Space Program 1.4.2 is live!

    I'm also having the contract spam issue. I get like 100-200 parameter updates frequently. On my end it seems related to my satellite contracts, i.e. any ship I fly that has any of the components required for a satellite (even if I'm doing something totally unrelated) results in fulfilled contact parameter spam. As a very OCD person, I cannot resist acknowledging all these messages even though they are going to come right back when I switch vessels. I will not be making much career progress until the next update it seems. I tried to revert to 1.4.1 but unfortunately my career save is no longer compatible with this version. (Does anyone know a work around?) I'm new to KSP and was not wise enough to keep a backup save. Also FWIW, KSP is an incredible game and I'm very happy to see it is still being actively worked on. Thanks team.