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  1. @Sunesha Thats Excellent! I will keep this Forum in mind then. It would appear everything this idea needs is already part of the Game. This just tweak it perfectly, to suit all the reasons we Love Sci-Fi and by extention KSP and a Space in general The Artwork is the Easy Part.. Its the coding i find very difficult. Anything past a .CFG file and im Lost. At the Same time.. i hope i wont have to make too many concessions and compromise! Thanks for your words.. and for Generate a little more Interest in the subject.. enough people talking about it, and itll come easy. Whats
  2. The Idea is this.. When your kerbal reaches the Objective Location.. there are 2 rewards. The first Reward.. is a Audio loop thats triggered by proximity to the Location (like the dmagic anomaly).. the loop should indicate the movie fan service for the specific location. The second Main reward.. Permanently Changes the Skin of the Kerbal.. to fit the Movie Location.. as a Collectible/Badge/Customization (that KSP'rs havent been offered in a mod yet) An example. Kerbal Koobie (movie) theme.. John Carpenters "The Thing" Contract -- investigate alien signal coming from
  3. TAC-LS was working.. unfortunately i did not notice when resources were not being used (there were no problems with parts or loading) I recently.. updated KIS, KK Planetary Parts (the first update of this mod had some funky graphics issues, the second fixed these issues). Im sorry but i dont recall if i tried to reinstall TAC-LS with 13.6(?vs) first.. before install 13.9 The issue is as follows.. after installation of TAC-LS 13.9.. and its a game breaker.. On loading my save (quick saves, regular saves, and "persistent" saves) almost all Kerbals.. deployed die of "Air Toxicity". T
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