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  1. Ugh. Yes, I just started a fresh game. I was giving myself a little time to mourn, but I do enjoy the early tasks and this gave me a chance to tinker with a few options that I left as default before. Upwards and onward!
  2. No, I did not have auto-upload turned on. :/ I haven't bothered with backups since the days of memory overflow with the original KSP version.
  3. I'm not sure if there's really any steps I can take to fix this myself and just hoping for a patch in the future. Loaded up KSP Enhanced Edition on PS4 today. The first time it had an error and closed (error report sent). The second, third, and now forth times I got to the Continue Saved Game and it freezes when I select Load. Hopefully there is a response when a fix is found. Otherwise I'm sad to say I have to write off KSP for console for the second time. Goodbye space-frogs.
  4. Similar experiences on PS4 Enhanced Edition. 1. I've noticed the game does notably freeze, not just GUI lag. The game will autosave every time something changes (reach space, create orbit, circle the orbit, float over a new biome, etc.) and it has no regard for any adjustments I may be making at the time. This has ruined maneuvers. This has ruined landings. This has cost lives. 2. I have not had any issues switching from "Linear" to "Rotation" while in docking mode, but I do think it is a hassle to not be able to do both. We have a D-pad, we have a joy stick, we have triggers - let's use these axes! 3. Also have felt the docking bounce - I believe this may have been an invisible clipping issue. I have had several docking ports work just fine, but one space station would not connect. I moved the clamp-o-tron inward slightly for aesthetics and storage, but there were no parts hanging over to touch when docking. When I rotated the station parts they docked fine on the un-moved clamps. 4. Fuel transfer is something that needs to be added to the KSPedia or Tutorial missions! There is no instruction for it on console! Aside from the difficulties of learning about it from searches, I have also had times where it just didn't work right. Too much... A separate issue I've had that relates to the lag and Mission count is that some of my debris will occasionally explode out of the solar system. I'll clear up the clutter every few missions and sometimes I'll have debris quadrillions of meters away and traveling at millions of meters per second. And accelerating! I am certain this has caused processing issues elsewhere in the game.
  5. It's important to remember there are three different sets of instructions in Kerbal. You can pause the game in flight and there should be an option for [Controls] that goes through everything you can do with the controller. Be careful not to overlook things here because a few of the controller buttons will open up radial menus with more choices. In most views there is a button to the right side which will open a control quick-guide. Less information than the pause menu, but specific controls for the current screen. (i.e. building controls in the SPH) And for the advanced tutorial there is the KSPedia which explains satellites and orbital things, but is unfortunately still lacking in needed info.
  6. I'm glad to hear I wasn't being eccentric for wanting to put both probe cores on one satellite.
  7. Alternate title: Things Not Found in the Instruction Manual I'm looking at details for the Probodobo RoveMate and see that it has 100% anomaly detection - what a deal! But also scans are enhanced when: [basically landed]. What types of things should I scan while on the ground? How do I effectively use this with a rover? How much less effective will scans be from orbit? How can I use this with a satellite? There is also a fairly limited field of view for KerbNet Access, 5-10 degrees. What does this mean for ground scans? To give a frame of reference for my current knowledge: I have used scan-sats to map out biomes and terrains; I can create way-points, but have never actually used them; and I have just recently realized that there is an option to "Track" anomalies in the Tracking Center which displays the orbits. I do not have any anomalies marked on Kerbin or any other bodies - just asteroids.