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  1. Isn't working for me at all in 1.9.1, all dependencies installed. KLF isn't showing up in the difficulty settings.
  2. Oh ok awesome, just never found Tantares listed on this page (https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/wiki/Home-~-Mod-Support), either that or I'm blind.
  3. Sorry if this has already been covered, but I was looking at installing Kerbalism pretty soon and noticed in its mod compatibility page that Tantares wasn't listed. Are there some configs for Kerbalism that anyone uses with Tantares?
  4. Is there a chance you could update us on your progress of the above list? Great mod btw, sad you're retiring from modding. Another question is are you intending to hand over the project to some else? (Thinking of cobaltwolf lmao)
  5. Hey Nertea, Thanks for keeping us in the loop with the 1.8 stuff, anyways I'm curious about the status of Near Future Aeronautics and if that will be updated to 1.8.X in the same time frame as everything else? I can remember there being a bit of a setback due to the source files issue, and I don't remember reading anything recent about that particular project, so I'd love to hear where you are on that.
  6. Wow, I've been using KSP 1.3.1 just to use IR for ages now, glad to see somebody revived it. On another note though, the aesthetic is apparently the same, any plans on improvement there or nah?
  7. Why is Laythe's darkside visible compared with the rest of the solar system? Is it just a lighting or scatterer bug?
  8. @Kerbas_ad_astra Question here, so I've been looking around and trying to get VSR 1.9.6 in the latest versions (KSP 1.4.2/1.4.3), and is your patch for VSR and 1.4.X related to SMURFF?
  9. Honestly I can't stand the new pod, if it doesn't have that Nertia/Venn look to it I don't want it, haha. However it is one of Squad's better looking models. Also is there any chance that this mod could create a new model for that 1.25m to 0.625m service bay (From Making History) that is awkwardly oversized for the pod? I know I'm not the only one that dislikes that service bay...
  10. Are the rockets just one part? Or are there separate engines, boosters, stages, etc?
  11. I cannot fathom how awesome and detailed these models and IVA's are, many thanks for this great mod. Out of curiosity, in the next few months is there a plan to add some 1.875m parts? I think they'd really compliment your 1.25m parts for small stations or outposts, you'd have to provide some adapters though, Squad really didn't give enough structural elements with Making History.
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