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  1. Yay! KSP T-shirt and mug!!! want !! TAKE MY MONEY SPACE PROGRAM
  2. I never try to use the Mun in my travels to minimus. I just go direct. you may need to adjust slightly your angle of incline/declination (the purple part of a mmaneuver node) before burning prograde out of Kerbin's gravitional influence. this makes getting an encounter much easier if you look you will see that minimus is slightly oblique in it's orbit of kerbin, as compared to the mun. also set your maneuver node up in a place that is 90degrees behind the current location of minimus. i am just a beginner myself but all these things work for me. Also i watch scott
  3. Can they please just fix 1.4.2???, my interplanetary space program needs refueling!!! And right now all mining operations are in an *ON HOLD* status, due to a sudden LT-2 Landing Leg default. It would seem that these parts had been "over Ker-balled" back at the factory by the humans that work there....
  4. Everytime. LT-2 . the same ones i have used over and over again without fail...... now KRAKEN everytime
  5. Hey there JPLRepo. would love to help. Can you please tell me how i can create a bug file and i will forward it with craft and save file Also what is my login and password for the above link?
  6. this is it i think. i also had immense trouble docking what would have been a normal standard sized docking port. many many times, it would almost stick magnetically then would glance off to the side and push the ship laterally, as though it had collided.... And yes the legs thing is still an issue. wont be landing anything in career mode until they fix that
  7. This is happening to me also for perhaps a day or so i couldnt say when. but definetly there are big issues with exploding LT-2 hvy duty landing struts exploding on touching the Mun. very softly. at say 2m/s max. Ran many tests but same result every time ,on a Lander/miner/re-fueler i have been using successfully for some time. This needs to be sorted. i run a fully stock careermode game since forever... please fix it
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