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  1. Just to expound; I was having the same locking issue. I have the 'breaking ground' expansion and when I updated KIS to 1.22 it solved it.
  2. Downloaded and have run a few missions with the planet pack. This is easily one of the best looking, stream line, easy to install and smooth planet packs I have ever used. Fantastic work by @Gameslinx volunteering your time to give the community something this well put together. I also love the rotation of planets on the start menu! There is a 'pizza' from me incoming.
  3. I have been meaning to type this for a few days, but RL got in the way. This post is meant to show my experience while: 1. Deleting and doing a FRESH install with NO MODS of KSS 0.8 - everything released to date. 2. Give my observations of the install process 3. Notice any bugs, if any, and/or anything not intuitive. First my rig, if anyone cares. My experience level with KSP is average, and I love MODs, preferring to install them manually (Nothing against CKAN) and am comfortable doing so. This is not meant as a brag, it is meant to show that someone withou
  4. Thank you so much for all of you and your teams hard work! I actually have a clean install of KSP that has been on my computer for the last few months waiting for this moment, cant wait to dig in!
  5. @N70 Is there something that I could do to help get this great mode compatible for the planets that @StarCrusher96 and his team are making for Kerbal Star System? Never tried modding anything, but willing to help if needed. It could also be that they are already doing something at KSS that I am not aware of too.
  6. I have both the app on my phone and on my desktop. For some reason both links show up as expired for me too. Love to join even without the "special title"
  7. Took the words right out of my mouth. While I understand peoples excitement and anticipation (I share it!) its normally not a good idea to ask update timeline questions. As often said in the forums "Updates are never late, nor early, but right on time"
  8. I, for one, am looking forward to a changed initial system. Then the amount of additional planets/systems in the expanse is really staggering. Cant wait!
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