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  1. The manage operations window kept breaking when I tried clicking on 'converters' (going blank and getting stuck on screen, while the log flooded with errors).... I think you forgot to included the updated BARISBridge.dll in the new releases, as mine doesn't match the one in the newest BARIS release; I'll replace it and try again. Update: Replacing the barisbridge file fixed it.
  2. Link took me to a github login page, for some reason.
  3. I can't get the Mobile Emitter to work. Nothing happens when I click 'activate', not even an error in the log. Did one of the 1.4.x patches break it, or have I just screwed something up?
  4. This doesn't seem to work anymore in 1.4.x. Edit: Nevermind, it does still work correctly! I was just too dumb to use it correctly, sorry.
  5. Every time I try to launch the Farscape, it inexplicably pops into the air and starts falling. It's on the runway for a split second, then it's tumbling from around a kilometer in the air.