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  1. So, to clear the air, yes, I have seen FoxDefenceContracts. I was just wondering if there are any more out there that I could download that are compatible with BDAc 1.2.X . Also, is there a mod that could add in unguided air to ground missiles from the late WW2 to Korean War Era? That would be nice.
  2. woah, this looks great! one little thing (judging from the spacedock picture), could u do a little bit more on the bombs to make them look bit more real because the kinda look like candy. The guns look great though
  3. Great, I'll test these out. Thanks guys (or girls, cuz its 2018)! just for clarification, there aren't any WW2 specific mods that are BDAc 1.2.X compatible at this moment right?
  4. I really miss having historically accurate guns on my propeller planes and have I've grown tired of the standard .50cal guns that come with BDAc. Aviator Arsenal is taking a while to update (sorry for complaining Tetryds), and I was wondering if there was already one in development or already released. If yr wondering why I won't just default to KSP pre 1.4.x, its cuz I like the ground AIs.
  5. so odes that mean it will work in BDAc 1.2.X EDIT: There seems to be something wrong with the drag on certain objects. may want to check that out (it constantly crashes my game)
  6. uhh, is it just me or are the turrets a bit underpowered? EDIT: is it because of the new hitpoint dynamics?
  7. EYY IT WORKS! Apparently, I needed to update it to for this mod to work. Thanks for helping me out! I will now proceed to make a maus.
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