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  1. this, along with some other mods, will make ksp a perfect computer simulation for real spaceflights...maybe?
  2. maybe i can go to sarnus or urlum but you can choose! you might see it happen...
  3. what is the delta v needed to get to, land using the atmosphere on super tylo, take off from, and circularize after taking off? i didnt say circularize before taking off coz gravity assists save the day oh and is oxygen included in tylo's atmosphere?
  4. can i use this with alternis to give duna 2 subsatillites?
  5. noice! maybe it could populate my jool supercarrier made with your other mods? eh, maybe i can test the new ufos
  6. sorry to necropost but the devs did their homework on the color of jool.
  7. this mod + hooligan labs + airpark can only mean one thing... JOOL KOLONIZATION (if there is karbonite/karborundum in alternis kerbol's jool's atmosphere to fuel the propellers IF there are karbonite propellers... yeah i think there are.)
  8. please i want to know for testing of how hooligan labs can be useful please consider: how awesome the sky would look from the 1 atmospheric pressure spot the amount of moons the quality of moons how amazing it would be to launch from that 1 atmospheric pressure spot from a video-making standpoint that i have alternis kerbol and many more things you can include!
  9. couldnt find depth node for EVA. yeah, i am working on an interior where kerbals can walk around.
  10. i was talking about making it for a ship in-game and not for part making, i dont even know how to make parts in the first place
  11. lets say i am working an an interior for a spacecraft using stock parts only to test it and find that this mod blurs things at a short distance! help?
  12. firstly, can i help you make a callisto analogue with ridges and craters and generally interesting features? secondly, maybe that callisto analogue mentioned earlier could be around sarnus if alternis kerbol is installed?
  13. any suggestions on planet packs to fill the abyss between tylo and eeloo in alternis kerbol rekerjiggered?
  14. good thing there is a lot of space between tylo and eeloo for gorgeous planets! (i am using alternis kerbol) also this did not work with alternis, trying again...
  15. i am working on note #2 and #3 will be released alongside it, so wait patiently! P.S. a delta-v map for alternis kerbol rekerjiggered is in the works and it will be note #4
  16. is this compatible with alternis kerbol cuz i really wanna land my jool-6 vessel at kerbin city
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