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  1. Oh... I know of a few other slots at ARC for entry and mid-level engineers in space and aero. A friend pinged me yesterday looking for telescope operators (engineers with some operational experience). Also spacecraft flight software engineers - folks that talk Assembler and Matlab/Simulink and know how to develop super efficient code that can run on hardened processors with limited cache. Many of these jobs never get posted to Indeed or Monster because they are filled by other means.
  2. ARC is the place. These are very interesting positions because there's a gaming component to the simulation environment - pretty neat stuff. People that have played with game engines tend to do very well. Don't be shy about asking about Houston jobs - there are key skills needed there too, at JSC. If you're looking to shift or explore let me know. Same goes for Greenbelt (GSFC) and Pasadena (JPL). Happy to help in other areas as well - sometimes friends at SpaceX and Blue ask about this or that skillset. I"m not a recruiter by the way, I'm a space systems engineer. When asked to help find uniquely skilled people I prefer to connect with people in the community and find out whether their skills match the requirements, then talk very specifically about the work since I understand exactly what's needed.
  3. Contractor. Government side is under a hiring freeze at the moment.
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  5. Anyone interested in working for NASA in California? The work involves developing advanced flight sims for manned and unmanned aircraft. You have to have an engineering degree, a masters degree is best. If you're really good it might be possible to overlook the degree requirement, but you'd need a lot of software development experience. Skill requirements: 3D graphic programming, C/C++ (w/shell scripting, like bash or powershell), good network skills (UDP), OpenGL, Python, Git. Some knowledge of Qt is a big plus. Having game experience (like Unity or Unreal) would be important here too. These are full-time jobs with top benefits in an amazing work environment. Shout out if you're interested. Feel free to spread the word. These jobs will fill quickly.
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