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  1. Makes sense; will roll back to 1.4.1. I must have misunderstood what is meant by axial tilt. Thanks for the prompt responses!
  2. I did attempt this. The result was consistent CTD on load. I am downloading 1.41 and installing on windows. My KPS is 1.42, if compatibility is broken already. I have been able to include some functionality from Principia by messing around with the file organization, but I have not managed to make it work as advertised. At best, I can have axis tilt. I read that the process is more involved on some other forum post. Perhaps their intent was that we may not simply check a box in CKAN. I am indeed, however, finding it to be more involved.
  3. It's claimed that there are installation instructions in the FAQ; this does not appear to be the case. What is the installation procedure for Principia? I have heard it is more involved than simply dropping the folder into GameData. Thanks!