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  1. I see, thx! I have started making a modification(allowed bodies orbital to allowed bodies orbital, basicaly a supply run between stations) using your system for myself,but I would to contribute to this mod by sending you this code after I finished it. How I planned to do this: The start and the end deltav and resource changes would be recorded in tracking and it would be possible to send an already existing vessel to the next station without any fund costs(only resources and the needed deltav and time). However I do have some problems: 1.) Storing the vessel: to send the ship to the next station, the vessel has to be deleted(as i dont know any other way to store the vessel) which I'm not really certain how good idea it is, could science, experemients or modules be deleted? 2.) Kerbals: after sending the ship to the next station and deleting the vessel, the crew status needs to be changed to available? If I change it to missing then will they come back after a time automatically? Dead: resurrecting kerbals will revert their stats? I'm trying to keep intact the original code as much as I can, but there would be problems especially with dockingstage. If you are not intrested in adapting this, would you allow me to at least release the code(link) here so maybe someone is willing to update it or do something useful with it?
  2. @PrivateFlip Amazing mod! Is it normal that it lists all kerbals both available and assigned when ordering a mission? I'm using 0.27. I was wondering if this has been fixed since then,because I didn't see anyone mentioning it. Shouldn't this in routine.cs at line 1661: if (GUILayout.Button(, buttonStyle, GUILayout.Width(165), GUILayout.Height(22))) be something like this: if (GUILayout.Button(cr.rosterStatus == ProtoCrewMember.RosterStatus.Available ? + " Av" :, buttonStyle, GUILayout.Width(165), GUILayout.Height(22))) or at line 1659 be sg like this: if (cr.rosterStatus != ProtoCrewMember.RosterStatus.Dead && cr.rosterStatus == ProtoCrewMember.RosterStatus.Available) If i order only the minimum crew(2) from assgined astronauts the arrived vessel is filled up completely with unassigned kerbals, it could be conflicting mods as no one seems to had this problem so far.