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  1. quick question, are val and jeb immortal in this mod?
  2. ssto flight blues

    nvm, I have a good example to work with. Jebidiah's Plane! unfourtunatley I cannot provide any pics, but it runs on a whiplash engine, has canards, wings are large, landing gear is oversized, and it is mk1.
  3. help, my ssto is uncontrollable in flight! apparently it likes the north pole . I put this in modded installs because my game is modded though my ssto is not. I already fixed the problem on the runway, but not in flight. help?

    thx for all the info! planet Atmo is possible!

    that odyssey video gave me all the info i need to say that a planet Atmo landing is possible. adding new question
  6. just please fill out the poll so I can balance planet Atmo which may or may not be made in a planet pack
  7. kerbal SSTO program!

    this is rather falling under the mission ideas part of "challenges and mission ideas".
  8. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    will you be making 1.5 the surface update? btw this game is great!
  9. kerbal SSTO program!

    you know how difficult it is to launch an ssto? well, try running an entire career game like that! your goal is to design reliable ssto planes to fly into the cosmos! you can cheat for science to unlock aviation first. NOTE: if wanted, post ssto crafts here!
  10. please help, my ksp is at minimal (it may not be 1 cuz i counted but mostly it is) FPS . it happened when I deinstalled extrasolar: planets beyond kerbol to replace it with to boldly go which I decided that I do NOT want and I cancelled it. I even reinstalled the mod (and game!) here is my modlist (cant upload my output log.txt, makes any page unresponsive and break (just like my game)) -usi tools -Community category kit -Community resource pack -Extrasolar (obviousy) -firespitter -gamedata -kerbaltek -kerbalengineer -KIS -kopernicus (double obviously) -KrakenScience -KSP_AVC -MFI -OPM -SpaceOpera -squad (triple obviously) wait a second... I will stop here because my game still has the mod folder of to boldly go... seeing if that works out... OMG I FIX'D IT!!!!!
  11. now, first let me say that this is an awesome looking mod. secondly, try making a scorched binary system very close to an M star by the name of desolation and extinction, with one moon orbiting extinction called TBD.
  12. does this work for extrasolar and OPM? I really want to find habitable planets.
  13. [1.2.X] [Kopernicus] Planet Cyran

    okay, but please rework dres so that it at least looks a bit more stockalike. maybe a poll to see it it works out?
  14. [1.2.X] [Kopernicus] Planet Cyran

    can I somehow get this to work on 1.4.2 with OPM?
  15. only rule: be creative! even alcubierre drives will do!