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  1. this, along with some other mods, will make ksp a perfect computer simulation for real spaceflights...maybe?
  2. maybe i can go to sarnus or urlum but you can choose! you might see it happen...
  3. what is the delta v needed to get to, land using the atmosphere on super tylo, take off from, and circularize after taking off? i didnt say circularize before taking off coz gravity assists save the day oh and is oxygen included in tylo's atmosphere?
  4. can i use this with alternis to give duna 2 subsatillites?
  5. noice! maybe it could populate my jool supercarrier made with your other mods? eh, maybe i can test the new ufos
  6. sorry to necropost but the devs did their homework on the color of jool.
  7. this mod + hooligan labs + airpark can only mean one thing... JOOL KOLONIZATION (if there is karbonite/karborundum in alternis kerbol's jool's atmosphere to fuel the propellers IF there are karbonite propellers... yeah i think there are.)
  8. please i want to know for testing of how hooligan labs can be useful please consider: how awesome the sky would look from the 1 atmospheric pressure spot the amount of moons the quality of moons how amazing it would be to launch from that 1 atmospheric pressure spot from a video-making standpoint that i have alternis kerbol and many more things you can include!
  9. couldnt find depth node for EVA. yeah, i am working on an interior where kerbals can walk around.
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