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  1. does this work on 1.3 ( which also means 1.4)
  2. ...I jsut corrcted my typoo NOTE: misspelling on purpose
  3. It is the second stage of a cheap minmus rocket I made a typo in the title, It is supposed to be twr
  4. help, it started when I installed IA revived and it did not go away ever since, even after deinstalling!
  5. EndTraveler

    [Kopernicus] [1.2.2] Kluster *REVAMPED* [0.0.0]

    first, sorry for being such a thread reviver. secondly, i would like to have a shot at providing textures and ideas for what planets (new or old) could use them. currently I only know how to make gas giant textures. thirdly, can i give some suggestions for planets that could use my textures, if I get the honors of them being accepted?
  6. oh and can some1 give me tips for using the warp drive?
  7. does the thermal heat generator help to manage heat?
  8. EndTraveler

    what is the best galaxy/star system/star cluster mod?

    but its not compatible with kopernics and I was asking for it to be a STAR system pack
  9. EndTraveler

    [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    is there a version thats not modular umm 1.3 version planet packs are compatible with 1.4. I know from personal experience
  10. changing title to plz give me a comprehensive guide to kspi-e's warp drive
  11. i cant seem to do anything right
  12. EndTraveler

    torch drive ratio?!

    it is from k+
  13. EndTraveler

    torch drive ratio?!

    okay. lets get this over with. problem:i dont know what is a good aratio for karborundum to water for the torch drive! end statement: help plz