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  1. Wich patch are you talking about ? I still have this problem since the last release and it's nit not really cool !!!
  2. Hi Of course You can see on this picture one of the 4 big antenna that is not deployed, solar panel too are not deployed, generaly there are four big antenna, its telecom satelitte and after when all four antenna are deployed, i'm working to build theses antenna in real life ;-)
  3. Thanks Snark, this is what i wanted to explain and to do I've tried to use stock parts to build it but i can't find big deployable antenna, so perhaps i will nedd to only build antenna and import it to stock parts. Thanks a lot for your help, now i must learn how to use the software
  4. Hi Thank you for your draw :-) But now, how to draw it ? Solidworks, Catia ? I'm working at Ariane Group and would like to use existing communication satellite in the game. And how to import in KSP to use it if possible ? Thanks
  5. Hi How to draw your own satelitte and import to KSP ? Wich programs to use ? Thanks Laurent
  6. Hi Thanks but i can't do this, nothing in drop box and need beta code to acces private beta !!! But even if i restore to 1.4.1, my saved game in 1.4.2 format won't work on 1.4.1 version
  7. Hi, i have the same problem !!! ;-) How to revert to 1.4.1 ? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone. I'm playing KSP with the last version 64 bits on two PC, one is running with Win7 64 bits and the another with Win 10 64 bits. When i'm switching between my PC, i just keep the "Saves" directory and restore my last saved game to don't loose my carrer progrssion. The terrible bug is when i'm playing, the finished contracts windows is always remeber me the finished contacts, 30-50 finished contracts is always coming back to the windows and even if i put them in the trash, then always come back in few minutes. It don't show me the only new finished contract like before. I don't known if it's because i'm switching between PC ? Can somebody help me ? Laurent, from France.
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